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Aaaaaaannnddd … just like that, here we are coming up on two years of doing this podcast without missing a week. I’m going to be sincere and say that you, the loyal listener, are beginning to feel like family.

You might be wondering how I’ve managed to go so long without missing a week here and there, and I’ll let you in on my secret in the last half of this podcast. But first, let’s talk a bit more about fat loss and how it relates to who you are being versus what specifically you are doing. This little secret has helped me to already reach my fitness goal – to get my body fat percentage down to 10%, and stay there for the summer.

Episode highlights:

– The key to using your own biofeedback to know if you’re on the right path with your diet and nutrition (1:44)
– Why thinking about restrictions and what you’re depriving yourself of is the kill your diet. Here’s how to have structure instead (2:11)
– How to know your if your body is telling you, you need a cheat day versus just the occasional craving (3:21)
– How thinking about the fat in your body being like a sink filled with water helps you see the bigger picture for how to safely and permanently lose fat (3:57)
– Metabolism is so much more than burning tons of calories. Here’s how to train your metabolism for ultimate health (5:59)
– How understanding your body’s set point helps you stay on track with your diet, and why you should never go below it for too long (7:43)
If your hunger feels like this, you know you’re in fatloss mode (9:37)

On commitment and clarity …

Jumping back in to how I’ve been able to do this show week after week without missing any, the two Cs – commitment and clarity – have made all the difference. But when I say commitment, I mean something a little different than most. I’m not telling you to suck it up and just press through because you said you would. Likewise, clarity is a little more nuanced. But understanding these concepts will really help you go the distance no matter what you apply them toward. Check out the show to learn what I mean.

Thanks for tuning in today. I hope what I shared helps you with how to know when you’re on the right track. Please share this episode and leave the show a review on iTunes. And as always, connect with me on Facebook: facebook.com/KyleNewellFitnessExpert.

Now get out there and get winning your week! You’re stronger than you know!


Kyle Newell
If you have show suggestions or an interesting idea you want me to talk about, please contact me at kyle@kylenewell.com or at kyle@newellstrength.com. You can also leave a comment or review on today’s show. We love hearing from you!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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