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Welcome back to the Expose and Expand Podcast, where your hosts, Joshua and Jeremy Mathis, are ready to pull back the curtain on the raw realities of entrepreneurship. They’re revealing the major overhaul of their business strategy, sharing insights into their ambitious path to a $4 million benchmark, and discussing the pivotal leadership lessons that are fueling their real estate investment firm's resurgence.

Tune in for a candid conversation about the power of focused growth, the allure of employee investment, and the concrete actions they’re taking today for tomorrow's success.

Get ready for an episode that will challenge your perceptions and inspire your aspirations—it's time to Expose and Expand!

Show Highlights:

  • How did a real estate firm achieve $4 million in revenue? [00:45]
  • Learn how mastering your metrics can lead to remarkable success. [05:24]
  • Discover how chasing multiple income streams backfired. [07:37]
  • The power of starting over. [12:51]
  • What does wartime leadership mean in business? [13:53]
  • Do this to ensure immediate business success. [18:38]
  • Find out how a new office could transform your business. [25:40]
  • How can more potential customers be reached? [30:10]
  • Here is your guide to financial security and freedom. [32:15]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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