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As 2019 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect. How do you feel about the year? Did you reach your goals? Did you struggle in your practice or did everything go smoothly?

However you review your year, make sure you keep one thing in mind: Positivity.

Whether you’re thriving or struggling, positivity will take you to the next level, whatever that means for you.

In this episode, you’ll find out how to end the year on a positive note and start in 2020 with a strategy to reach your goals instead of worrying about the future and regretting the past.

Show highlights include:

  • The biggest reason chiropractors struggle and the 3 questions that let you feel ready to take on any challenge in your practice.(5:02)
  • Where to find great talent you can employ in your practice to reduce your own work and focus on business development. (13:55)
  • Why this show still exists after years while most podcasts die (use the same principles on any aspect of your practice and watch it grow!). (17:42)
  • The two most important things to invest in (none of them are hedgefunds or 401ks…). (19:45)

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Hey, chiropractors. We're ready for another Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show with Dr. Kevin Christie, where we discuss the latest in marketing strategies, content marketing, direct response marketing, and business development with some of the leading experts in the industry.

Kevin: Alright. Welcome to another episode of The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show. This is your host, Dr. Kevin Christie. Today, I've got a solo episode for you. The next couple will because what I do at the end of each year is two things really stand out for me. I'm actually leaving tonight for my Strategic Coach meeting in Atlanta and we typically do this this time of year. I did it ahead of time so I can record a podcast and get this to you but the two things I do is I sit down and I spend about an hour and I do a positive focus for the year. So obviously, this would be fore 2019. The second thing that I do is a detailed marketing plan for 2020, which will be the next episode. [0:01:09.4]

Today's episode is going to be the positive focus and then the next one will be that and I'll dive into the marketing plan for 2020 obviously in the next episode and go into that but it's not something that I make sure that I detail out to the point of paralysis by analysis and it's written in stone, but I'll go over that with you on the next episode. It's really important to do that. Today will be more of retrospectively looking back and saying what was positive for this year because no matter what year you're in, there's going to be some negatives, especially if you're trying to grow. You're going to stretch yourself. There's going to be some negatives, but we want to focus on the positive because there's definitely going to be positives. Even in your worst years, there's going to be some positives. So this is what I do each year. This is what I'm doing with the chiropractors that I am coaching with on marketing and business, which brings me to the next point. [0:02:06.1]

If you are interested, we are going to open it up for a few more. I'm going to kind of roll some people into 2020, where we would get started on a detailed 2020 plan for marketing and business growth. It's a 3-month commitment and it's $500 a month, but with the goal of long-term. Most of the clients that I'm working with, we stick with this and we hold you accountable. We have monthly Zoom calls two times a month where we get on a Zoom call together and work through a lot of information, audience building, getting messaging clear, getting content marketing implemented, you not being left on an island and me helping you out and holding you accountable and just, you know, having a sounding board. I think that's one of the main reasons I've had. I've always had coaching. I've got a couple now. The episode that you listened to a couple of weeks ago with Jonathan Rivera, he's actually my coach for podcasting in kind of direct response marketing. [0:03:05.8]

Obviously, I have Strategic Coach and I have Christine Odell, who is my business manager/coach as well. So one of the things for me that it just keeps me from being on an island and I have someone that I can really confide in and dive into for business and the growth or the struggles or the positives, you know, and so, if you're interested, just go to ModernChiropracticMarketing.com. There's a form you can submit there. We'll see if we're a right fit and I would love to try to help you out in any way I can.

So, let's move on right into the topic, the positive focus. This is a Strategic Coach tool that I use, but you know, you don’t, it doesn’t have to be called the positive focus. It can be a positive review. It can be whatever. Essentially I want it to be positive and I don’t only use this at the end of the year. I actually use this at the beginning of every team meeting we have weekly and our quarterly. [0:04:00.3]

So I try at each meeting on a positive note and then we can dive into some of the things we need to fix or some of the issues that there always is going to be. Right? If you own a practice or you are in a high-level field such as ours as healthcare and being a doctor, no matter if you're owning or an associate or even a student right now, there's always going to be issues but we want to really try to reframe that mindset into the positive without being too, you know, woo woo about this. It's just getting really clear on it and you know, so I do that at the beginning of meetings for sure. I try to do that as much as I can with my one-on-one coaching is try to get the positives out and see where we have made some gains. So let's do this for 2019. I'm going to kind of run through what the details of what you can do. I would encourage you just getting out. I like to use the form online, but a lot of times what I'll do is I'll sit down and write this on paper and I use this, another time I use this is when I'm struggling and I struggle throughout the year. [0:05:07.5]

There's times where a lot of it's maybe stretching myself too much and I get into that gap and beat myself up a little bit like we all do and so sometimes I will just sit down and I'll do a positive review of the month and I'll just write it down on paper. So however way you want to do this, I recommend at least getting out a piece of paper and pen or pencil and just start writing. What you're going to do is you're going to write out your achievements. So what was the achievement that you had, what's the reason why that happened. Okay? And I'll go through this in a minute. Further progress and then the first action on that further progress. Right? So, you may have had an achievement, but there's still more room to grow on that or you may have had an achievement and there is none so you don’t need to really write any further progress. Okay? And I'm going to … I had a great year. I'm not going to lie. I just… it was one of those years, 2019, I sat down and I did this positive focus and I couldn’t believe the year I had. [0:06:09.2]

It just was really good, and again, it doesn’t mean we didn't have bumps in the road, that's for sure. But overall, when I assess it, it was just a really good year and so when I do this review, I do it from a personal and a professional standpoint. So my number one for this year is, as a lot of you know, is I got married and we got pregnant. We were fortunate enough to get pregnant right away. We were trying. We figured it would take some time, but it didn't, by the grace of God, so we are now, at the time of this recording at the 21-week mark, so we're getting there. We have got an April 17th due date, so we're just super pumped about that. You know, a reason why obviously we could be basic about it and say, yeah, we, we got pregnant…we, you know, without saying. Right? That's the reason why it happened. We know why it happened, but deeper than that was you know, a lot of people know - I went through a divorce back in 2015 and that was hard, hard in many ways, but I did a really good job of getting clear and not letting the past dictate my future and I took some time off from dating and from relationships for a couple of years and that really gave me the ability to meet Laura and be open to a relationship and we met in early 2017 and we have just had a phenomenal relationship. [0:07:30.0]

It's just everything that my last one wasn’t, but I think a big part of that was because I moved on from that. I did all the things you should do when you go through a really bad divorce. Well, I shouldn't say…every divorce is bad. It wasn't… it was actually an easy and good divorce, but a bad breakup or a relationship ending, whatever it may be, you need to do the proper things to work through that and I will give myself credit and I did that. So that was a big reason why I feel like I was able to get remarried and obviously we are pregnant. So that was great. Further progress, you know, we're preparing. We just moved, which is another one of our achievements. [0:08:06.7]

We were living the downtown beach community life with a nice, you know, one-bedroom condo there, but that's not going to be suitable for raising a kid, so we moved recently into a, you know, typical three-bedroom house here in Boca Raton. So that was a big further progress and our first action is to kind of turn that into a home and that's where we're at now. We just moved a week ago at the time of this recording. So that's our next action.

Number two is I got to speak at Parker Vegas back in February of 2019, which was just amazing. I just couldn’t believe the opportunity I got there. It went very well, got a lot of good feedback. We had a packed audience. The material was well received. It's growing from there as far as the topic, which I'll explain in a minute and I got invited back to speak in 2020. [0:09:00.9]

So, it went really good. I think a reason why it was able to come to fruition for me is that I just kept on creating content and really trying to be as useful. Hopefully, I am, to the chiropractic community and obviously with the podcast and the Facebook group and other speaking engagements that I've had, I was reached out to by Parker. They noticed what I was doing and obviously invited me to speak there. So I would say that was the reason why. The further progress I have is to complete, which at the time of this recording, I am almost… at the time of you listening to this episode, it will be done because it's essentially done - just turning in the manuscript to the editor but based on what I spoke on at Parker, The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Roadmap, Parker has a publishing aspect to their university, agreed to publish the book based on the roadmap and so I am almost completed with that. We're launching at Parker Vegas 2020. [0:10:02.1]

I will be there speaking again and so that's super exciting. The next action or the first action on that is to actually finish and get the final manuscript to the editor. It's one of those things if you haven’t written a book before, it's not easy. Frankly, it can be brutal, but it's really cool. I've got a great editor and I'm just touching up a couple of things in the final manuscript and getting that turned in. So that's my big achievement for the year. That was number two achievement.

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Number three is I actually, and I mentioned the coaching earlier, I launched The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Mastery, which is the one-on-one and I only take up to a certain amount. It's a low amount of people that I'm taking because I still do practice. I still create a lot of content and I do have a family on the way. So I don’t take too many, but it's been great. I really like it. I dive deep with the chiropractors. Actually I was concerned with launching that, but what I found is that it energizes me and I learn a lot as well and so I enjoy that. So I would say the reason why I was able to launch that was, you know, to help chiropractors implement marketing in their practice, and again, I think I just put out a fair amount of content to where when I did launch it, I filled the spots right away that I wanted to. So that was cool. [0:12:04.6]

My further progress on that is just to keep on refining it. You know, I learned a lot in 2019 as far as the coaching and then I'm going to sit down. Erin, who is my virtual assistant, her…she's really the backbone of a lot of it. Her and I are going to meet and discuss how we can even improve it more going into 2020.

Next one, number four is The Chiropractic Success Academy growth. We, you know, Bobby Maybee and I launched it in 2018, July of 2018, but in 2019, we saw a lot of growth. We doubled it and that is exciting because a lot of times when you launch these online academies and courses, you will get the initial and then it drops off. It fades off. You get a lot of churn and it just kind of, you know, collapses on itself, but we implemented the success path, which is a new addition and a few other things - the content repository. We did a lot and we have doubled the membership. [0:13:03.8]

We had invested in an online course that trained us how to do it to make sure that we're providing as much value as possible and so that is, that doubled, which was a great achievement and we're looking to keep on refining it. We have got a couple of things in the works for 2020 for the CSA, which we're excited about, which I'm not going to mention yet, but that is not going to be an academy that just settles and just sits there and doesn't expand and grow. We're always going to increase the capabilities of the academy.

Number five, I hired a new associate for my main office. I had gone a year without one for the first time since 2011, found the right fit. It's going great. That was a testament to many things and I think we all can learn from it was one - the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance has quite a talent pool and they offer a lot of ways for you to connect with students and young doctors and so, Chris, Dr. Gouveia, he had reached out about I think he posted inside FTCA about a preceptor wanting to find a preceptor. [0:14:14.7]

I was looking for one. We connected. Then we met at Forward KC in 2018. Right? Yeah, 2018 and met and then agreed to do the preceptor. That started in November of 2018. He preceptored, did a great job and that turned into an associateship. So that was an example of you know, using an audience and connections and being active in a chiropractic community to increase your talent acquisition and getting, you know, chiropractors that may want to join the practice. Alright? That was number five. And I totaled, I had nine. You could have anything from 3 to 20 - I don’t care - but I try to keep it under that 10 range. So number six was I already kind of mentioned it but we moved into a new house. I really like what we were able to move into, just really excited for that. I'm not going to dive into that one anymore. [0:15:11.2]

Number seven is we took really good vacations in 2019. I like to travel. I like to work really hard, but I like to also take time off. A lot of people are surprised to hear that, but I do take a fair amount of time off and I do travel quite a bit, just for fun. So we had a few trips. We went to Sedona in April, which was really good. I love that place. That's one of the things if I had a job and a career where I didn't have to be in one place and I didn't have all my family here in South Florida, I'd probably move to Sedona. That was a great trip. We got married, a small little wedding in Sonoma/Napa, and that was awesome and then we did our honeymoon in Europe. We did two weeks there - Portugal and Morocco and Barcelona and so that was just fun. [0:16:00.0]

A lot of travel time but we also were able to relax a fair amount and so we had some really good vacations and I always look at that as an achievement because it's something you need to do. You need to prepare for it. Everybody, I don’t care what position you're in, can take vacations. If you think you can't, you're wrong and you're lying to yourself. So, make sure you are scheduling and planning vacations to recharge those batteries.

Number eight is we did a really good and it went very well, virtual summit. We collaborated. You know, I've done the Modern Chiropractic Marketing has done a couple of virtual summits in the past and they went good. This one we collaborated with the Motion Palpation Institute and we made it half clinical, half business development and we had just an amazing amount of people sign up for it and a lot of people upgrade for the bonus to keep the material because it was really good. The doctors at MPI, Mark King, Brett Winchester, Cory Campbell, just brought a really good amount of information and it was highly valuable. So, we got a lot of good feedback as well from it. So that was a big success for 2019. [0:17:11.6]

Then lastly, honestly, we just had a really good year for this podcast. It's … I started the podcast in April of 2017. So we'll be pulling up on three years here in April and like a lot of things, podcasts tend to come and go and they tend to die and they tend to wane and a lot of times, the podcaster, like myself, gets bored of it or overwhelmed or runs out of guests or whatever topics, but I think I just love doing the podcast. It's something I look forward to. I love the interview part of it. I don’t mind doing the topics. I get good feedback on both and one of the things that I decided to do was bring on The Podcast Factory. Jonathan Rivera, who I interviewed a couple of weeks ago, that was on the podcast that you may have listened to, it's his company and they… it's a multifactorial thing. Like there's a coaching component to it, but they do all the backend basically. I just can turn in the audio and they turn it into a show and they have you revamp the artwork for the podcast imaging. [0:18:14.8]

We have got a new website. Like we just revamped the whole thing. Took it up a notch. We got a little bit more…we got show notes, transcriptions, like the whole nine yards for every episode and it's just really revitalized me in doing it. It was doing good. Podcast was doing good when we … I think it was in May where The Podcast Factory took over the production side of this and it's just taken a next jump and that was my goal with bringing them on. So that was an exciting achievement for the year was to have a better year in 2019 for the podcast than in the previous years. And I'm looking, for 2020, and again, sit down. I have a lot of sitting down to do in December, between my chiropractic practices, between the CSA, between Modern Chiropractic Marketing Group in general. Then the small things… like the off shoots, like the podcast, the Facebook group. Always trying to plan ahead in what's going to allow us to grow and so I will be sitting down a lot to write out some plans for 2020. [0:19:17.6]

So, that's my positive focus, those nine things that I just really cherry picked. Made it a great year. As you can see, we got a lot done. I didn't do all this myself. I have a really good team around me. One of my take homes for this episode for you is to continue to put really good people around you. It'll take time to get the fully involved team that you want, but slowly as more profits come in, reinvest it in your business and yourself and you'll see that over the years you'll have a really good team around you. So, my challenge to you is to sit down, get very positive for 2019, even if it was a tough year. I want you to focus on the positives and that's going to roll into the next episode, which will be us planning out our 2020. [0:20:03.9]

So, have a Merry Christmas. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Have a happy New Year. Just enjoy the fact that it's the holidays and I know it can be stressful, but we're wrapping the, literally, the last few days or weeks of the decade and we're going into the, let's call it the raging 20s and I'm excited about it and I hope you are too.

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