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Let me be blunt: Most financial advisors aren’t world-class salespeople. Many of them actively fear selling. And this leaves their prospects confused, disgruntled, and unlikely to choose you over another advisor.

The solution?

Well, first you have to reframe how you approach sales. Selling isn’t a negative, dirty word. It’s an opportunity to help someone with one of their most prized possessions: Their finances.

Next, you have to tune into this conversation with Nancy Bleeke Noel, author of “Conversations That Sell: Collaborate with Buyers and Make Every Conversation Count.”

In this episode, Nancy reveals how financial advisors can get better at sales, the common mistakes financial advisors make, the most common reason people don’t hire financial advisors, and so much more.

Nancy’s worked with 10s of thousands of financial advisors over the years and turned them from sales zeros into sales heroes. And now she wants to help you.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The weird way “reluctant sellers” often make the best salespeople (2:14)
  • The “problem solver” mindset shift required to become a great salesperson and get over your fear of selling (5:34)
  • How this “win cubed” secret annihilates your sales dread almost instantly (6:09)
  • Why overselling and over explaining can kill a deal that you already had 90% in the bag (9:12)
  • Do you rely on scripts to sell? Here’s why Nancy thinks this is the biggest mistake financial advisors can make… (13:18)
  • How facts and data bore your prospects to death and send them to another advisor to manage their finances (15:01)
  • The single biggest reason why most people don’t hire a financial advisor (and how to leverage this to cause a surge of new clients) (16:34)
  • The insidious “Beginner’s Mind” trap which prevents financial advisors from closing deals with interested prospects (19:02)
  • How to convince even the most skeptical prospect to hire you with the “QAV” method (26:11)

Want to connect with Nancy to see how she can help you improve your sales? Visit her website at https://www.salesproinsider.com and connect with her on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancybleeke

Go to https://TheAdvisorCoach.com/Coaching and pick up your free 90 minute download called “5 Keys to Success for Financial Advisors” when you join The James Pollard Inner Circle.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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