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As an entrepreneur, you might have considered working with an agency or ad manager. Maybe you’re even currently working with one.

As an outsider to the world of running ad campaigns, listening to them talk about what they’ll do might be confusing at best and infuriating at worst. All the jargon really doesn’t help you comprehend where your marketing budget actually goes to.

This secrecy is so common for good reason: Many agencies want you to believe what they’re doing is something you can’t do so you don’t get rid of them.

In this episode, Justin pulls back the curtain and shows you how FB ads are mostly a process which you can learn.

Show highlights include:

– Why Vegas magic shows are exactly like parts of the marketing world—and why to look for your industry’s “Penn and Teller”. (1:40)

– Why FB ads aren’t as mysterious as you might think and what the world really looks like. (4:35)

– Why to avoid people who pretend their services will fix all your business problems. (6:40)

– Two things which DON’T suffice to qualify top-tier ad managers. (8:50)

– How to “spy” on your competitors and idols to model your ads off of what’s already successful—no expensive, complicated software needed. (10:10)

– What great agencies spend half of their time on. (13:40)

– The one thing no one will ever be able to teach in marketing… and it’s not “following your passion”. (16:40)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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