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Show highlights include:

  • The genuine way to say “thank you” that fills everyone with the desire to help you even more (2:12)
  • How to stay excited and determined about your goals in 2023 (without relying on lifeless to-do lists) (3:56)
  • The healthy kind of greed God wants you to tap into for a life of abundance (6:30)
  • Why “playing it safe” fills your life with regret (and how to get the urgency to create priceless memories) (8:50)

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Hi there. I'm Jill Allen and this is Find Your Fierce, the show designed for women to discover your fears, unlock an unstoppable mindset, build unbreakable courage, and completely transform how you show up every single day. Each week, I will bring ideas, methods, and strategies that will inspire you to step into your greatness and live life on purpose. Let's be fit, fierce, and unstoppable.

(00:34): Hey there gang, welcome to Find Your Fierce. So glad that you're here with me as we dive into a brand new episode. As always, I'm super excited about these next few minutes of our day because this just may be the fire that you are needing to break through a little straight talk, followed up with love that will hopefully inspire you to apply it and to take action when it comes to life, and that it is so super critical that you live it to the full. But before we go any further today, I have to ask you, are you needing a speaker for an upcoming event or conference? If so, I am your person. I would love to bring the find your Fierce message to your next function to book your event. Message me at jill jill allen coaching.com. And I love that you're here listening in and spending time with me.

(01:11): So honored that I get to be a part of your day. You guys are just so amazing and I thank you for your love and your support. I appreciate your feedback, your reviews, and I love that you share this podcast and the set free message with your friends and family. So if you could keep on doing that, that would be incredible because you are helping this movement as it helps reach more women and it impacts more lives, and that is certainly what life is all about. So thank you so much again. So let's dive in. Are you ready? We are wrapping up this month and the year of 2022, but do you realize, do you know that the ultimate gift has already arrived under your tree? The holidays are here, it's gift-giving season, and you've been given the best gift of all, and you're probably thinking who gave you this gift and what's gonna be your response?

(01:55): And this day, guys, this day didn't just show up by accident. You were chosen for this gift. Your creator decided you should receive this new day. So here it is with a big bow on it this morning as the sun came up. And my question to you is, how are you gonna say thank you? Have you ever, and I gotta laugh on this, have you ever received a one liner thank you card that said, thank you for the graduation card, sincerely so and so, or Thank you for my birthday gift, or Thank you for the shirt love. And then I want you to kind of imagine this when I receive those cards, I laugh. I mean, it's just funny to me, it's just funny. But I want you to imagine you guys bought me a headband and I received the headband in the mail. And to show my appreciation, I sent you a thank you card.

(02:42): And so would you rather, and I love the would you rather game, but would you rather receive a thank you card that said, Hey, I love the headband, thanks. Or would you rather receive a letter that said, Hey, that headband is absolutely epic. It's perfect in every way, the color, the fabric, and I'm gonna wear the headband for when I go hiking and next week I'm gonna wear on my running days. And it's my favorite headband ever and I'm going to wear it and I'm gonna enjoy the headband over and over again and it's gonna become my every day. And I, I'll think of you every time. Thank you so much for the amazing headband. Love Jill. Now of course, you would rather receive the second thank you card because now you know all the ways I'm gonna use it and enjoy the gift that you've given me.

(03:27): And I bet that it would make you want to buy me more headbands, right? Of course it would. So with this in mind, think about the gift of this past year of life. Think about the gift of this upcoming new year that God is giving you. And do you just wanna send up little thanks, thanks God, I really like my life. Or do you wanna give him a detailed list of how you plan to use your days that you've been given and how you're going to enjoy it to the fullest? The answer here, you know what's best and I want you to be thinking about your goals for the new year. Your list of goals for 2023 is the ultimate thank you letter to the giver. So get your journal out, get the pen and paper and write a card. Write a letter to your creator.

(04:11): Tell God all the ways how you're going to enjoy this gift and use this gift to live fully and to get better. And I just bet that will make God look at you and say, man, I can't wait to give this girl full of fire another gift. I wanna give her so many more days and months and years. So let's set, let's write, let's create some goals. What do you want to do with this year of life? How do you wanna spend your days? What do you wanna achieve and accomplish? How do you want to grow and get better? How does God wanna use you? I mean, it's not a to-do list, it's the ultimate thank you letter to God. So let's go all in here. I mean, there is nothing more than to create your days and fill them with memories and no regrets.

(04:55): Everything that God is asking you to do, your purpose, your calling, jump in with both feet. No more tiptoeing, one foot in one foot out guys, we are going all out here and we're never gonna know the awesome power of God until we go all in. We will never know what was truly possible in our lives. As long as we're tiptoeing in the waters, we were never gonna reach our full God-given potential. Standing on the shore, second guessing everything God is calling you to an all in life. He's calling you to take that dive. No more treading water and barely keeping afloat in this life that you've been given. It is time to dive all in to the life that you have been created for. It's like that song, it's Miranda. Curtis has this song. It says, I'm all in whatever it takes, I'm all in.

(05:43): I mean, this is what it's saying here. Whatever it takes, I am fully committed, I am dedicated, I am all in whatever it takes. Is it time for you to dive in, go deep to do whatever it takes to go over your head? Is it sink or swim time? Could everything you've gone through been for the purpose of bringing you right here to the edge where you're faced with this decision to either stand there or take the dive? This is where life has brought you to the edge. Now you can stand here at the edge for the rest of your days peering and wondering what it would look like to be caught in the rush of God's love to be tossed in the flow of his power or to be in over your head in his grace, where your days are deep and wide and that you're truly alive.

(06:30): Do you want to wonder or do you want to experience? Are you ready to experience what it's like to be fully alive? And if you've answered yes to any of those questions, even just one, then it's time to dive all in. One of my favorite scriptures is John 10 10. It says, Jesus says, I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. Jesus came for you so that you could have life to the full, an abundant life, a life overflowing. And what should your response be? Have you been the girl that says, you know what? I'm just gonna just write you a little thank you. Or maybe a little later, Jesus, I'll pass for right now or another time and day, Lord, just not right now. It's not my timing. How crazy would that be? But do you know how many people are doing just that?

(07:18): Jesus says, I came so that you could have this big, incredible, abundant, overflowing life. And our response must be, sign me up. I'm all in. I'm taking the dive. God, I wanna all, I want everything good you have available to me. I want every beautiful experience that you're offering. I want every day of life. I want every sunrise. I want every sunset. I want every adventure. I want it all. I want you to guide me in all my steps, in all my ways. I want you to transform my heart for you. And God says, awesome. I want your all too. Matthew 22, verse 37 says, you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Not a little bit, not just a piece of you, all of you. This is what God wants and this is how he has been using every single good thing in every single bad thing in your life to bring you to this place of full surrender where you will go all in with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind where you decide to hold nothing back.

(08:28): Will you sell out for God? Will you believe with every ounce of you that he is for you and not against you? Will you believe without wavering that no weapon formed against you shall prosperous? So you have no reason to fear. Will you trust fully that God's plans for you are good and you can dive in knowing if you can't already swim, he's gonna teach you how you will not sink. How many once in a lifetime opportunities has God worked up for you and you missed it because you were too worried about how you may look in a swimsuit? And if you don't like the way you look in a swimsuit, either do something about it or get over it. How many priceless moments has God tried to gift you and you've missed out because you chose to sit out? How many times have you skipped something and missed out on a precious time because the house needed to be cleaned or you had to go to the grocery or this was going on or that was going on and you felt the need to do this or that?

(09:22): And before you know it, you missed all the times for the next time that never happened. I bet somehow or another you've been sitting around waiting for the next time or the next opportunity, but discover that there's always an excuse for why you can't. And so you don't. Guys, you're gonna regret that James four 14 says, you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life for? You are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. This life is so short and fleeting and it's passing us by. There's no time to waste here. I don't know how many more new years that we're gonna get. What if this is our last one? What if this is our last chance to ring in those days and create memories with your family, your friends, your loved ones? What if this is your last chance to have dinner with your girlfriends to take the trip or to eat the cake?

(10:13): What if this is your last opportunity to take those photos with every single one of your loved ones? Because next time, not everyone's gonna be there. I'm not saying this to for you to live in fear. I'm saying live with this truth. Life is passing us by. We only get so many chances at this thing and so many trips around the sun and we don't have time to waste. We can't afford to tiptoe around the waters of life right now. We've gotta go all in. Will you make that commitment with me right now? Will you promise yourself that there will be no more holding back? Will you commit to take every opportunity that comes your way and run with it? Will you say yes to life so life can say yes to you? Will you intentionally show up every new day of life ready and willing to live it to the fullest?

(11:00): It starts right here. This is our chance this morning. We woke up to a new day, into this new start of a brand new year, this amazing gift. So here's to your 2023. Here's to today. Will you live it all in? This is your year. These are the days of creating the memories. And no regrets, man. I'm fired up. I love it. I absolutely love it. And if you're wanting even more fire in your day, there's so much for you to do. So you can follow me on Instagram, snag a copy of my book set free on Amazon. Join us in fit in fear for the flip the script, one on one nutrition coaching. And if you're wanting to do your own road trip, you can hop in our sprinter van that sleeps up to five and hit the open road this summer. And what about our next mission trip? We are heading to Hawaii in June. So I gotta ask you, will you join our team? We'd love to have you. Be sure to go to jill allen coaching.com for all updates. Join the Just Breathe Facebook group. We would love to connect with you. Heads up on the next episode. We are talking about how your day is already a win. So be sure to pop back in next week.

Thanks so much for joining me today, and I pray that I filled your heart with joy. And if you could let me know before hopping off here today, that would be incredible. Subscribe, share this episode link on your social media if you felt encouraged or inspired as we all know someone that can benefit. And I would love it if you would give some feedback and a review as well. Talk with you next time. Be fit, be fierce, be unstoppable. See ya.

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