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With expected farm income taking a nosedive, and the highest borrowing costs in over a decade, agriculture seems to be on the ropes.

By this logic, we could expect less mergers and acquisitions in the industry, but reality seems far different. Seasoned investors are seizing the opportunity to get ahead of their hesitant competitors.


They understand the current risks and – more importantly – the long-term chances in agribusiness. They know how they can use the demographic shift in the industry to their advantage, and which segments in the market offer the biggest potential.

Since you have a lot to lose if it fails, it’s easy to forget that an M&A integration can skyrocket your business like nothing else does.

So, in today’s episode, you’ll discover the 7 ways an M&A integration makes you overtake your competition, the current developments in the industry to know which companies to acquire, and the most lucrative markets with problems only agriculture can solve.

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Show highlights include:

  • 7 unfair advantages you get the instant you acquire a business (without sacrificing your time on menial tasks) (0:24)
  • The ”Chicken Little” trap that makes every M&A fail (and sends your business to its doom) (1:36)
  • How experienced investors seize the opportunities of the current down market (while everyone else fears for the future of the industry) (4:57)
  • Why now is a historic opportunity with agribusinesses desperate for a takeover (and the type of company you can consolidate and scale best) (7:36)
  • Why the low growth potential in agriculture is a myth (and the most profitable markets to tap into) (12:05)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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