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In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell shares some classic insights to help you manage your energy wisely.

Here are the show highlights of Systems and Chaos Planning:

  • Systems for survival (2:51)
  • Goals for 2017 (3:29)
  • Things that can get in the way (4:33)
  • Ways to manage mental energy (6:07)
  • Time mastery manual (6:32)
  • Experiencing chaos (7:13)
  • Planning for chaos (8:49)
  • Work blocks (11:46)
  • Points in a spiral (12:30)
  • Energy management (13:56)

Systems for Survival

Goals are not habits, but systems are. The brain works on the systems that we create. As discussed in the previous episodes, habits help free up head space. They help us focus as well.

Our bodies need habits and systems for survival. We need to have goals, and break them down to systems.

Goals for 2017

One of Kyle’s goals for this year is to write 3 books. To achieve his goals, he has set the habit of writing 1,500 words per day. Before that, he first identified what he wanted to write about.

Systems make you feel successful every day. You work on them each day for you to achieve your goals. Just like having a dietary habit, you need to stick with the system to succeed.

Things that can Get in the Way

Consistently practicing the system you’ve set can be challenging. Many things can get in the way. This is why it’s important that you know how to manage your energy wisely.

Many people make a list of things to do, fail to get things done, and get frustrated until their tasks pile up throughout the week. Lack of focus can burn up mental energy. Once done, you would need to take a break.

To hear about Systems and Chaos Planning, download and listen to the entire episode! An expert in his field, Kyle wants to help people get better in life. Share this to your friends, family, and loved ones.

Check these awesome resources for today’s episode:

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If you have any suggestions or other interesting ideas, please contact Kyle at kyle@kylenewell.com or at kyle@newellstrength.com. You can also leave a comment or review on today’s show. We love hearing from you!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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