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On today’s episode, James Newberry and Stuart MacLean discuss about Claude Hopkins — Scientific Advertising. Claude ranks among the prominent men in advertising. He wrote the books My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising. Tune in for some classic insights that you can use in fundraising!  

Into the Field of Advertising

Claude originally desired to become a preacher. But, some of his experiences in life discouraged him from pursuing it. He entered the field of advertising instead.

His parents both graduated from college. His father died while he was still young. From his mother, Claude learned the value of hardwork.

He worked diligently, which was why companies paid him a considerable amount of money for his talent.

Advices from My Life in Advertising

Claude knew how to deal well with the common people. He believed in the power of demonstrations and free samples. Also, he believed that it’s wrong to rely on ourselves when judging others.

“Real men judge us by our love of work.” -Claude Hopkins

Claude also believed that there’s more profit in expanding sales than decreasing costs. Stuart agrees with this idea. According to him, sometimes cutting off things could mean losing the things or people who can increase your revenue.

A Big Career Break

James shares the story of one of Claude’s first big breaks. He once tried selling carpet sweepers for Christmas. For that, he mailed 5,000 letters to different stores nationwide.

He came with the idea of offering the sweepers with different woods. The inventors did not like it.

In his letters, he presented that they only have a limited supply. He wanted to let the recipient know his offer was exclusive. As a result, he sold more than the typical salesmen did.

To hear about Claude Hopkins — Scientific Advertising, download and listen to the entire episode.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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