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Welcome to the Donor Doctor with your host James Newberry. On today’s show, James interviews RJ Robinson How to Write Good Copy.

Keys to Copywriting Success

RJ is a copywriter and account executive of Eberle Communications Group. He studied at a Jesuit school, where he got exposed to writing.

Passion and talent are keys to achieving success in copywriting. But, it isn’t always the case. One other key that most don’t realize is the importance of reading.

One good thing about RJ is that he is well-versed. This fact is evident in the copies he’s written. Tune in for some of his copy samples!

Significance of a Good Start

James discusses the leverage in direct mail versus other kinds of fundraising. With direct mail, you get to write a good appeal and mail a lot of copies. It’s rather lucrative for charities.

“There’s a veteran out there who’s ready to take his life. We must help them.” -copy excerpt

The above excerpt is from one of the direct mails that James has kept over time. One good thing about it is it discourages suicide, however, it may not be totally successful. In some point, there still stands the importance of giving a good start.

Storytelling in Copywriting

Copywriting is not an interchangeable skill. For this, James presents a good contrast of two copies. There is definitely a huge difference in being able to tell a story well.

Download and listen to RJ Robinson How to Write Good Copy, and get classic insights on copywriting!

If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of RJ Robinson How to Write Good Copy:

Who is RJ Robinson? (0:31)

Copy samples from RJ? (2:03)

Significance of a good introduction? (6:08)

A contrast of two copies? (8:37)

Giving value? (16:12)

Keeping reader’s attention? (18:37)

Becoming better at fundraising? (20:27)

Have a podcast in 30 days

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