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Can unlocking your inner strength help to keep your spouse “to thine own love be true”? Most certainly, if you understand the driving reason for why people cheat on their spouses (Hint: it ain’t because the cabana boy is exotic or the milkman is sexier than you). In this podcast I tell you the secret on why people cheat on their spouses and how you can use this knowledge to not only keep her true, but overcome the obstacles that keep you from achieving your goals. (04:40)

Your brain is stupid cool!

One night, while I was pulling “Dad Duty” so Devon could sleep, I saw a truck in the driveway of the house next to us. No big deal, right? Well, this house has been in foreclosure for a while and I know ain’t nobody supposed to be over there. I decided to wake up Devon and we called the cops. I thought about going over to confront who was there and that thought, plus just how out-of-the-ordinary it was, got us both pretty excited.

Reflecting on the experience has shown me some pretty valuable things  which I share with you in this episode. The more you know about your brain and how it works, the better you’ll do in life. Just imagine being able to: (02:35)

  • Communicate better
  • Be more self-aware
  • Master strategy better than a Bobby Fisher android
  • Search out and recognize patterns like a jazz musician

That night I even discovered a foolproof aphrodisiac that your brain craves like a bee craves a flower. (3:08)

Trusting your cones for bigger cojones

Your eyes have six to seven million cones, each, and most are concentrated around the macula. In nature, a wolf takes down a musk-ox from the rear and the side — never head-on.

The cones in our eyes help you to see side-advancing threats so you can react. In these moments you have a choice: (06:20)

Fight, Freeze or Run

Understanding these natural reactions can help you prepare and plan for chaos so when it inevitably comes, you can react and adapt to keep your strength journey moving forward.

Other important items in this episode …

  • The one diet that absolutely blows every single other diet fad out there out of the water and how cheating on it makes your appetite explode! (09:06)
  • Letting you know about some upcoming shows with Dr. Dave where we talk about why Testosterone supplements are a “must-take” for anyone wanting to generally feel better (11:05)
  • How to harness your brain’s activity when presented with a problem and the right question to ask in the midst of a problem to make sure you learn something useful (12:47)

That’s it for this week! I hope you find the tidbits useful and entertaining. Until next time, keep searching for those keys to unlock your inner strength. You’re stronger than you know.


  • Kyle Newell

If you have show suggestions or an interesting idea you want me to talk about, please contact me at kyle@kylenewell.com or at kyle@newellstrength.com. You can also leave a comment or review on today’s show. We love hearing from you!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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