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Most business owners lack two main ingredients that create jet fuel for success. You can reach a certain level of success without them — but you won’t be as happy or successful.

The worst part is these two ingredients are almost too simple. That’s what drove me to record this episode for you.

In this episode, I’m revealing the two ingredients that will instantly put you in the top 1% of business owners.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why you can’t take everything your favorite guru says as gospel (even me) (2:15)
  • How great ideas handicaps business owners and thwarts growth (especially money-making ideas) (3:18)
  • How Shiny Object Syndrome strangles your business (6:24)
  • Two absurdly simple ingredients that protect your business from going up in flames (7:50)
  • Why making your bed every morning makes you a more powerful business owner (7:55)

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You're not a rookie real estate investor anymore. In fact, you're probably doing a small handful of deals each month, but you're killing yourself to make it happen and to top it off, if you take time off from your business, you don't make any money. That's because you don't have a real business, yet. We're about to fix all that. If you're a can do action taker, the whole scaling podcast will teach you the tips, tricks, and systems you need to generate massive revenue, build your team and give you the financial freedom you've dreamed of in any market in the US. This is WholeScaling.

(00:43): I had a conversation last week with a guy in my mastermind group guy that I mentor. We started talking about putting some trajectories, putting some goals into his business, right? So that he can see big changes in his business, right? Because when people join me, they do it for two reasons, one, right? They either do it to create more freedom, because they're already making a ton of money or they want to level up their business. They want to change the trajectory of the revenue stream. They want to grow their business in a different level, right? Because let's be honest, guys. Not everyone in business wants more. Right? I think that's a challenge that a lot of people have. They think that everyone that's in a, in a group, everyone that joins a mastermind, everyone that hires a coach or a mentor wants to scale that thing to a hundred million dollars is not always the truth.

(01:33): Some people were successful and just can't figure out how to create time for themselves and freedom. Right? So how do we create success with freedom and balance? Right? Balance is kind of a tricky word. I don't love that word, but let me get back. I digressed these two things I want to talk to you about today. And by the way, guys, I don't pitch anything to you. First of all, I don't pitch really anything to you, but I don't talk about anything on Facebook. I don't talk about anything on video that I haven't experienced in my own life. I don't tell you or teach you anything that hasn't made me successful in my own career. Right? Hasn't helped my team or helped me physically create in some way, shape or form, right? There's so many fakes out there. There's so many fake book, fucking hacks in the world and it drives me nuts.

(02:22): So really be careful about who you're paying attention to. And I'm not even saying you should take everything that I say as gospel. God knows you should be testing yourself and seeing what works for you, but these things. And I'm going to talk to you about today. I've experienced myself, I've taught other people and I've watched then change. I've watched them integrate these things into their business and their life. And I've watched them develop because of the simple, simple things and the things that I'm about to tell you, they're going to feel so simple that you're going to say it's not possible, Joe. I can't just implement those things into my practice. I can't just those things into my business. And I can't just simply do those things and see a change, right? But here's the thing, folks what's missing in today's business and today's culture a lot.

(03:12): And this is a challenge for business owners, because a lot of us are type a right. A lot of us are just running gun. A lot of us just have a ton of great ideas and we do have a lot great ideas, right? So if you feel me on that, you have a lot of great ideas and you can never figure out a way to implement them. All right? You're constantly in this shower thinking about stuff. You're driving, thinking about stuff. You're in bed, thinking about stuff. You're always coming up with great ideas, but you can never implement them. Right? One of the challenges we have as business owners is discipline, right? We lacked discipline. And before you get offended and by that, hopefully you're not too offended by that. The fact is we lacked discipline. The fact that we don't take the time to actually create good process around the idea.

(03:56): So you have a great idea. You start slapping shit together. You start creating, like I'm going to do this. I'm going to do that. I'm going to do this. I'm going to do that. And God forbid, you make money doing it, right. You have a great idea and you go make money doing it. Then what happens then what happens? I'm going to hire this guy. I'm going to do this thing. I'm going to put some money into that. And I'm going to do marketing around it. I'm going to spend money. I'm gonna invest. Then what happens? Then it starts to falter. And next thing you know, well, maybe it was a bad idea. No, no phone. Maybe it wasn't a bad idea. You just lack the discipline around it. Recording the process around, taking the time to actually write down how you got successful to begin with around actually figuring out how you did it to begin with.

(04:43): How did you make that money? The first time to begin with writing it down? See the thing is guys, when we start making good money, we stop neglect. The fact that we have a lot of unique abilities, right? So let's say, for example, you figured out how to flip a house. You take for granted the fact that you went and found the house you take for granted, the fact that you negotiated the deal you take for granted, the fact that you made it, the networking happened possible for you to find that house, to begin with you take for granted the fact that you're smart enough to know where to go, the money, how to buy the property, how to flip the property, what materials to put in the property, who to know to flip the property, your connections, your resources, right? All of that stuff is your unique proven process because you've proven it because you've done it.

(05:30): And I don't care what you do, but you do something successfully. You have to have the discipline to record your process so that you can then teach others how to mirror your process. You can then take it each others how to do exactly to a T what you just did to make that money. So what's number two. Number one is discipline number two. And this is severely in today's culture. And I'm not just going to point out the millennials because the millennials get a bad fucking rap because of their situation and because of the way that they act. But it's not just millennials. Cause I know 60 year olds that lack this in an amazing, amazing way. And don't blame it on your, add your fake add. That was never diagnosed. Don't blame it on the fact that you drink too much coffee and don't blame it on the fact that you got a lot going on.

(06:22): We all lack patients' friends. We don't have enough patients to see the shit followed through. So what's something into a course of action. You start to see it happen. You start to see it flourish. Maybe something starts to make money. And then poof, you're onto the next thing. We start to do something else. It doesn't work fast enough. The thing doesn't happen fast enough. We don't like the process. So we alter it. There's some other shiny objects get put in front of our face and we buy it. Our team doesn't learn fast enough. Our discipline to create the process never actually happens. So by the time it takes us to figure out the process we've already moved on to the next thing, because we don't want the patients to follow through or the discipline to do it. Now, again, I'm not talking down to anybody.

(07:15): Who's watching this video. If you're watching the replay or the live, by the way, thumbs up. If you kind of feel where I'm coming from, this is an introspective conversation. Okay? I do this all the time and I always have to say to myself, am I being patient enough with my people, my being patient enough with my staff, I being patient with my team by being patient enough with the process. Am I using the discipline that I need to get through during the process? The phase, am I, am I doing it correctly? Right? If we're moving on, should we be moving on? Or should we be giving this thing another chance? Right? Discipline and patience guys. Now discipline is not an easy thing to do. If you're watching videos, a video by a retired commander, I think he was a Colonel actually called making your bed go Google it.

(08:03): So YouTube video about making your bed. It's fucking amazing, but it's basically about discipline. And the whole concept is that if you can't get out of bed in the morning and make your bed, then you might as well not even get out of bed in the morning, right? It's about the concept of how you do. One thing is how you do everything. I don't know if you know this, but it's a concept of if your car is dirty, your life is probably dirty, right? If you can't make your bed and you probably can't do a lot of things, right? It's how you carry yourself. It's how you attract other people around you. It's how you send an email to a client. It's how you learn sales. It's how you interact with the world around you. It's the shit you put on Facebook. It's whether you're attracting negative or positive it's whether or not you have an abundance mindset or a scarcity mindset, right?

(08:51): It's if you can make your bed, you can do everything else. How you do. One thing is how you do everything. Guys. That's discipline. If you're disciplined enough to make your bed, you're probably disciplined enough to be successful. If you're not, maybe you should start making your bed. There you go. So make your bed, I guess, is this concept of the story guys, discipline and patience, discipline and patience. The two things that I see most often are the most difficult things for entrepreneurs to tackle there. You have it, get those right. And you will see the stars. My friends. I promise. Ask me how I know.

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