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There is a certain bias that makes almost all M&A integrations fail.

Most CEOs think they need to make the integration as short as possible, so they avoid eroding their company’s assets.

And While it’s important to burn as little cash as you possibly can, this is also where things go wrong.


You minimize the risk of losing economic substance before you land the deal – not after.

Because integrating a company into your ecosystem is like starting a car: .

Abrupt acceleration leads to accidents.

What makes or breaks the success of your M&A integration plan, is how well you plan the process of the integration itself.

So, in today’s episode, you’ll discover our proven “Integration Pacesetter” technique, how you truly keep your budget in control, and how to set your business up to grow after your M&A integration succeeds.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • 3 common business-crippling M&A mistakes after you land the perfect deal (2:46)
  • The barrier of entry for M&A success most agribusinesses fail to reach (4:19)
  • The “Operating Model” checklist to limit potential losses during an integration (10:00)
  • How merging SMBs chase away their most loyal customers (and how to avoid that)  (11:29)
  • The quick start guide to reverse engineer your M&A integration process (even if it’s your first time) (15:05)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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