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Has anyone ever told you, “You have to grow up!”?

If you answered “yes,” then you have to ask yourself why.

Society wants to put us in a nice, neatly packaged box. Go to school. Get good grades. Go to college. Get a good job. Be responsible. Take care of our family.

And for you this may be exactly what you want. But for others this is like a hamster running on a wheel forever.

When you ask questions and think outside the box, you may find the answers that give your life meaning. And let you live the life you want to live while still contributing to society.

In this episode, you'll discover how to buck social trends so you can live a purposeful life while doing what you love!

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • How doing what you're told stunts your growth (even if you're an “A” student or the “go to” person at work) (0:21)
  • Why winning the game “Mouse Trap” ruins the life you want to live (and how you can live a meaningful life and still work) (4:21)
  • How structuring your life around your goals gives you purpose in life (6:14)
  • Why questioning the established societal norms lets you design the life you want to live (8:36)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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