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Show highlights include:

  • The “Reflection Approach” to stop settling for less and unleash your true potential (1:33)
  • How embracing the “messy middle” helps to find courage to go on and fight when you feel stuck(3:04)
  • The Israelites’ Secret to coming back from rock bottom and changing your life around (3:35)
  • How to start seeing what God sees in you (even when your inner critic says otherwise) (9:27)

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Hi there. I'm Jill Allen. And this is find Your Fierce, the show designed for women to discover your fierce unlock, an unstoppable mindset, build unbreakable courage, and completely transform how you show up every single day. Each week. I will bring ideas, methods, and strategies that will inspire you to step into your greatness and live life on purpose. Let's be fit, fierce and unstoppable.

(00:35): Hey there, gang. Welcome to find your fears so glad that you are here with me. As we dive into a brand new episode, as always, I'm super excited about these next few minutes of our day, because this just may be the fire that you are needing to break through so that you stop settling for anything less than what God has for you. And today can be the day that you choose to rise up and to fight. But before we go any further, I have to ask, are you needing a speaker for an upcoming event or conference? If so, I am your person. I would love to bring the, find your fierce message to your next function, to book your event message me at Jill Jill Allen, coaching.com. And I have to say, I love that you are here listening in and spending time with me.

(01:11): So honored that I get to be a part of your day. You're just so amazing. And I thank you for your love and support, as always say, I appreciate your feedback, your reviews, and I love that you share this podcast and a set free message with your friends and family. So if you could keep on doing that, it helps reach more women and it impacts more lives. And that is certainly what life is all about. So thank you so much again. So let's dive in. Are you ready? I have, I have to ask you this. When you look in the mirror, who do you see? What do you see? I have asked this question to groups of young girls, women, and my heart breaks to hear what they see or what they saw when they took a look in the mirror and maybe even worse or more sad is what they didn't see in themselves.

(01:56): I wonder what God sees in you that you don't see in you. I wonder what purpose you have been perfectly aligned for, but in your eyes, it just looks like one big mess that you want out of that you wanna stay away from that you have no idea who you really are and what you can really do. I have to ask you, are you ready to find out, are you ready to discover how God sees you? Are you ready to step into your greatest potential and do things that will outlive you? Are you ready to stop settling for where you are, where you currently are and willing to see where God wants to take you next? And if you look around, if you look around and see nothing but destruction, if you feel like everything you've been working on or what you're currently doing has just been ruined or doesn't even matter that you're not making an impact.

(02:47): If you're overwhelmed and discouraged with all that has gone wrong, going wrong, or that you're actually in the middle. Let me tell you, you are actually in the middle of the greatest blessing. And I say that, and it totally does not make sense. I hear myself speak it and it does not make sense, but I want you to hear me out. This is where God does his greatest work. This is where he shows up and does what only he can do. And we have the opportunity to flip the script, to grab a hold of a perspective that probably doesn't make too much sense right now. And that perspective is that he has chosen you to do it through. He has chosen you to work with in this current mess. And I want you to give, um, I wanna give you an example and stick with me.

(03:35): As you know, I will always come back around and it's about the Israelites. The Israelites found themselves in complete destruction. These were the people that God had chosen. He protected, he freed. He led, these were the ones that were spared from the seven plagues of Egypt. The ones who were freed from the captivity of Pharaoh and saved through the partying of the red sea. These were the ones that were supernaturally led by a pillar of cloud a day and a pillar of fire at night. These were the ones who were given man enough from heaven every day to eat in the desert, where there was no food, but now here they are. They're in real trouble. Judges six one, it says the Israel life did evil in the eyes of the Lord. And for seven years, he gave them into the hands of the media nights.

(04:21): So why was God so angry with the Israelites after all that he has done for them? They were to be different. God told them as they traveled through the different lands and the different tribes to not waiver from what he had shown them to stay true to his word and his guidance in Exodus, he even says, you must not worship the gods of these nations to serve them in any way or imitate their evil practices. Instead, you must utterly destroy them and smash their sacred pillars. But with a little time and a little freedom, they did exactly what they were told not to do. They fell in the lives of sin and pleasure that they saw all around them. They worshiped the gods of other tribes. They fell away from their God. So things got hard. Things got really, really hard for them. And God used the Midianites to make their lives miserable.

(05:13): And the median nights were this nomadic tribe that descended from Midian. Um, and he was the son of Abraham. And let me tell you, they were relentless and brutal in their attack against the Israeli lights. They had no mercy and they used their power to make the Israeli lights hide in caves, fight for sheer survival. They invaded their fields. They stole their crops. They killed their animals. They took away their water sources and they left absolutely nothing for the Israeli lights to survive. So basically life, well, it was harsh. I mean, it kind of sucked it sucked for the Israelites. Everything was a total mess. All that had gone right in the past for them had now gone terribly wrong. All hopes of life ever being better were forfeited along with their means of survival. So the Israelites did the only thing they could do at that moment.

(06:05): They had to fall to their knees and they cried out to the Lord. And this is when things started changing. There is not a doubt in my mind. That is exactly when things will start changing for you. Two, when full surrender, you go to the Lord and the Lord will turn tables. He will flip the script and he will make things happen in a day that we couldn't make happen in a lifetime. So before we go any further, I gotta ask just how big of a mess are you in right now? How ugly have things gotten? Are you at rock bottom? How bad does it have to get? Are you finally desperate enough to go to the Lord for help to try something different, to live differently? One thing I've discovered over the last five years or so in my walk with God is I really don't have to wait until sheer destruction to go to him.

(06:55): I don't have to wait until the dead end. I don't have to wait until everything else has failed. And when I do fall back into, I got this, I'm in control. Jill's got this mode. I always look back and I realize that that was super dumb, like really dumb, dumb on another level, continuing to try to do things on my own when it hasn't ever really worked for me ever. It's dumb. So are you being dumb right now? And I ask you that with so much love, have you been counting on others to pray for you, but you haven't surrendered and prayed for yourself. Things are gonna continue to be super chaotic until you learn a better way until you live a different way. For seven years, the were under attack by the Midian Knights. And finally, on the seventh year, they finally went to the Lord.

(07:44): This is when an angel of the Lord came to Gideon. Okay? So Gideon, let me fill you in here. Gideon was the youngest and smallest of a very poor family. He was ordinary in every way. He saw himself as nothing more than a poor boy fighting to survive. Gideon was hiding. He was working on some wheat and then, then the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon. And he said, the Lord is with you. Mighty warrior. Gideon is confused here and I can relate to Gideon quite often. He is like, if the Lord is with us, why has everything gone so wrong? And why do you call me a mighty warrior? Can't you see I'm in the I I'm the least of all these things. I'm a, nobody with nothing. What he has seen in the mirror is not what God was seeing. God saw something in Gideon.

(08:27): He didn't see in himself, this disastrous mess. He found himself and was the perfect alignment for a purpose. He was yet to understand, but he would, God told him to tear down this altar that had been built for another God and built Antar for him. Now that could have had Gideon killed, but he did it anyway. And what Gideon didn't understand at this time was this act of obedience was what led him to discover that he really was the mighty warrior. God said he was, he didn't look like a mighty warrior. He didn't have the track record of a warrior. He didn't feel like a warrior, but a warrior is who God said he was. And that is exactly who he would become. But first tear down this false altar and build one for the one and only true God, what followed was outrage and threats.

(09:18): And through this Gideon rose as the mighty warrior, he was called to be warriors don't rise in peaceful, blissful, perfectly happy circumstances. Ladies warriors don't rise. When the sun is shining, warriors rise out of ashes of defeat to declare the victory. God has for them look around. Is that where you are? Are you standing in the ashes of defeat and the remains of all that has gone wrong? Are you standing in turmoil, destruction, pain, trauma, rejection, hurt. This is where you rise. This is where you discover who you are and what God has put within you. This is not the time to look in the mirror and point out all that is wrong with you. Remember when we talked about that sword a few weeks ago, the armor of God, you are a fighter. You are not a weak defeated woman. You are not an insignificant.

(10:10): Nobody, you are not washed up. You are not too old. You are not too far gone. You are not broken. You are not a failure. And you may be the least of all that you think that you should be chosen, but you are hearing this today because God says, it's you you're the one he wants to work in. You are the one he wants to work with. You're the one has power is going to flow through. You're the one that will see the change. So go back to Gideon in the Midianites. Gideon takes his army of 300 men into battle against the Mediaite who had been terrorizing them for seven years. Now, I don't know how many media nights there were, but scripture puts it like this and judges, the Mediaite and all the other Eastern peoples had settled in the valley. Thick as locus.

(10:58): Their camels could no more be counted than the sand on the seashore. So basically Gideon in his army. They were outnumbered by a lot. We can assume hundreds of thousands of people, hundreds and thousands of enemies. And God had led Gideon to take on an army of only 300. If we haven't figured it out by now, God sets us up with impossible odds, just so his power can be revealed. And you know, when the world says, you're out, that you're too far gone, God says, it's the perfect time for you to be totally in. And we can guess that God showed up and he shows up again and again and again, and victory comes, the Israelites reached out to God. They came back to him and what he had commanded of them and Gideon realized he truly was the mighty warrior. God says he was a warrior.

(11:55): That's how Gideon showed up. And that warrior had a tiny army to defeat a huge enemy. Isn't this the same journey that you and I are on today. Learning to reach out, to seek, to lean on God, fighting against something that is so much bigger than us coming back to what he has asked of us, recognizing who he says we are, and then fighting the battle so that there is a victory that we don't have to stand or stay in this mess that we may be currently standing in. That is your story. That is your story, ladies. This is your testimony that is being built right now today. Go to him, be the Gideon, look in the mirror and see who God has called you to be. Who do you see? What do you see believe what he says about you rise up and move forward, man, I'm fired up.

(12:51): And if you're wanting more fire in your day, there is so much for you to do so. You can follow me on Instagram snag, a copy of my book, set free on Amazon. Join us in fit and fierce with a flip the script one on one nutrition coaching and the next retreat. We've been all over the place taking on epic adventures and St. Thomas is next. And if you're wanting to take your own road trip, you can hop in our sprinter van that sleeps up to five and hit the open road. Be sure to go to Jill Allen, coaching.com for all updates and join the just brief Facebook group. We would love to connect with you heads up on the next episode, we are going to help open up your heart and mind to the fact that there is more for you and your life. We will boost your belief system. So be sure to pop back in next week.

Thanks so much for joining us today. And I pray that we F your heart with joy. If you could let us know before hopping off here, that would be incredible. Subscribe, share this episode, link on your social media. If you felt encouraged or inspired, as we all know, someone that can benefit. And I would love it. If you would give some feedback and a review as well, talk with you next time. Be fit, be fierce, be unstoppable. See ya.

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