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In today’s episode, Jim shares with you the difference about working ‘IN’ your business vs working ‘ON’ your business as well as the four critical  KPI’s that you must know.

In Real Estate today, it's common to see roller coaster incomes of people who are ric one day and poor the next. There’s a huge difference between the people who succeed and people who stay stuck spinning their wheels generating the same income and just getting by.

Jim came up with all kinds of excuses when he was ranked a ‘six’ by his Vice President back in his days working as a regional manager selling diamonds. But the fact of the matter is things are always evolving and changing. Nothing is ever going to be perfect and there’s always going to be obstacles in your way.

But why do the top performers never seem to have these issues?

Of course they do. They’re just better at the job than others. They have a backup plan and realize the importance of working on their key strengths rather than trying to eliminate weaknesses.

Most people react and are stuck chasing the bright shiny objects. They invest in new courses, buy poor quality leads and waste money on worthless marketing campaigns. The reality is that if you spend time working ‘ON’ your business instead of ‘IN’ it, you’ll be able to develop a plan of action that massively improves your results.

When you’re constantly grinding every single day working ‘IN’ your business, it’s impossible to step back and do the necessary work ‘ON’ your business.

As Jim puts says “you can’t sit down and stand up at the same time – you can't do both”

Question Today: Where do you rank in your four core areas?

Challenge Today: Rank yourself from 1/10 in all four areas and go to work ‘ON’ your business.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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