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Struggling entrepreneurs “force” their services down their prospects' throats.

This never works out, and only creates resentment in your leads. And if you do this, they feel the sudden need to “object” to every talking point you have. Once this happens, it’s near impossible to close the sale (without resorting to manipulative sales tactics.)

End result?

The chances of unhappy clients skyrockets. When this happens, this means refunds, chargebacks, and terrible reviews on Google.

So, how do we avoid “objection handling” in our sales calls?

In today’s episode, Melissa Hughes, Founder of Live Rich, Spread Wealth, reveals the “Love Method” of sales. By using this method, you’ll not only close more sales, but build more positive, long-term relationships with your clients.

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • No, you don’t have to be from a wealthy background to escape the titanium handcuffs of your 9-5. Here’s why… (4:05)
  • Haven’t started a business because of analysis paralysis? Here’s how the “INT + DAT” method melts your anxieties and worries (4:46)
  • How cable news sabotages your opportunity to start a business (6:36)
  • Why you can make out like bandits in the next potential recession (even if don’t have a lot of cash, or aren’t an accredited investor already) (10:20)
  • Do sales calls make you feel greasy and slimy? Try the LOVE method (and never feel uncomfortable selling your services again) (14:51)
  • How to get your prospects to sell themselves on working with you by using the “Socratic Method” (16:26)
  • Why performing “mental jujitsu” with your prospects results in refunds, unhappy customers, and terrible reviews on Google (21:43)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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