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Referrals are the single best way to create consistent and predictable revenue. The trouble is getting referrals is easier said than done.

It’s harder when you don’t know how to get referrals so you endlessly beg your former clients for them. Not only will that erode their trust in you, but it’s a surefire way to make sure they don’t send you referrals for years to come.

But getting referrals isn’t that hard, if you know what to do.

In this episode, I’m sharing my tricks for getting an unlimited stream of revenue-generating referrals that effortlessly come in for decades.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The “Backyard Secret” that gives you a higher chance of closing a deal than anything else (2:07)
  • How to ethically leverage reverse psychology to effortlessly attract referrals (6:00)
  • The trick for never begging for another referral again (6:39)
  • How to create relationships that will send you referrals a decade down the road (8:45)
  • Why something as silly-sounding as a pizza can dramatically grow your wholesale business (10:44)
  • The single best way to build consistent predictable revenue-generating leads (11:15)

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You're not a rookie real estate investor anymore. In fact, you're probably doing a small handful of deals each month, but you're killing yourself to make it happen and to top it off, if you take time off from your business, you don't make any money. That's because you don't have a real business, yet. We're about to fix all that. If you're a can do action taker, the whole scaling podcast will teach you the tips, tricks, and systems you need to generate massive revenue, build your team and give you the financial freedom you've dreamed of in any market in the US. This is WholeScaling.

(00:44): Alright, guys, I got a packed show for you guys today. I'm very, very excited to talk about this topic because it's the topic that one has really revolutionized the way that we do business, the way we get referrals, the way we build our lead gen guys, of course, you guys know that the more organic the lead, the better the source, the referral source that comes in, the more ability you guys are going to have to close it, because it puts you in that position of authority, right? When somebody says, Hey, you should use Joe or Joe's team, or, you know, it just creates an opportunity where maybe an opportunity wouldn't lie and it gives you a little bit more authority on the front end. So with that being said, obviously as always grab a pen, grab a note pad, we're going to get out some really, really good and juicy nuggets to be able to help you impact your team and grow to the level you're looking to grow to.

(01:31): And I call this power partner practice, right? How do we use power partners to create leverage, to create opportunity for our business? Now, this works in all businesses, by the way, as a lot of you know, that are listening to this, we own multiple different businesses. We own a media company, a real estate wholesale company. We develop real estate as well. And this piece has been the one that's impacted our real estate investment career the most. And that's being able to create long term relationships. And here's the thing, guys, everybody's doing the throwback thing right now. What was old is new again. And what used to be is now again, right? And this isn't that much different than that. This is practicing your business in old school mentality, building relationships, communicating with folks in your own atmosphere, whether it be your backyard, or if you're working virtually creating good connections in the area that you guys are doing, your wholesaling is one of the most paramount things to not only good business, but again, those great referrals that, you know, have a high, high percentage likelihood of closing because your client or your power partner is pre-selling you on the deal.

(02:37): So without further ado, what is a power partner? How does this work? Well, I learned this a long time ago when I was in real estate sales, that if I build one relationship and I sell one person a house, and they're not a repeat buyer, meaning they're not an investor, they're not going to buy multiple properties from me. Well, then I only have one opportunity to earn and only have one opportunity to serve that buyer potentially in less than or seven years. Right? We know on average people move every six or seven years, six to eight years, whatever it is. So I sell someone a house. It's really gonna be six years plus before I get to sell them something else, that's only if I stay in front of them. So I started thinking, how do I multiply this effort? How do I get people referred to me in a consistent, predictable fashion?

(03:17): Well, the challenge is this. We think of referrals as a one to one. We think a real estate attorney refers a seller to us. Well, now I have to get that real estate attorney. You know, our referral. Well, maybe I don't have a ton of real estate agents who are buyers and sellers that are constantly going to use them. But what I can do is I can create a power partner network or a power partner relationship. And that looks like this. Let's say I have a real estate attorney. I asked them, who's a good referral for you. Who's a good source for you. Where do you get a lot of your leads from? And they might say senior care facilities send us a lot of leads. You know, there's a lot of older folks that are looking to buy and sell properties, and they're getting referred over to me.

(03:57): I represent the sale and so forth. So a good connection for them would be a senior care advocate or a senior care executive director, right? Whoever's in charge of helping these folks in and out of the community. So what I would do is I would turn around and make a connection. Hey, mr. Real estate attorney, I want you to meet, and this is going to be very simple guys. Again, this is very casual, very simple. You don't have to put a ton of thought into it, but it could be as simple as, Hey, mr. Real estate attorney meet senior care advisor over here. I think you guys could kick it off and you guys could do great work together. Let me know how it goes. Now here's the thing: the senior care facility adviser is going to be sending over referrals to real estate attorney.

(04:37): And what's the first thing that they're going to think when that referral comes over, they're going to think, man, I was advised to meet the senior care executive and they sent me over a lead that lead was created by Joe. It goes on, it lives on it. The introduction that connection almost lives on an infamy, right? You become the person who put together those deals. Now they start doing multiple deals together. You know, the real estate attorney has some older clients that need to move. Who's he going to recommend? He's going to recommend the facility, right? That facility has clients coming and going, who do they recommend the real estate attorney, but you become the middle person in the whole thing. You become the glue that held that relationship together. So now let's just call the attorney, John. And let's say that the senior executive, her name is Sarah.

(05:19): Whenever I talk to John, I'm going to say, Hey, how are things with Sarah? How's it going? Is she sending him referrals? Are you guys doing business together? What's it look like I become a connector, a connector of power partners. And when I call Sarah, likewise, how's things with John is he represent your clients. Is he doing a good job? Are you happy with his services? Now I become the middleman. So now naturally Sarah is going to think I owe Joe for this connection. This is awesome. Well, you know what? A lot of seniors moving in need to sell their properties. And John's going to think, you know what? I owe Joe for this connection. I'm doing a lot of business with Sarah. You know what? The next time I get a deal, I'm going to push it over to Joe. Now you become the connector.

(05:56): Who's getting you become the person who's in the middle. And the beauty of it is all you have to do is two quick follow ups, right? So it's reverse psychology. If we're looking for a referral directly from a source, let's say, I'm saying to John, Hey man, I really need your real estate referrals. You've got people looking to sell properties. Give me a call. Well, meanwhile, John's a real estate attorney. He deals with hundreds of real estate agents. So it's hard to step a set apart from them. It's hard to be different than them. And if John has a referral, he might have 10 different people. He could get a referral to. So what's it going to do to benefit him, to give you the lead? Well, he knows you're a connector. He knows you're naturally putting it together. He knows that you're going to potentially connect him with more Sarahs of the world, right?

(06:38): More power partners. So now when I call John, it doesn't have to be a cold call asking John for a direct referral. It can be a simply conversation. Hey man, just checking in with you to see how you're doing with Sarah. Hey, checking in with you to see how you're doing with Bob. Now, it's not asking, I'm not begging for the referral. I'm just reminding him of the introduction. Now you guys can create a massive spiderweb. When I first started doing this back in the day, I actually had a Google spreadsheet set up with my power partners list. It was part of my prospecting. It was part of my conversation. And guess what? These are the best conversations, because if you put good people together and you connect good people, you know, are going to bring value. You know, they're going to refer to business. Now all the sudden, again, you multiply your own effect.

(07:26): So if I have my list and I'm prospecting, now I can just call up and just have casual conversations. Hey, how's this connection doing? How's that person doing? Are they sending you deals? And if they're not, it gives me an excuse to call the other person, Hey Sarah, how's John doing? Is he sending you referrals? Are you sending him referrals? Is there anything I can do to help facilitate the relationship? Here's the cool thing. You get the referee. So if Sarah says, Hey, you know, John's not a really good power part. He's not sending people over to me. It's like, you're creating your own little BNI. Right? Okay, cool. Sarah will tell you what. I have another real estate attorney. Let me hook you up with him or her. Now again, I become the connector. Now again, I created a new relationship and when you create a spiderweb of these type of relationships, it all comes from understanding what the prospect is looking for, what the power partners are looking for.

(08:12): So you know that they have the ability to give you leads. But instead of asking for the lead, you're asking for the introduction, Hey, who else can I hook you up with? What other people? I'll insurance. People are good for me. Cool. Insurance adjusters are good for me. Cool. Clean out companies are good for me. Cool. How do I make those relationship happen? Now this is, this is hard for a lot of people to digest because it's the antithesis we think who can give us leads instead of who can I help? That's going to generate leads. Guys. I can't emphasize the power of this piece any more than if you build it. If you put the legwork in the rewards are almost endless. I have relationships that I put together five, six, 10 years ago, and those relationships still call me and give me referrals.

(08:58): Hey, my neighbor is selling a property. This person just told me about something. This person has told me about a fire damaged property. These are all opportunities for you as the wholesaler to assist and bring solutions and value to that person. And now when you create that solution, you can multiply the effect. I use that word multiply because it's important. I want to know how I can do one thing that takes me 10 minutes. That really creates 10 things versus doing that same thing for 10 minutes, every single day, over and over and over again that doesn't multiply the effect of that thing. How can I create a power partnership start small? Who do you know that needs to refer someone else? If not start your conversation that way. Hey, John, I really want to build a relationship with you. And I want to start to get some business going together.

(09:43): Tell me who is it that you're looking for. Who's a good avatar for you or who's a good professional for you that helps you generate leads. If they say, I don't know, then follow up with, well, think about it. Where are the most of your referrals come from this month? And ultimately, if people are doing business, they're going to have that answer. They're going to say, well, this clean-out company's been bringing me a lot of leads or this contracting company has been bringing me a lot of leads or the manager of the certain brokerage has been pitching me to a lot of his agents or cool. I know owners of brokerages. I know cleanup companies. I know electricians. I know senior care facilities, right? Who can you connect and look like the professional and look like the knowledgeable party. You're going to build confidence across all three parties, by the way, it's the ancillary benefit to this thing is that now they're confident that you can make good connections.

(10:33): They're going to come back to you to make more connections. They're going to come back to you when they want to grow again. They're going to come back to you because you're talking to them on a regular basis, by the way, very important piece here, make sure you're touching your power partners once a week. What's a touch. Well, it's an email. It's a text. It's a video text. It's a stop by the office. It's a send pizza, send flowers, check in with them, just connect with those people on your list once a week. And ultimately your list will feed you automatically. Does this take some work upfront? Absolutely. Is it worth the investment of your time? 100%. There is no better way to build consistent predictable revenue generating leads and to get referred by someone in a high standing, someone who's a professional. Someone who says, Joe's the guy who should be buying your house, connect with him.

(11:31): Here's his number. Let me know how it goes. Think about all that follow up that happens. Now that the lead goes back to you. You could say, Hey, you know, they didn't like it for XYZ. Now I go back to my power partner. He calls his client. Hey, I threw, I really think you should give Joe a chance. This is the thing. The control factor of authority and confidence is all built into the power partner network. So my challenge to you this week is a short one. How many people can you add your power partners list? How consistent can you be in calling them and talking to them and sending them messages and following up, how many connections can you make inside your power partner network? Think about this. Every connection you make in that network is worth three to five connections. One-on-one right. It's the mass multiplier.

(12:18): It's the creation of your own, a little marketing spiderweb of referrals. Hope you guys found value today. I hope you implement. Number one, go out there, crush it. Make sure that you build your power partner network. I promise you in two to three years, you'll look back and say, that's the best thing I did was start to make these relationships with these inroads. Hope you guys go out there and kick ass and follow up with us in the comments. By the way we talk about this on every podcast, I find value in the show, leave us a five star review, leave us a comment and why you're leaving the five star review. And we'll pick a random winner every week and we'll send you a cool swag will send you opportunities. One-on-one coaching calls. I even do some behind the scene stuff and my high level masterminds that we give away to those five star reviewers. So if you're one of them, thank you very much. If you find value, I asked you to leave the five star video and share with your friends that could also find value. I appreciate you guys have a great, yeah.

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