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Importance of Lists

Most people believe that lists play a huge role in succeeding in any fundraising appeal. They think that regardless of the situation, everything boils down to the message and the recipient. In any case, people ask help in finding like-minded targets.

Rita, however, disagrees with the idea. She believes that success is achieved from fulfilling all the necessary components—message or package, recipient, goal, and technique. Having balance from all areas brings out better results.

Testing for a Reason

Research and asking relevant questions are crucial in any case. When creating a recommendation, the client relays his ideas and goals. For this, the list person gains more background knowledge and eventually inquires from third-party resources.

It’s a give and take process for both client and list manager. This basically cites the significance of communicating one’s knowledge and expertise.

Increasing Response Rates

Success could also depend on the expectation. How much you get is only the result of how much you expected.

Some fundraisers send quality packages for a minimal amount. They could have another motive aside from just earning money. From a perspective, one may see that doing so has great potential in increasing support.

To hear about creating appeal lists and raising support, download and listen to Rita O'Neill List Expert.

If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Rita O'Neill List Expert:

Importance of lists? (0:33)

Research as the core competency? (4:33)

Increase response rate through expectations? (6:17)

Ways to increase support? (12:25)

Downsides of list cooperatives? (21:43)

Direct vs digital mail (31:04)

Open rates and click through rates (47:43)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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