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Show highlights include:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret for transforming his body into a chiseled sculpture (3:58) 
  • The most overlooked, yet important part of your workout routine that builds hard, strong, and aesthetically pleasing muscles (6:04) 
  • The magic number of reps you need to do according to the science of hypertrophy (7:04) 
  • Why lifting until failure can actually make you weaker (and what to do instead) (7:43) 
  • The “50:60 Training Method” for weight lifting that builds massive muscle at breakneck speed (9:55) 

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Hello athletes, welcome and thank you for tuning into the Coach Katie Danger Podcast recorded live from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm your host, Coach Katie Danger, U S army veteran, fitness coach and founder of Red H Nutrition. Here's a fact for you, 99% of us are not elite athletes. We're individuals from all backgrounds, juggling life priorities, including jobs, our families, their needs, and trying to find time to take care of ourselves every single week. When you tune in, I'll be discussing clear, concise and actionable strategies you can use to get the most from your fitness, nutrition, and mindset. So you can optimize your life without compromising your time. So athletes settle in and get comfortable. I'm here to educate, inspire, empower, and entertain you to help you enjoy the unique fitness journey that you are on.

(00:58): Hey, Hey athletes, what’s up? This is coach Katie D and I'm coming in hot, hot, hot, hot for our 52nd episode. And we made it a whole year together. Now the very first podcast episode of the coach, Katie Andrew podcast. And for those of you don't know, it actually was called the everyday athlete podcast before I changed the name about 20 episodes or so into it. But the very first podcast I ever did the very first Erin was on December 5th, 2019. So it's been over a calendar year, but I took a few months off in mid 2020 because COVID and life. And I mean, we all know how that time was, right, but I've been going strong. I've been going strong. And the goal has always been to bring you value packed episodes that you can digest in about 15 to 20 minutes. So last week I had a fun episode and I talked a lot about Ambien and I shared some stories with you. And the podcast was essentially about how you can get better sleep. And particularly, I really enjoyed sharing some of the stories, some of the experiences I've had while I've been high on Ambien, but especially the story of my friend and her ambient sleepwalking event, where she was in Walmart and she had slippers on and she parked her car on the media.

(02:08): And the key was still in the, in the ignition. So if you haven't listened to the episode yet, and even if you get great sleep and don't need better sleep, I really just think you should listen to last week's episode because there's a lot of comedy in it. And you'll definitely get a good laugh, especially as some of the stories. But I also mentioned in last week's episode that I had a special treat for you to celebrate our 52nd episode. And I do I do, but you're going to stick around with me until the end of the episode to get that special prize. Let me ask you guys a question. How many of you want to know how to build more muscle, better muscle build muscle faster? And I know that if you're lifting weights in any capacity, whether it's isolated machine exercises, dumbbells, barbells, or a mix of all the above increasing muscle mass is a by-product of that loading stimulus.

(02:52): When you put that stimulus on the muscle, you're going to build muscle. Of course, there are ways you can get better results. You can get more muscle, harder, muscle, more for muscle, more symmetrical muscle, and COVID COVID sucked. But at the same time when I'm reflecting back, I can't believe it's already been a year, almost a year, but I learned a lot. I learned, I learned a lot because I trained up my programming and now most of my background is in cross. It like the majority of my experience. If you put all 15 years together, most of it's been spent in a CrossFit gym and that methodology. But last year I experimented with my training, a lot of isolated movements, dumbbells, you know, traditional bodybuilding stuff. And I found that there are three most effective principles when it comes to the question, how can I build muscle the fastest and with the three principles that I'm going to share with you, you'll find that they maximize the stimulus on the muscle.

(03:47): It maximizes your rest time and it maximizes the cone centric and the East centric motion. So the flection and the extension, the full range of motion of the muscle and the movement itself. Now the Genesis of these three principles, how I have come up with the meat of this podcast, episodes and information I'm going to share is a lot to do with my love for Arnold. And the way Arnold looked at muscle was like an art. I mean, if you've ever looked at some of the Mr. Olympia pictures of Arnold in, in his prime, he is a work of art. I mean, he's like a chiseled sculpture and he spent so much time. It was very meticulous about the way that he trained and his care and attention to detail really comes down to intention. And he talks about this a lot in his encyclopedia of bodybuilding, which I recommended.

(04:35): If you have not picked up before, if you don't have a copy of it, go to Amazon right now, encyclopedia, bodybuilding by Arnold, grab it, pick it up. It doesn't matter if you're just in a CrossFit, whatever you're into. It is a great resource just for exercise and fitness in general, he was ahead of his time, way ahead of his time. Now I don't want to confuse intention with intensity because although there is degree of intensity, that's needed to fully stimulate the muscle for growth. It's not at a rate that you would consider reckless abandoned. I talk about intention. I mean, moving with purpose, full awareness of the ranges of motion. As you go through the exercise itself, for example, to build the most dense, strong muscle, it takes care to set yourself up correctly before you're doing a push before you're doing a poll.

(05:24): And then when you do initiate the exercise, you know what your beginning and end ranges are personally for you. So there's the full training stimulus on that muscle, through the entire range of motion. This is a pro tip for you. There is no gripping and ripping here. In fact, if you want to be doing any sort of fitness for the long term, you should never grip and rip anything at all ever. You want to stay safe too. So now that you know, that intent is very important awareness, you need to have your head in the game when it comes to your workouts and getting the best results. I want to share these top three ways to build the most massive muscle that you can. The first thing that you need to know, principle, number one, the first thing you need to know is that the total number of repetitions you do matters.

(06:09): And it matters a lot in this order, the order of the one, two, three, I'm giving you, it is in order of importance. So this is number one. You need to know that the total number of reps you do matters. And you've probably tried and seen a lot of different training rep schemes in your time, maybe three by five, four by 10, three by 12. And the total number of reps you do provide a group has a very big impact on the kind of results you'll get. Now, you've probably heard this before. If you want endurance, you should go hire reps. If you want, strength should go lower reps and higher weight. But what if you're just concerned about building muscle, like actual, real hard aesthetically awesome muscle. And if you happen to be watching this on YouTube, instead of just listening to it, I'm flexing right now, my bicep, because like how you build hard, real muscle, and we're talking about aesthetics.

(06:59): So things that look good too, right? You know, everybody wants to look good naked. So I'm not even going to try and hide it. The science of hypertrophy, when we're talking about building muscle actual muscle fiber growth, it tells us that the number of reps, the magic number is 55 zero. And why 50 reps? Well, it's that magical balance between muscle failure and muscle fatigue and muscle failure and muscle fatigue are two different things with 50 reps in the rep scheme that I'm particularly talking about is a five by 10. And with this 50 reps with this five by 10, you're not quite to failure. So you can still do the reps safely. You can still keep that intent and that awareness, but you're entering the zone of heavy fatigue. So you're pushing your mental and physiological limits. But just a little bit, remember if you want to be able to keep the focus and intent for each and every rep, if you flirt with failure, if you get close to that red line, it can really have some negative consequences for maintaining your focus and intent.

(07:54): And in this particular instance, when I'm talking about these principles, we don't want failure. We want fatigue. We don't want failure. So to recap, principle, number one for massive muscle is total number of reps. And the magic number is 50 principle. Number two, the second principle is all about rest. Yes, rest not necessarily relaxing and chilling out, but it's just giving your muscle. This is about rest for your muscle, not rest for your mind or yourself for you to text. This is about rest for your muscle. And it's giving your muscle just enough time to recover and get ready for that next step. There's a magic number for rest too. And the magic number is 60 seconds. No matter if you're staying at the same exercise or moving between exercises. So if you're going from one machine to the other or a push or a pull, you want to get as strict with that 60 seconds as you cancel, pull out your stopwatch, get out your phone, set a timer 60 seconds.

(08:47): Now this principle is rooted in the science of building muscle in that you want to allow yourself enough rest to complete the full range of motion. So remember, we're back to that failure versus fatigue reference. We do not want to hit failure. We just want fatigue in no way. Should you ever be a failure during any point of your sets when you're following these principles? And in fact, you might be thinking, okay, what Katie's describing right here is basically high intensity interval training. And I would really urge you not to get caught up in giving us a label and making everything that has a rest period as high intensity. Sure. We want intensity. We want that passion. I want you to bring that fire to your training, but this is not about failure. This is not about gripping and ripping it. This is about intent and intensity and intention, like I mentioned before, or different things just like failure and fatigue are different things.

(09:36): So stick to just what I'm talking about here in this little scope of practice or in the scope of this podcast and the scope of the goal of building massive muscle is we want fatigue. We do not want failure. We want intent. We don't necessarily want intensity. When you take the first principle I talked about when you got the 50 reps and you couple that with the 60 seconds of rest and you focus on one body group at a time, you're going to get massive muscle results. You're going to see very, very quick results too. And I mentioned this before, I'm going to hit it home, get as strict with that 60 seconds.

(10:11): It resecured as you can. So principle number one, principle, number two. Now we're at number three. Hey, I know. And you know that I talk a lot about using supplements on your fitness journey and reaching your full potential. How I believe they're integral pieces of the puzzle to reaching your best self and best fitness results. But do you know how supplements fit into your plan? Do you know what to take for your goals and how much of a supplement you should take if you've ever had any of those questions and you want to know how supplements can work for you and your goals, go to your fitness supplements.com and take the free free, free three point personalized supplement assessment. And with just a few questions, you'll have a complete personalized supplement recommendation in less than 60 seconds. You'll know more about how supplements fit into your fitness goals. What's safe and what's effective and perfect for you. So type in your fitness supplements.com in your internet browser, take the free assessment and get on the fast track to your best fitness results. The last principle, probably my favorite aspect.

(11:19): not how you train it is the time under tension. And let me talk about this. Have you ever done pause squats? One of the most intense brutal things you can do is a heavy back squat and do it under tension. And you know, a lot of people would call these past squats. Have you ever held the bottom or the top of a movement? Have you forgotten the shakes from holding a plank too long? That's what we call time under tension. We are keeping our muscles tight tense contracted for a certain period of time. Specifically, when we're talking about this, it is the concentric in the East motion, the flexing or the extending phase of the lift. Imagine you're doing a squat. Okay? So give you a better idea of what time and attention is. Imagine you're doing a squat and you got the barbell on your back and you're lowering yourself.

(12:04): You're pushing your hips back. You're getting your core tight. You have to have a tight core to stabilize your glutes. Your hamstrings come into play your quads. They all engage. You're very tense and tight. Your lats pull the bar down your back because you want to have that added leverage. You hit the bottom of the squat. You hold it, you hold it, all this stuff is still engaged. And then you drive up exclusively through heels and you fully extend to the hips and you stop back up at the top. That is a pause squat. Essentially. We went through all of the intentional phases, the ranges of motion. You'll hold it, hold it, hold it. And then come back up. The same thing is happening here. When we're talking about time and attention, your muscles are still working to create the necessary force, momentum and power that help you get from point a to point B from the bottom to the top, from the top of the pole to the push right back up.

(12:50): Now in the case that I just described the top of the squat to the bottom, and then back up to the finish. Now, depending on how long this took you, this is time under tension. And depending on what the prescription is for the programming, you're following time under tension is sometimes a variable that comes into play. And sometimes it is the only variable that comes into play specifically with what I'm talking about is we want that full intentional movement from point a to point B, basically in a one, two, three, four, five. So for example, let's just say we're doing a back squat, right? Lower your hips. One two, hold the bottom three, four, and you're on the way up in five. It is a controlled, purposeful, intentional movement. And we include this element this time under tension with our first two principles, the 50 total reps, the 60 seconds of rest between exercises.

(13:40): And now we add that time under tension, that attentional movement you're giving your body. You're giving your muscles the best stimulus, the best environment to grow yet, muscle fast and grow it. The biggest it possibly can. So there you have at the top three principles, you can apply to your training to build the most massive dense muscle you can. And you're going to experience quick results too, because when you focus on one way of doing something to achieve a specific result, when we put all of our brain power into this one specific goal that we want, which is in the case of this episode, building massive muscle, instead of just cherry picking and hopping around, you're going to get results very, very quickly. And obviously athletes. This goes for anything. When you put your mind towards a purposeful intentional action, you're going to get the best results that you possibly can.

(14:29): So I told you about these three principles, 50 total reps, 60 seconds, arrest time under tension. If you're ready to get to train, and you want to put all three of these principles in motion, I got you covered. So I created the 50 60 training method program. So you can hit all three of these points, a performance build massive total body muscle. The 50 method focuses on 50 reps per body, part 60 seconds of rest and a concentration on intent, focus of movement, time under tension. This is a very purposeful program. It is on purpose going to get your results. If you put in the work, it is three times a week and it's going to help you build real awesome, massive muscle. It is a total body program and it is free from yours truly. And you can get it for download at here's the URL, the five zero six zero method.com zero six zero method.com the 50, 60 minutes, the.com all one word.

(15:28): Now don't be surprised once you start with these workouts, if that week or two, you are a bit more sore than usual, especially now this could be a great standalone program. I believe that any program, any weight training should be at least three times a week, but if you're a coupling this with another training program, like maybe your CrossFit program or another hip training program, don't be surprised if you're a bit more sore after the first week of doing the 50 60 method. But I mean, honestly, isn't that we all really love anyways. We love to be sore and we love to talk about, about it. So don't wait, go to the 50 60, the five zero six zero method.com. Get your free programming. Want you to try it. I've been doing this for the past five weeks and I love it. I love it.

(16:10): Get out there. There is muscle that needs to be built. Do not work. Wait. So I'm getting ready to wrap up the episode. I told you last week, and I told you at the beginning of the episode, that it has surprised with you. If you stuck with it, it's me to the end. And here we are, here we are. Here's your price. Here's what I want you to do. You're going to email me, katie@coachkatiedanger.com. You're going to let me know that you listened to this episode, number 15 too, and that you want to claim that your gift card I'm giving away a $25 gift card to anybody only one per person, but to anybody who's listened to this episode emails me. And then I guess just let lets me know that you listened to this episode. And also, you know, let me know if you tried the 50, 60%, but I have a $25 gift card.

(16:52): One per person, anybody who's listening, it's good@reddishnutrition.com. You can get it on your next supplement order. And this is for all my lawyer, listeners, my friends, my followers and claim claimant. All you got to do is email me, katie@coachkatiedanger.com. Let me know you listen to the episode and let me know you want your $25 gift card. That's all you gotta do. That's it. So that is my gift to you. 25 free dollars to use on your nutrition. So you can have the best results, do more work faster than ever before. And remember, if you haven't ordered from a nutrition.com yet, I don't know why you haven't wink, wink, right head on over there. I head on over there because if you use the coupon code at coach Katie danger, all one word, coach, Katie get 30% off your first supplement order of regularly prices supplements.

(17:37): So $25 gift card for my loyal listeners who listened this episode, coach Katie danger coupon code. If you haven't used it yet all first time orders, 30% off. And then last reminder, does it have anything to do with the $25 gift card that you get? However, if you didn't know this already, all of these episodes, all these podcast episodes are actually up on YouTube one whole week before they air on Spotify, Apple podcast or my other partner streaming platforms. So go to my YouTube channel subscribe, and you can get all this wonderful deliciousness about fitness a whole week early. So athletes, now you have it all. You have it all. You have the top three ways to maximize your muscle gain. You can build massive total body muscle. I gave you access to a free method or a free training program. You can put all of these principles together, the 50 reps, the 60 seconds arrest and the time and attention, the 50 60 method.com go there now get your free training guide.

(18:33): And now you can also get a big chunk of change off of your next supplement order with that $25 gift card. Email me, katie@coachkatiedanger.com and I will hook you up athletes. Thank you so much for joining me again for episode number 52, and whether this is your first episode or your 52nd. I appreciate you. I really love spending every single moment with you during the week. And my goal from the first episode to the next 52 episodes is to share relevant fitness topics that are going to make your life easier, that are easy to digest and help you do more work faster and get the best results that you deserve. Keep training hard. And in the meantime, I'm signing off for episode number 52. This is the top three ways to maximize muscle gain. And we will chat again next week, but this is coach Katie D over and out

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