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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How one California wholesaler gets more deals than local sales teams with nothing but a headset. (1:28)
  • 3 ways to make wholesalers love you and send you all their deals. (4:25)
  • Search for 3 letters on this public website for a list of property owners who want to sell. (5:15)
  • How to use email to turn overpriced properties into lucrative deals. (7:58)
  • After you’ve got a lead, here’s the only other person you need to make money in wholesaling. (9:50)

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Welcome to Cleveland real estate investor. On this podcast, you'll hear about every aspect of the real estate investment business. You will talk to your rockstar investors about their businesses, how they built them, where they came from, and where they're going. Who am I? I'm Joe Lieber and I've made millions of dollars from the real estate investment business over the last 20 years. If you're ready to hear the good and bad from a guy who's learned this business from the school of hard knocks and get educated by some bad ass entrepreneurs, then put your helmet on, strap on your chin strap. Let's ride.

(00:36): Hey, what's up guys. I wanted to wrap it you today about how to make five grand a month, not a whole lot of money, but could be a great supplement and a hell. It might even replace your job. I mean, I don't know what y'all making out there. Some of you making hundreds of thousands and some of you are not, and somebody looks at this for say two to five days a month. That would change things for me as a side business, or maybe as good first business. I don't know, but I want to explain to you right now on the show, how easy it is to make five grand a month and truth be told, you're making five grand a month. You ain't even playing hard. You haven't played. You're playing is what you're doing. And I want to get into details with you, right?

(01:14): So this came out of frustration. This show, you know, about five grand a month because I have an acquisitions team. And they do okay, but they could do a hell of a lot better, to be honest. I know they can. And I see guys out there, wholesalers that are eating their freaking lunch man, and take it one step. The one level higher. They don't even live in Ohio and they're eating your lunch. Okay? I am buying homes right now from a California wholesaler. Now this California wholesaler, these are very embedded in Cleveland, Ohio, and that's what frosts my butt. And he's delivering great deals to me. And he's calling, he's pick up the phone. He's smiling and dialing. He's putting a headset on, do this on the phone all day lives in Cali, smiles and dials. And he's bringing me deals. A lot of deals.

(02:09): I bought four deals in the last two weeks from him. That's good. Volume four deals in two weeks from one dude, you know, what's going on? It's insane, right? Why is that? Not you? The amount of money he's making off wholesale fees. Mind you is crazy. I mean, his fees range really from 3000 on a low end. It's a 1215. I saw one of them, a $15,000 wholesale fee. He charged me so to speak. I was happy with the deal. Don't get me wrong. I happy to pay the fee or I was happy to buy the house at that price. And that's when he disclosed his assignment fee to me, which is fine, whatever good for him. But when I see someone making a $15,000 wholesale fee and then live, been live here, come on guys. Why are we letting these people from out of state each lunch?

(03:00): I mean, I don't go too crazy after wholesale deals. I'm not a wholesaler, right? Everything I buy, I take down either keep it as a rental. I joint venture with people. I sell turnkey for people who wants a passive investments, but I don't really do assignment of contract. Not my game. Never really was. But for a lot of you who don't have money, you have to wholesale and real quick for you. Those of you don't know wholesaling is it's basically buying something. It can be anything Hostly and applies to anything. That's just real estate. You could buy a car, you buy it cheap. Right? When I say buy, it means you write a contract. It says, I will buy this home for less than the market value, way less. Right? And then you find someone who actually has money and you assign them the contract for a fee a little bit more than what you paid, but it's still a really good deal to someone who wants to maybe flip it, keep it as a rental, whatever their case is.

(03:56): That's a wholesaler and they're all over. And it's a great business. That's how you enter real estate. When you don't have money, you set aside contracts, you get a good deal on a piece of real estate and you find cash buyers like me who have deep pockets who can take this stuff down and you make assignment fees in this. Yeah, I'm from California. I don't, I think I looked at it. I think he's making 37 grand this month off of me. Right? As his cash buyer. He loves me because I don't give him any bull, no inspections. I just close quickly and I don't play around. Right. And this should be you. You should be making five grand a month. Alright. So how are you going to do it? That's why I'm going to tell you, how are you going to make five grand a month?

(04:41): You need to get a list. You need to cultivate a list. You need to get a list, a list of people who need to sell, right? Maybe it's because they have delinquent, Texas. Maybe it's because they have a utility disconnect. Maybe it's because they have any eviction going on. Maybe they have a divorce going on. So let's pick one evictions, easy data to get guys. Okay. And Cleveland, the big secret ready. So you have to call anybody and don't even pay for this. You go to Cleveland, municipal court.org. You go and look under C, G V, which is the code free evictions. CGC. VGC CVG is evictions. And you see who's getting evicted, right? And it shows the plaintiff and it shows the defendant. Well, you're the plaintiff, obviously that's the landlord. And you start building the list of people who've been through eviction court or going to eviction court or been through in the last month or two.

(05:47): And you just smell them out. Something, mail them. If you don't have the money to mail them, call them, call them. I'm thinking to myself, right? I'm a real estate investor. That's what I consider myself more. I'm going through an eviction. It's emotional. I get pissed. I'm like Tim and I hear her there for three years in Altera city. I was so cool to her. And she's getting over on me and your magazine. I just take over this house. She destroyed. I gave it to her. Beautiful and dammit, it's torn to shit. It's a $6,000, 7,000 a rehab. I'm not doing it right. Come on landlords. You know what I'm saying? And there are times that I will even sell a discount. I'm like, you know what? I'm out. I'm out, I'm out. I'm done. Don't like the neighborhood. Don't the area. Don't like the neighbor, his house is going to be a problem.

(06:30): It doesn't work well for me, I bought a lot of houses like that, by the way, where the house didn't work well for one landlord and I come in there, it's a dream deal, but vice versa, I've sold things. So I'm like, I can't get this to work. I cannot get this house to work no matter what, I've been three years, I've had three evictions, I'm out and I will sell at a discount, but we're out there. And evictions are a great source. It's a great lead source, but you have to follow it. You have to have a followup system. If people call you and say, Hey, I might be interested in selling. And they tell you, I want 80 grand for a house for 60. We'll put them on a followup list, right? All these fancy email followup systems out there. I don't even know what they are anymore.

(07:11): Real flow has one built in. If you buy their software or you can go to, I don't know what they're called. Be honest, constant contact a Webber. I don't really know, but they're out there. There's these awesome followup systems to keep you in front of people who just raised their hand say, Hey, I might want to sell timing. And circumstances changes everything. They might tell you about 80 grand for their house today because they haven't been over there in six months. They're going on an eviction. Then they get the keys from the eviction. And it's like, Holy hell, this place is destroyed. And guess what? Everything has just changed. Like, you know, maybe that guy where's that guy's number. You know, 60 is not looking too bad, right? Timing and circumstances. It changes everything. Maybe in that period of time, someone might pass away.

(07:54): Maybe the guy has a heart attack. Maybe the guy's needs cash. Cause his son wants to go to college or get his son out of jail. Everything can change in a moment's notice. And that's why you have to be in front of people and market to them and have followup. But you can get these deals. And if it's in Cleveland, Ohio, you already have a cash buyer. Look, I'm raising my hand. Hey, here I am. I will be your cash buyer. You don't have to worry about finding who you're going to sell it to call me. And if I don't want it, I have a whole team of people who want to buy this stuff. Maybe it's something, maybe it's out of my box, right? Maybe you call me and say, ah, I got a house in North Collinwood I don't buy North. Collinwood let's just pretend I do.

(08:35): But let's say I don't. Well, maybe I have a friend who does, we can co host sail together, right? Hey man, you're trying to make five grand on this deal. No problem. Just put six, pay me a grand and everybody's happy. Right? You get your five. I'll take a G push over to my buyer. And we're good. It's that easy. Is that easy? And it's, it's just little steps. It's loose. Little things. Your send out mail. I'm not talking, spending thousands of dollars a month. I'm talking about a very small targeted list where you might send out 30, 40 postcards a week or something, right. Baby steps. But this right there on a targeted list will make you five grand a month. Minimum minimum. I can do it. My sleep. It's so easy. And to tell you what it should make you a hell of a lot more than that, it really should.

(09:20): You should be hitting seven, 10, maybe even $15,000 wholesale fees. You really should be. Then once you get a little taste, you know what happens right? When you get a taste like I'm going all in, man, I ain't sending 30 a week, 40 a week, Joe, what the hell is that? I'm selling 4,000 a week. And there's guys that do that really are 20,000 envelopes go out a month here in Cleveland, Ohio guys are doing that all day. Simon, that big of a number really they're crushing it. They're killing it. It's a very easy way. What makes it work? We have to have cash buyers, right? You have to have a cash buyer that was willing to quickly take this stuff down and I will be your initial guy. Okay? And I'll even turn you onto more cash buyers. I will help you do this.

(10:03): If I don't want to buy that property and you have to have a good list. And maybe it doesn't mean calling a list company and buying one, you know, just cause you're going to call ReboGateway and try it. Buy a list. Doesn't mean it's a good list. Build it then maybe on the money. Maybe you don't want to spend a thousand bucks, 2000 bucks on a list. Maybe you should build it internally. Build it, build it. The utility disconnects, build it through back taxes, little through divorces, build it through probates. The three evictions. There's so many channels. Pick one, get a really good letter. Call me. We can have a conversation about it. If you want. I might even have some samples I can share with you. If you want to do this, maybe it's a letter. You know, maybe do a letter postcard phone call RVM, blast, text.

(10:45): I mean, there's so many things. It's insane how to contact customers. Maybe you want to Facebook advertising just very, I'm talking about things that are cheap and very light just to see make five grand a month. It's so easy. It's disgusting. So that's it guys. I'm on. I had my rant crush. It, crush it out there. People are. I'm telling you right now. They are. You wouldn't even believe some of this stuff. So that's it. If you can relate, you don't have a conversation. Hit me up. I'm around four, four zero three eight nine three eight eight three. That's the number right there. Well, I'll tell you again, in case you missed it, (440) 389-3883. Hit me up. Let's do some deals. Let's make some money. I love making money piece.

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