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Chances are you’ve run paid traffic campaigns before. Maybe you’ve even seen success and watched your marketing create steady results for you every day.

While watching your marketing make money like a well-oiled machine is fun, you’ll need to level up eventually to boost your business even more and increase your competitive advantage. You need to scale.

In theory, scaling sounds easy: Just pump more money into the machine that works. In reality, what works on a smaller scale often doesn’t work as well in the bigger leagues. Even if results stay consistent, the results you need might change.

In this episode, Justin reveals the exact process he uses to scale ad campaigns.

Show highlights include:

– How scaling ads is like the Ultimate Fighting Championship—understand this and you can skip much of the common FB ads advice. (2:20)
– Which “common-sense” scaling mistake to avoid (this sends the algorithm into a shock). (6:50)
– The 3-step process to optimize your ad campaigns. (8:55)
– One crucial thing you can’t scale your ads without. (9:50)
– What to do once you generate enough leads. (12:50)
– Why even a “successful” ad set can be about as pleasant like a freezing cold shower when you scale it the wrong way. (13:40)
– The biggest challenge of any ad campaign. (15:00)
– Who to market to so you don’t miss out on a huge opportunity (it’s NOT those already aware of you). (16:40)
– The difference between the results anyone can have and what REALLY matters for a successful business. (19:15)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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