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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • The “Dr. Phil-Oprah Method” for communication that lets you “get away” with giving hard, life-altering comments without making people feel unsupported (2:30) 
  • How to give yourself permission to feel fulfilled in your life and career (without worrying your family that you’re overworking) (4:09) 
  • Why being selfish is the first step to helping people all over the world (7:33) 
  • The “Service Mindset Shift” that effortlessly attracts more money to you (without filling you with loneliness) (9:09) 
  • The insidious way childhood emotions can sabotage your career (and how to fix it for good) (13:22) 
  • Why women are more prone to store unhealthy subconscious baggage that derails happiness (14:53) 

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Hi there. I'm Jill Allen and this is find your fierce, the show designed for women to discover your fierce, unlock and unstoppable mindset. Build unbreakable courage and completely transform how you show up every single day. Each week I will bring ideas, methods and strategies that will inspire you to step into your greatness and live life on purpose. Let's be fit, fierce and unstoppable.

(00:37): Welcome to find your fierce. Thanks for joining us again. Super excited to have the special guests with us today. We met at a leadership conference about three years ago, and her bonus grabbed my attention and I love her heart that is helping so many. She is an industry leader and international speaker certified emotional kinesiologist success and mindset expert. And her advice has been featured everywhere in Cosmo business, insider the Huffington post and thrive global. She's a wife and a mom of two from Canada. Welcome friend. How are you? This is Belinda Ginter. Oh, thank you so much for having me. And I love that you said my boldness caught your attention. I love it seriously. I love the boldness, your smile. Your energy is definitely contagious and you have so much fire to help and you're helping so many women. I think that's the biggest thing, and that's why I wanted to have you on here.

(01:30): That's definitely my passion. I love Ben too. And there is a certain percentage of men in my practice, but women thriving just makes me jump out of bed in the morning, you know, and, and seeing, and just because of history to tell you the truth, just because for so many years, women weren't even given the opportunity to thrive. So now that they can, I love just fueling their flames and like kind of being the wind beneath their sales as they kind of go out and do great things in the world. I think it's really changing out there. We're seeing, you know, a woman run for vice presidency four years ago, a woman running for president. Like these things wouldn't happen. It doesn't matter what you believe in politically. It's just, you can stand up for that women in the Supreme court were doing so great as, as we kind of like grow and thrive.

(02:23): And yeah, I've been told my boldness is, is sometimes shocking, but like, I can, I can say what dr. Phil says that, say it in the way that Oprah says it. And that was the best compliment I've ever been given. Like I can get dr. Phil's point across was like a hard in your face comment to make someone change their patterns in their life, but I can put a spin on it where they feel supported and nurtured the way Oprah says it. So I think I love the fact that you said we have so much that we can go for and achieve, and to always

(03:00): Be reminded of that or have that belief instilled within, because sometimes we're walking around as a mom, as a wife and we have so many things on our plate and you're walking in that as well. How do you focus on what it is that you can be in this world and add value? I think that's the biggest thing we want to add value, or at least we just talked about this feel or fulfilled

(03:31): Knowing ourselves and giving ourselves permission to be fulfilled is a new thing for society. Women have not done that in years if ever, but I feel this real shift and it's like, no, like I have all these kind of caps that I wear with titles on them. Like, I'm a mother, I'm a wife, I'm a business owner, I'm an employer. I, you know, have all these things. But like the most important cap that I wear is, is Blenda is me and I can't get lost. And all the other cloaks or caps I'm putting on, or you just kind of drown in them. And so giving yourself permission to, to have a mission in life. And I think the biggest thing was I connected my family to my mission. And I talked to them that it's not work. I'm not overworking. I'm not going to like, this is my mission in life.

(04:24): And this is kind of the legacy I want to leave. And so they give me a lot of leeway and love and support in that way, because they're connected to the bigger picture, not the nine to five mundane cause I can't survive the mundane, just my personality. I don't do well with that. I'm not regimented things like that. So it's really tough on me, but when I'm mission focused, I can get anything done because it's not about me. Then it's about how I show up in the world. Or as you said, how many people I can help globally. And that has always been my mission from day one. Like, yes, I want to help locally. And I do a lot of things locally. I had mentioned the scholarship at my high school to help women, you know, who show an entrepreneurial spirit get started and things like that.

(05:12): But, but really my vision has always been so far beyond my local reach that. And that's why I've written so many articles and been featured in articles because, and I had no idea even when I started that I just fell in love with writing. So I started taking every writing thing I could do. W I find it. So a way that I heal. So after helping so many people all day to sit down and just write an article is so freeing for me. And it feels like it fills up my soul so I can continue to help people. But I didn't realize that when you write an article for like a big syndicated things, was there, say Huffington post. I didn't realize that they have Huffington post and all different countries and that they share their materials. Like, I love how God takes your like heart and like gives you a mission and then supersizes it without you knowing. But then I started getting published in like Indonesia and Spain and all these other places, because they would pick up the U S feed for whatever I wrote. And then it just kind of went into a global thing. So can you even knowing that that was possible?

(06:21): Wow. So it was just like basically showing up and who needs to see here and who needs that in their life? That's who's going to see it. I mean,

(06:31): And we don't have to worry about that. We spend all this time worrying about who's your ideal client, what's your niece. Oh my gosh. Just stay what you're told from the inside to say. And it all figures itself out.

(06:46): Yeah.

(06:46): It's like trust that when you show up and you you're sharing like kind of that God whisper from within or your intuition, whatever you call it. And you you're told to say something, so you just obey that. It will. I expect everything I do to go viral. Does it? No, no, no. But I, I put it out there with that intention that I wouldn't have been asked to do it, unless there was a big reason why, and whether it happens today or happens a hundred years from now, someone may like my article a hundred years from now write a big book on, it becomes a best seller. It doesn't even have to be neat.

(07:23): Well, you're shifting you use the word shift. It just shifts the focus on other people, what it is that you can serve. And I think that's why I was so in love with you is because the focus has always been on other people. And you're going to be fulfilled, call that selfish because we all want to be fulfilled of meaning in our life and have purpose in our life. But it's not what we think

(07:48): The by-product of good service is money. So I don't have to, I don't have to chase money. I don't have to desire money. I don't have to do things for money. As long as I keep my heart in, in, in a state of service, that's always going to be the by-product that's, that's how we exchange things here in North America and across the globe. Now, before we used to like give you a goat when you did something nice for me and you know, it was a livestock exchange or something different, but now it's money. So getting out of the way and allowing money is probably the, one of the hardest things you have to learn. I grew up on welfare. I grew up with very little and I think I went through a spurt where I was probably a little full of myself and excited when money started showing up in my life, I was probably a little showy to be fully transparent, but then you grow up and you get past it, or you should, some people just chase fame, their whole lives.

(08:42): But I found it very empty. You know, he's a good word choice. When you look around, you're like, okay, I've achieved these great things I supposed to feel, or I thought I would feel this way. I just kind feel great for maybe a couple seconds. And then I'm like, no. So I learned pretty quick that if you chase fame, it's an UN it's kind of just a dead end road. And I, so that never became my focus again. It was like, no, but when I chased service and I just cracked my heart open more and more, it's like, when you have a second child and you just have your first son and you're like, how can they even love something the way I love this first child? But then you realize that your heart just grows. That's how I feel about my clients. So the products and services I'm putting out, it's just like with every one of them, my heart just cracking open more and expanding so I can serve more people.

(09:34): Well, let's talk a little bit about that. I mean, how, how do you serve, you know, your clients, you're a success and mindset coach. I mean, what's an emotional kinesiologist. I don't think a lot of people know what that is and what do they need you for?

(09:50): Yeah. And you know what? I resisted it for years. Cause it sounded a little too ghoulish for me to be quite honest with you. But it kept coming into my life when I was, I actually thought I wanted to be a chiropractor earlier on in life. I loved the healing. Arts went to school to become a chiropractor. And the whole time I was there, I just kept getting hired by my professors to build their practices because I had been a practice consultant for, for medical practices and alternative medical practices for years. So while I'd be taking a psychology course, my professor would be hiring me to rewrite his manual for his office or train his staff or, you know, even the president of the school hired me because the recruitment numbers was down this phone for her knee, for the universities like Belinda, what do I do? And then the vice president of the school hired me because he was running for election for one of the chiropractic associations and needed someone to head up his, you know, whatever it's called. I don't need to see, I don't even know. I just serve.

(10:51): It became very clear that I didn't need to become a chiropractor that I was, I was best served in helping people become successful with whatever it was that they were doing. So to take you back to my psychology professor that always hired me, he had come to me and he said, you know, we have to do these research products. And I really think he should do a non-emotional kinesiology. I don't know why I was sitting at home. Here's some books on it. Here's some interests it's really like they do in chiropractic testing the muscle, but it's going deeper and figuring out the emotions of what's trapped in, in, in the muscle because we have muscle memory. And I remember being really fascinated. I did, I did the report, I got an a on it and I was really proud as anything. And then I just forgot about it again, fast forward, probably about five, five years or so.

(11:39): I meet this woman and she's an emotional kinesiologist. And so my husband and I started getting work done from her. We were about to be married and we thought let's clear out anything from our past. So we can just have a successful marriage, like let's get our marriage off. Right. And she helped us immensely. And then she was teaching the course and I was like, okay, I'll take it. But then like, I didn't even continue on and get all my, my hours that I needed to get certified. I did it, I loved it. Forgot about it again until the birth of my second son, when I had my second son, my second child my son's going to be watching this going my husband. But when Gavin was one, I remember waking up saying it was clear that it was like, it's my turn.

(12:30): And I, I didn't know what that meant. I got out of bed and I kind of sat on the side of the bed. Everybody was gone. And I was like, where was I the most happy before I got all these titles predominately? And I thought back, it was when I was doing the emotional work with, with clients. And I called up my mentor. She just happened to be running the course again, Ken taught in seven or 10 years or something, but she was running it and a couple of weeks. So again, serendipity, right. Something you're meant to do something and things. I had enough air miles to kind of go and sit in the course. And within an hour from retaking, the course, everything came back and I was kind of right in there, like, you know, doing it again. And then from that point on, I see consistent and, and started bringing it to my clients.

(13:19): So there's times where I can do mindset, but there's times where things just go deeper when we just keep seeing patterns. And like, no matter how much we work on the conscious brain, we just can't figure out why this keeps happening. And so the emotional kinesiology works with the subconscious and we can pinpoint, okay, you know, at age four, like I love how specific it is at age four. I saw my uncle say this to my aunt. I was so young. I perceived it as this. It probably wasn't that, but I've received that conversation that this, that women can't succeed in business. So now I'm trashing my business or I'm, self-sabotaging now like, it, it becomes that clear. And I find the minute you shed light on something, you can, you can get beyond it. But when you don't know why, when you don't have that light shown on the situation, you keep repeating things over and over and over in your life. Integrate both. I don't just do emotional Casey and kinesiology sessions. And I don't just do mindset. I it's a beautiful tool chest that I can crack open and then meet my client where they are. And some days they need one thing and some days they need another. And we just go,

(14:31): I was just going to say, a lot of times people might come to you for a mindset check, but it is so much deeper than that.

(14:38): Exactly. Yeah. We'll know that pretty quick, because they just they're sick and tired of themselves, but they just don't know why they can't get beyond it. And that's usually my biggest clue. Okay. Let's test the body and see what the body has to tell you about us. Cause the body remembers everything. It has the muscle memory. It remembers every interaction we've had with people. It, we store, especially women. We are like these unhealthy storage units for every single thing we've seen in our lives. Because as nurturers we believe, and it's not true, but we believe that people around us are too weak to take on certain situations. And if we see that or feel that in them, we will say, okay, we'll take this on for you. You go ahead and be good. You go on and be healthy. I'm just going to store this away so that you're okay. But we don't realize that that's all being packed into us

(15:31): When we're trying to be the fixer. Yeah.

(15:33): And so a lot of times when we do the subconscious work, guess what? It's not, even our stuff is something we've taken on from a husband, something we've taken on from a family member. It's something we've taken on from our children that wasn't even our issue, but now it's become our issue. Cause we've, we've kind of agreed to kind of store for them.

(15:53): So intrigued, I told you that there, I didn't have to be loving you because I'm just like, I'm at a loss of words. Like I'm just trying to soak this all in because I know that there are so many women out there that are carrying and I know you have a strong faith. Yes. Very strong. I mean, so this is also being worked in there as well.

(16:12): And I think that's why I resisted it because, you know, I didn't know for a long time that in the Bible there were prophets and that you were allowed to kind of just know things. So I hid a lot of part of myself growing up because I didn't want to be seen as just like this energy, which you, women who, who both was told things and also could find things out within the body because it sounded like that was outside of fate. Now, luckily working with some great ministers in reverence and people of faith that would have pointed out, no, like there's lots of people who have prophecy and it's actually something you should be proud of and that you should bring in to whatever you do. Cause you're being asked like, that's your gift. That's what you came here to do.

(16:58): Use it for the good that's. That's not the good that's.

(17:04): Yeah. And again, to each his own, but I stay in my own zone and I stay in my own lane. And when I'm told to communicate something, I definitely communicate it. You know, I don't know why it comes to me. Like I always say like, that's, that's really helped me with my sessions because I always say I couldn't be as smart as to know the things that come out of my mouth. Like there's been times where I'm working with someone and I'll say it an exact phrase that maybe their auntie used to say to them as a kid to calm them down when they were upset. Well, how would I know that I wouldn't, but I just say as clear as I can to hear the message so that I can serve people.

(17:43): Yeah. Would you call that the Holy spirit?

(17:49): If we just get out of the way, we can do great things in the world and I take no credit and I also take no blame for it. Cause I don't believe it's me. I don't believe it's me. Yes. I've I've taken courses and I've learned, and now I train people how to do a lot of things from it, but I'm training them to listen. I'm training them to be hollow vessels to, to keep things out of their body that would block hearing it, that type of thing so that they can stay clear enough to get the message because there's days I get nothing, but those are the days where I've down some Doritos and had a couple extra glasses of wine the night before. So I pay a price. I don't get my gifts the next day. Do you know what I mean? Like it's like, if you honor it, then it will be something that that's with you forever.

(18:35): And you don't have to have the gift of prophecy to be able to do this work in any means. But you do have to have a massive heart for service. And I do believe you have to take no credit, take no blame. Like you have to be willing to share what you find with clients without having to have their external gratification of them loving you. Right after like, sometimes like my clients are like, I was like so annoyed with you for like an hour and a half after our session, because you told me some big truths that I don't know if I was ready to hear, but obviously you, I was ready or I wouldn't have been presented with them, but I'm telling you two hours later, I loved you. I was so grateful that you had the courage to tell me, but nobody's told me before or that you really told me the truth without sugarcoating it and walking all around it because psychologists have even sent people to me because they're like, we're on like year 10 of therapy and we're going like this.

(19:29): Can you like cut rate to the core? Tell me what the core is. So I can like then take them back on as a client and get some work done. Because when it gets a little scary for us, often we can shut down our bodies and then we can take anyone on a wild goose chase that we want. But when you're working with someone in using emotional kinesiology, it bypasses that and it really gets to the root. So it's nothing comes up that you're not ready to deal with. That's the best part. There's no surprises, it's all muscle memory. So it just remembers the situations, but it allows you to finally drop, like whatever you're holding on to, like, I feel like a lot of women are walking around with these extra heavy backpacks. Like I could share the army guys that like, you know, have to go hiking with that deer.

(20:19): And they're like, you know, that's part of training because it's so hard, but I don't think most women realize that they put that gear on every single day that we see the pictures add to it. Absolutely. And it just, I just help them unpack slowly but surely in that's why I don't do any more single sessions because to unpack a few things. Yeah. That's going to get some instant gratifications probably lasts for a couple of days, couple of weeks, maybe a couple months, but I'm only interested in long-term sustainable success for my clients. I'm not, I'm not in for the, you know, the seals for a little while stuff like, so the clients for a year and they put skin in the game, they put some money in the game so that they're committed to making changes. But because of that, I show up 24 seven, they have boxer access to me. I'm like the coach in the back pocket that is there for them when they're going through a situation in real time, not when they can get in with me. Right.

(21:22): Yeah. So let's talk about this before we wrap up in terms of your coaching and how you help people. And I know you have so many different things that you can help women with, where can they connect with you? Where can they reach out?

(21:40): Yeah, perfect. So my website is the best form of communication. So it's my name.com www.belindainter.com. I would highly suggest that once you go there, sign up for my communication, not a newsletter because I can't stand that word, communicate with, with people who follow me and stuff to sign up for that so that we can stay connected. And as you said, there's a number of ways, a number of different price points. People can work with me and that all comes out in, you know, what you sign up for and what you get each month and how I share. And all of that just launched a new Facebook group, the powerful entrepreneur. So I'm very excited about that. That's actually just launching this week, so you can look up the powerful entrepreneur on Facebook. Definitely join me there. It's going to be a beautiful way where we can share resources and support each other as entrepreneurs. That's another passion of mine. I found that during COVID I felt very alone as an entrepreneur, and that's why I want to create this community. Cause I don't want us ever to feel alone. Even if we're online entrepreneurs or working from home, or actually most people have been forced to work from home, even if they're corporate, right. But it's a place to always feel like there's community, even if our main community gets shut off. And so we're going to kind of live there, share resources, share ideas and, and grow together.

(23:05): You can learn so much from, from a community and a sisterhood.

(23:09): Yeah. So important. Right? Like I just, we need community. We don't do well without any sort of community. So again, the best thing about COVID was learning to pivot and pivot in wonderful ways. And if you were able to recognize and pivot, you did okay. You were okay. And so I want to make sure that no matter what happens externally to us, that we have a support and we have a community that that's always there. So that's kind of this beautiful new Facebook group. Yes. And then on Instagram at unstoppable Belinda, come hang with me there. It's a fun place.

(23:46): I love it. This is so good. I know we're definitely going to have to have you back because there's even more that you add to people's lives. We'll, we'll definitely make sure that everyone gets those links. I can not thank you enough for joining us today. I absolutely love. It's always been a joy and you are definitely bold and I love that about you. No excuses. It's good stuff. And I love that you speak the truth. I think women need to hear that. Want to give you guys a heads up. If you have zero energy to focus on yourself and need extra support and accountability from women who know what it's like to juggle a crazy busy life head on over to be fit and fierce.com and become unstoppable with us. And if you're wanting to join a sisterhood dedicated to growing your faith, join our just brief Facebook group heads up. We are going head to head with stress and overwhelm and how we can feel less anxious on the next episode. So be sure to join us next week. Thanks so much for joining us today. Please subscribe, share this episode, link on your social media. As we all know, someone that can benefit and I would love it. If you would give some feedback and a review as well, talk with you next time, be fit, be fierce. Be unstoppable. See ya.

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