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In this episode you will discover:

  • The one missing piece to your success (4:30)
  • How to radically change your life with thoughts alone (6:55)
  • The little known key to creating whatever you wish (10:10)
  • The fantastic news you need to know to create the life you want (10:54)
  • How your thoughts control your world (12:20)

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Hey y'all and welcome to the everyday athlete podcast recorded live from Omaha, Nebraska and I'm your host, Katie danger U S army veteran and founder of Red H Nutrition providing everyday athletes just like you, clean, effective nutritional solutions, custom formulated to help you reach your absolute potential every single day.

00:26 Hello. Hello, hello athletes. How are you guys doing? So usually I record these episodes on Sundays, but this weekend I was actually busy. I was doing some volunteer work for Nebraska, miss amazing and they were having their annual miss amazing event is where they will empower girls with disabilities and they'll have them do special projects and then they're evaluated on their communication skills, their passion projects and then some other small communication areas. But it was really fun because I got to meet a lot of girls that really haven't been given the best hand in life. But what miss amazing does, what this program does is it gives these girls a community, a group of other girls that they can get with, who have some similar struggles, and then they can lean on them for support. Because the fact of the matter is that people with disabilities, females are still a very, very disenfranchised portion of the community, of individuals with disabilities themselves.

01:23 So it was a lot of fun, had a great, great weekend, but I ended up having to do a lot of my meal prep this week. So I'm a little unprepared, but I wanna let you know. And another thing that I have been up to lately, I really believe that fitness is dynamic. Life is dynamic. That's why I brought up that volunteer work. But as far as fitness, it's dynamic too. So my main thing is I love to CrossFit. I love CrossFit. It is the thing that drives me. I've gone away from it and I've come back to it because I just love fitness. But it's dynamic. So what I mean by that is there's so many opportunities to test your fitness in different ways. And we've talked about the 10 general physical skills, strength, power, speed, endurance, stamina, accuracy, agility, coordination, balance and flexibility and those 10 general physical skills.

02:08 That's where the dynamic portion comes in and you got to find other ways to test yourself. So Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at CrossFit and Tuesdays I go to CycleBar and CycleBar is here in Omaha. They are a franchise and it's spin class, it's to music. They also use a small bar, so we get some shoulder and stability working on the bike. It's really, really cool. I haven't done a spin class prior to joining this gym, so it's been a really fun and I do that every single Tuesday. And my instructor, Rebecca, she is top freaking notch and I just look forward to my Tuesdays. And then on Saturdays I've been going over to CKO kickboxing also here in Omaha and Ryan L rod is also a good friend of mine and a business partner. So I just, I love being invited up there. Their community is second to none.

02:52 Ryan just has great trainers, great assets up there and he's got a really great community going. I think he's nearing 300 maybe 350 members. The guy is just killing it. So back the fitness is dynamic though. There are so many ways you can test your fitness so many different ways you can test your fitness. And we do that generally through our physicality. But what I want to open up into this big idea that I have is the power of belief. And that is what this whole episode is about. It's what it's called episode four we're talking the power of belief. So this isn't just believing in wanting to be somebody better or you have a career goal. I'm even talking about things like believing that you can cure a disease, whether it's chronic or terminal, how you can believe yourself, like you know, change habits, bad patterns that you've been programmed with.

03:42 Literally changing us from the inside out. So when we're born, we are hardwired to certain thoughts. And this is part of our DNA. Not only do we get our DNA from our color of our hair to our eyes or skin color, to our emotions, our personality, but this is how we're hardwired. And sometimes these things get passed down and we don't necessarily, we don't feel met. Maybe we have the opportunity to change them like, Oh, this is just the way that I was born. I guess this is the way it is. What we're finding out through research is that 95% of who we are is epigenetics. It's our environment so we can change our environment. We are not predestined to our genetic code. It does not control us and that's why I think this idea and power of belief. I'm going to give you three big points here.

04:30 You're going to learn something so powerful that when we talk about belief, this is the missing piece of success. When you really want to get something, whether you want to start your own business, you want $1 million in the bank, whatever you want, this is how you get it. You get it with the power of belief. So the first point I want to get into is talking about seen as believing as humans. We believe, unfortunately, that if we can't see it, if we can't feel it, touch it, taste it, hear it, smell it, you know, tangibly have it, then we can't believe it yet. It's often why it's like it's, you know, we think it's silly to believe in ghosts. We can't see ghosts, right? We can't see spirits. So that can't possibly exist. Well, think about this. We've got famous, hugely successful and famous inventors and visionaries in the world who literally came up with ideas based on nothing but their belief alone.

05:24 And I'm referencing to things like Henry Ford with the model T Thomas Edison with light bulb and electricity, Alexander Bell with the telephone, Elon Musk with the electric cars and how he was told time and time again. First, the technology isn't even there to do what she want to do with vehicles. And number two, like how are you going to mass produce these? Nobody's gonna be able to afford this. The technology isn't even affordable. And then Mark Zuckerberg, we're all familiar with him and Facebook. So you don't necessarily have to have something in your hands to believe it. These incredibly successful humans who you all know their names, they're going down in history and if they aren't already, they will Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and then in the history books we've got Ford, Edison and bell and countless others, right? I'm just giving you some very, very easy ones that we're all familiar with and drive home that point that these guys, these people didn't have what they had until they, they had to believe it in their mind and then they manifested it.

06:23 They created it. It's a really, really powerful concept and that to me should show you that you literally have to start with the belief in something before you can ever have it. You want to change your career. You want to be a doctor someday or you want to be at a high level in your career. You've got to be leave at first. This doesn't mean fake it till you make it. This means knowing the steps and processes it takes committing to that physical action, but you've got to believe that you can get there. It will take you so, so far. The second point I want to bring up as an actual, he's a doctor, his name is dr Joe Dispenza, and some of you out there may have heard of him before, but I was first introduced to him with the book breaking the habit of being yourself, how to lose your mind and create a new one and know I'm not being paid by dr Joe Dispenza to mention him, but his book added a different element to this journey that I'm on of belief in the power of it and changing my circumstance through thought.

07:21 So I read a, it's a Napoleon Hill book, think and grow rich, and it was very, very philosophical and almost a, it wasn't a religious book, but it had a religious overtone in the way that it was preachy on how if you think it, you can grow rich. I mean that's what the book is called. All of these thoughts are the same. It's about using your brain to create a change. It has to start in the brain. And what dr Joe Dispenza does is he gives us a way to really, really level up. So before something is tangible before it's in our hands, we've got to believe it, right? So we're going to get metaphysical here. And dr Joe Dispenza is a scientist and he studies the relationship of neuroscience. So the science of the brain, epigenetics and quantum physics, and he helps people retrain their brains, not only to alter their behaviors, but help with chronic illnesses, diseases, and even terminal illnesses.

08:19 He's helped people overcome terminal illness with thought alone. Now you can read more in his research. I'm not going to spend my entire podcast going over that research, but check out one of his books becoming supernatural. The one that I've read. Breaking the habit of being yourself. You've got to read some of this stuff. It's absolutely incredible. So he focuses, he focuses on healing through the energy that we had this capacity to think ourselves into any state we want. This is a physical, tangible state. This is from the inside out. No matter what you want, do you want to get over a sickness that you've had for a while? Do you want to be in a better financially? Do you want a different career? Do you want to be more fit than you were before? This is what you can do. You just have to think yourself into this and he has been a pioneer in showing that research of using your brain, the brain science. He's had energy fields, he's done a lot of research to show that this is a very real concept and that we are all just energy and by using the energy of our mind we can attract the energy of which we want to exist. Very, very incredible

09:24 stuff. I highly, highly suggest you Google right now, dr Joe Dispenza. When you get done listening to this episode, ever heard the same? Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. A major component to your competitive success will be your nutrition prep and I create a competition nutrition guide to help you utilize pre intra and post competition nutrition protocols. Boost your confidence heading into a competition, recover quicker post comps. You get right back to training and increase your power output and max capacity so you can own that podium. I created this guy just for the everyday athlete and you can get your free copy at copy at competitionnutritionguide.com. I'll say again, competitionnutritionguide.com.

10:02 So how does this relate to you though? Well, it relates to you because whatever you want out of life you can have, there is no limit, there is no lack of abundance. You can have anything you want. And I want to go back to the Henry Ford that we talked about in the first point and he created a vehicle that nobody believed would able to exist, but he believed it. And he's famous for quote. I'm sure you've heard this before, whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. He is simply stating whatever you believe. That's what you're going to get out of life. So instead of believing the negative, instead of believing you can't or something, it's unattainable, you believe the opposite for crying out loud. Don't ever sell yourself short. Believe in what you want and you can have it. So here's the good news. Here's the last point I'm going to bring up. Here's the fantastic news. There is no secret recipe to this being successful thing.

11:01 You can be a Zuckerberg, you can be a Henry Ford, you can be an Alexander Bell. Whatever you want out of life, you can be it. We've all seen inspirational movies. We've seen them. That stuff is based off of real life. It is not fiction. You guys, this is real stuff. So first you've got to understand your in control. Everything comes from you. Second, this takes time. This isn't going to happen overnight. I'm going to go back to some silly sayings. Trust the process. Believe in yourself. Trust the journey. Believe in the journey. Be patient with the journey. And number three, you've got to repeat this every single time you want something. So every single time your focus shifts and you want something else, you've got to repeat this process. You've got to believe it first before you can have it. There is an abundance of every thing in life.

11:49 Everything in life can be had by you, by him, by her, your neighbor. If you want $1 million, you can have it. If your neighbor wants 1 million bucks, they can have it too. Everybody can have whatever they want. There is no lack of anything in this entire world, but like I said, this doesn't mean that you don't have to work at something. This is just saying that there is research that thought can literally influence you significantly. Thought, literally shows that you can obtain the results you want almost with just thought alone and to drive home. That point, I got to got to tell you about this 2004 study that was published in neuro psych alogia. Okay. 2004 the abstract States that the purposes of this project was to determine mental training induced strength gains without performing physical exercise in the little finger abductor as well as the elbow flexor muscles, and they chose these because these are frequently used in daily living, so they got 30 young healthy volunteers.

12:46 They got four groups. The first group was trained to perform just mental contractions of the little finger, so they didn't do any physical exercises. They just mentally rehearsed what it would look like, what it would feel like to flex their little finger. The second group performed elbow contractions mentally. The third group was just a control group. They didn't do anything. And then finally the last group actually performed the physical finger movements. So they didn't just think it. They actually did it, you know? So they watched themselves do it. They felt it. So what happened, right? That's what y'all want to get to. Well, this is where we can tell that thought alone can have amazing results. And then when you couple it with physical, the physical motion of doing something, you can do anything you want in life. So what they had is they did this for 12 weeks, 15 minutes a day, five days a week.

13:34 At the end of training, they found that the group that just mentally rehearse the finger movements increased their strength by 35% so for 12 weeks they just did it in their mind. They didn't do it physically. They just thought about moving their finger and flexing it, increase their strength by 35% the group that actually did the physical training increased by 53% look at that. That is not that big of a difference. You guys, 35% and they didn't even do anything physically. They didn't. They didn't lift a finger, but their body thinks they lifted a finger because their brain did because they believe they did. So look at that. Imagine what you can do if you believe and you put the work in, you are unstoppable. So that's my gift to you today. I want to recap these three points. I want you guys to take this with you and just understand.

14:22 You can literally do anything you want in life. Get over, get over the fact that you think you need to see something before you achieve it. Google dr Joe Dispenza and learn more about his work on thought research and how we can manifest anything we want just with the energy in our brains. And then there's good news. The good news is that you can do anything that you want in life. There are no limits to what you can do. So I want to get into teaser for our next episode. Episode number five is going to be about how to know if your supplements are safe or not. And I'm going to give you some actionable strategies where you can pick up your supplements and you can assess them for their safety and their efficacy. So athletes, I know that you're juggling life and all its responsibilities and it can get overwhelming, but when it comes to improving your fitness and nutrition, red H has you covered, boost your strength, power, speed, endurance, improve your focus, clarity and mood. Get better sleep, move pain-free, amplify your life with red H nutrition supplements.

15:25 And as a listener today of the everyday athlete podcast, I invite you to use coupon code podcast 20 and take 20% off your order at red a chunk. So if you're ready to be better than you were yesterday, head over red H shop.com find the supplement solution that's perfect for you. And remember, youth code podcast 20 and save 20% guys, this is Katie danger. I am over and out. I want you to go out there and get whatever you want in life because you can have anything you want in life. If you believe it, we'll talk to you again later.

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