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In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How you unknowingly create your reality with your tongue (10:18)
  • How to create a snowball of positivity strong enough to banish everything ugly and dark from your life (16:35)
  • The “Broken Record Method” for powering up your positivity (17:17)
  • The trick for instantly knowing if a thought is from God or not (32:40)

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Hi there. I'm Jill Allen and this is find your fierce, the show designed for women to discover your fierce, unlock and unstoppable mindset. Build unbreakable courage and completely transform how you show up every single day. Each week I will bring ideas, methods and strategies that will inspire you to step into your greatness and live life on purpose. Let's be fit, fierce and unstoppable.

(00:35): You're welcome to find your fierce. This is episode 33 in the next few weeks, we will be flipping the script in a series with my amazing and dear friends, Crystal Jones, and Shannon Dombrowski. Actually, I'm going to share a recording or a glimpse of the flip, the script series that we do live in the just breathe Facebook group each week, just breathe is a sisterhood dedicated to growing our faith. If you have not joined us yet, I encourage you to do so. This week's topic that's on our hearts is the power of our words and the impact they have on every area of our life. The power of our tongues, what we speak, how we talk. We are flipping that today. So I'm going to switch it over to our conversation that we had. So enjoy, and we are live. Hey gang, how are you guys?

(01:24): We are back with a flip the script. I know that we had all met in our home last week all together. And we are here again for round two. And so we're really super excited that you guys are here. If you guys are on, say hi for catching the replay, let us know that you are here. We have another topic. Shannon's at her house, Crystal's at hers, I'm in ours and we've got a topic. We, you know, we prayed about what we were going to share. I know last week we talked about identity and just to the launch and the kick off this week, you know what we wanted to share with each and every one of you was the words that we speak. And we talked about fitting with flip the script. I mean, we're, we're flipping the script of what we are speaking, what we're thinking, what we're feeling.

(02:17): And ultimately what's in our heart is what comes out. And so I know we need to be really intentional or really pray about the words that come out of our mouth and the impact. It has not just on ourself and others. So welcome. And if you guys are fired up about this topic, let us know crystal Shannon, what's up. How are you? We're good. We are good. I'm excited about this topic. This is one of my favorites to talk about one of my favorites to talk about, because I remember how I used to speak. And when Jesus grabs a hold of you, you know, he asks you to look more like him each and every day. And I'm like, Jesus, wouldn't say the things to that I used to say to myself. So this topic for me is just so deep in my heart. So what about you guys?

(03:06): Even as a matter of fact, today being reminded of words, the words we speak and how powerful they are again, I mean, it is important. Our words are power, and I think we take it too lightly and think that, that they don't, that it doesn't matter, like the things that you speak. And so this is a definite hot topic for me as well. And something I need reminded every day. And I mean, we all do. That's good. Yeah, no, I always talk a little bit about how, you know, what we, what we think and our thoughts become our words. And then our words become our actions and our actions become our reality. But I think also like, you know, that's from that mindset, fire yourself up, but you know, let's add that Jesus piece in there. Girl, I got bumps on that one, come on of that.

(03:58): And so that's kind of what we want to take it. One step further. It's ultimately what is in our heart is what comes out. And I, you know, I think about myself, I think about the people that I have surrounded myself with. And I think when we become really in tune with that, I see it. You know, when I've heard someone speaking poorly about themselves, you know, I just checked in on the whole fit fierce game this week and it breaks my heart. But I also know from a different perspective, because I'm changing that I can see it from a different perspective as to, you know, maybe what's truly in their heart and how they're hurting. Absolutely. I love how you said, like from the mind to the mouth, you know what I mean? Like what you think, what you speak that action and it becomes that action.

(04:45): The reason why I like the one you said it, it immediately went to Philippians four eight because Philippians four eight are those things that you think. And so when we flip it, like you were saying from that fired up mindset, so let's put the Jesus in it. So, I mean, if you guys don't care, can I like just jump in to that? Just like, I feel like that door was open. Yeah. Go for it. Awesome. So in Philippians four eight, like this is something my, my girlfriend Bethany is like, literally like my, my Bible index. Like she really is, she has just encouraged me so much about the word of God and, and being in there. And she had spoken it at our table one night during a ministry night and she said, she said, Philippians four eight are the things you think.

(05:34): And in it, I don't know why. I mean, it says it, but I don't know why it didn't click with me that, you know, that it was really what was in there and why God says, take every thought captive, every thought captive. And so what he says in scripture is finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right. Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely. Whatever is admirable. If anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things. So we were talking about identity last week. It's like those things, we're thinking these, those were those thoughts that were always, always, always going on in our, in our minds. And so if we're thinking it, and then we're like casually having a conversation with our girlfriends, those things that are not lovely, that are not pure, that are not admirable, that are not praiseworthy.

(06:27): Those are coming out. And then we're speaking that out and you're like, Oh my gosh. Like, you're literally those acts that action. If you think about that as like, Oh, out out. So I, I, this to me was so amazing when, when I don't know why it was like light switch. Like I've read it and read it and read it. But when she said it and the way, and then she put it with Galatians chapter five verses 22 and 23, which are the fruits of the spirit. And that's the action. If you're thinking all of these things, then the action steps are, you're walking in love, right? You are joyful all the time. There's a piece that is on you, that people were like, why are you so peaceful? You know? And then you have patients with people, you have so much patience with people, and then you are treating people in goodness and kindness and faithfulness and gentleness.

(07:25): And when you look at it at the end, like if you're doing everything, God has got an order. And so all of those steps are orderly. And if you are, if you are thinking about all of those things and then acting in those ways, you're acting in the way of the Lord and what he's saying. And therefore you're always walking in self control. You're not walking in that, in that place of like crazy thoughts or nervousness or anxiousness or anything like that, because you've already thought, so therefore you walk in the action. So those were like that just laid on my heart so heavy. I love it. Any thoughts? Well then just add one more step, then what's the reality become our reality, then what, what's our new reality that we've, you know, stepped into, right? Just like the relationships, the, your, maybe your career, your family, your health, then the outcome or the result, or that reality can shift as well and be flipped.

(08:26): Oh, golly. Yes. I mean that reality, it has flipped. So it's going from that place where you're like, you know, we were talking about body image or things, you know, last week, how we had started talking about body image and how we're seeing in the closet and you know, the clothes in the closet. And then you're like, in your mind, you're going, I've let myself go. You know, I I've gained six inches around my waist. I have to get rid of all my clothes. Now I've got to do that. And you get in this place of complaining, you know? So if, you know, when we talked about identity, if you know who God says, you are like who he says you are. And you know that he's, you know, he's saying, listen, I want to change everything about you because I know I knew you before I formed you. So I know the original intent of who you are. And so then when you know, like, Oh, okay Lord. Oh, okay. You know me? And then, so then you're like, okay, well, what do you think of me? And then you go to Philippians four eight, and he's like, yeah, I've got a blueprint

(09:24): For that. I've got a blueprint for that. So check out

(09:28): That in scripture and, you know, read that and you start to meditate that meditation on scripture, that meditating on true noble truth and nobility and what is pure, lovely, admirable, excellent. And praiseworthy. When you start doing that, then your reality becomes good, right? Pure noble. You know what I mean? That's your reality. It's the way you walk. It's the way you talk. It's your encouragement to other people, which is my favorite part. I love to encourage other people. So in those things, so I feel like, to me, I feel like that's the reality of when you, you switch it from the worldly thoughts, are those thoughts that you've always had into what is true? Your reality becomes peaceful. Just better. That's my heart. That's good stuff. What comes to my mind is when I think of exactly that your reality, like what are, what are we speaking and whatever we're speaking, do you want that to be your reality?

(10:32): Even if we're speaking what we're seeing, like you don't like what you're seeing, whether it's with a person and they mistreated you, or something's gone awry and you don't like it, or, you know, whether it's something that you're internalizing and you feel about yourself that you're speaking, or, you know, you know, talking about an argument, like it could be anything, what is coming out of our mouth and is it, you know, scripture took me to Proverbs, Proverbs, what is it? 1821, sorry. That says the power of the tongue. There's life and death in the power of the tongue. So if there's life and death in the power of our tongue, are we speaking life into things or are we speaking death? And for me that, I mean, early in my walk, that was huge because I didn't realize that when I would speak what I was seeing, that I was giving life to it, I was giving life to that thing that I didn't like didn't want had, you know, I was against it, but I was fueling it.

(11:45): And if we could only see, like, my mind always goes to what if you could see in the spirit realm of what you're releasing out of your mouth. So, you know, and I think we would definitely guard our lips a little more, you know, I think we would be like, wow, that was just pure. Like that, that was ugly. Like that was ugly coming out of my mouth or their mouth or, you know, whatever. And we would always for a long time, a friend of mine would say this, you know, as far as guarding your lips and you know, don't speak that. And that was something that we would catch ourselves in the house. Even my kids, I would say something and they'd be like, mom, don't speak it because you're speaking it into existence and giving it life. And I think you use that on me too.

(12:41): Thankful for it. That was good. Yeah. Well, and that leads to then the next scripture, which is songs. I wrote this one, a one 41, three. Okay. So if we're to guard our lips, cause I, I mean, I don't know about you, but I absolutely don't want to give life to something that I don't want in my life and I don't want to exist. Like I don't want to give any more ammunition to that. And you know, looking at Psalm one 41 three says, set a guard over my mouth. Lord, keep watch over the door of my lips. Like that's in scripture to watch our lips like set a guard over it, like, think about that a guard over your lips so that the door, like the door of your lips and you think what you're allowing to come out of it. So from what Shannon said, you know, taking every thought captive because those thoughts then become our words.

(13:40): And if we allow it right, what are we permitting to exist in? What are we giving more life to that we don't want to give life to you? What are we watering? And I think there's so many people out, you see it on social media. It is, well, I think we've all been guilty of it. Oh yeah. And you know what? People are speaking, what people are putting out there. And then if you can just watch that snowball effect how contagious it is and how fast it can grow and go down a path that we sh all should not be on. Imagine if we used it all for the good and the momentum that can come from the power of positivity, strains you in something really pivotal, just now how that fueled and how quickly think about second when you're around somebody that think about, if you're in a foul mood and you start speaking and whatever you're saying, how does that get on you?

(14:44): And all the people you're around think about, I mean, you, it gave life and now it's on, like, I don't know, even guarding what we're reading, guarding what, we're, what we're putting in, like not taking pardon. And I think, Oh, God's words are unifying. So like what you're saying, Joe, you know, like we, we get on there. I mean, I, I mean, I can say for myself, I look at, you know, how we get those Facebook memories that pop up and you're like, ah, I'm like deleted. I don't even want to know that girl anymore. Like the complaining, the sad, the fishing, you know what I mean? I'm like, I don't, I don't want to do that. You know? So it's amazing to me, if we speak the words vacation, you know, God says that we prophesied words of exhortation and edification it's for the building up of the church.

(15:35): So if anything that we say is not a foundation to help lift, lift, lift, lift, lift people, then it shouldn't come out of our mouth. And so I, that, that momentum in that I'm, I'm agreeing with, you know, if we, if we come together in a unifying place of speech, vision doesn't happen, correct division doesn't happen. And I feel like, you know, in those ways we, as women who are learning to change our thoughts, you know, to change the speech pattern, to change our reality in those things for the Lord, we can make this huge impact for the whole church, for the whole, all of his beloved. When he speaks to me, always speaks to about his children as his beloved, you know, cause they're his babies. They, he wants them on his lap. So he always speaks to me in that way. So if we did, and here's the cool thing, hold on snowball, come on, Lord, you just drop this.

(16:35): If you, snow is white and it's purity. So when you start that white ball of purity and you start rolling it in that snow, it becomes this entire huge snowball that can just knock out. Whatever is yucky, whatever is ugly, whatever it's dark, it can just knock it out. And I, a white ice ball can take out some stuff. So, you know, walking in that purity, building that snowball a purity for everybody, I love it well. And to think that we have an, we actually all have a choice in this matter. I think sometimes we feel that we have no choice. And, and I know on Sunday crystal mentioned a, a broken record or playing on repeat or the power of increasing or decreasing our own joy through the words that we are speaking in the words that we're playing over and over and over again in our mind. So again, going back to the things that we speak to ourselves and to others, the broken record, it depends on what kind of record that you're playing. And so what music is on the record, you're telling yourself, that's so good. I love that picture. That is so good.

(17:58): I'm in contemplation. I'm just like, that is so good. Like what music are you choosing? What are you playing in your mind? What are you, what are you continuing? Like, we have that choice. And I heard it kind of describe, I've never been to one of these, but I guess there's these amazing, like sushi bars that like, it like spins and it rotates and you pick, Oh, I've never been to one, but I heard, they're amazing. I think they're in big cities, but my little, little town Lancaster doesn't have that, but it goes around and you pick what you want. And it's like, what are you choosing? Like, you don't have to pick that. You don't like that. You don't have to pick that. And you know, so yeah, just contemplating what you're saying, you know, putting it, what are you choosing to listen to? What are you replaying over and over? And here's the other thing. What's the fruit of it.

(18:56): Come on, you jumped in my head.

(19:00): You totally jumped in my head. Cause here's, that's that familiar thing. Right? So what were the words? If we can go all the way back to when we were kids, what were the words that we always heard? What was the atmosphere? We were always in, according to the words that were spoken, you know, and it's like, it's having, I say this from a place of mercy. I say this from a place of mercy. Because if you go back into the Bible, Deuteronomy 28 talks about the blessings and cursings of curses of the Lord. And again, these are actions, but it also works with the mouth and what you speak, right? So if you look at the blessings in Deuteronomy 28, there are 15 blessings. But then if you look at the curses, it goes on all the way to like verse 68, I believe. And I would need to look that up to me.

(19:51): I like to be accurate. I don't like to say anything. That's not accurate of the Lord, but if it stops at 15 and it ends somewhere in 60, so that 16 to 60 plus those are the curses you have to go. Oh my gosh. Okay. So is my, was my family walking in blessings or walking in curses. And so you have to go back and say, okay, where, if I'm constantly talking about, say my eye color, I wish my eye color it's Brown. I wish it were blue. Where was that seed of saying, you know what? You're really cute. But man, you've got really dark hair and blue eyes with dark hair looks amazing. And your seven,

(20:32): Do you know what I'm saying? And then this is

(20:34): The seed that is planted. And that's a broken record. I would be prettier. If I had blue eyes, I would be prettier. If I had blue eyes, I'd be prettier if I had blue eyes. So I mean, and that's such a, like a small thing, but that small thing becomes bigger. So that's the speed. And then it would be like, I'd be better looking at five blue eyes. Well, now if I have blue eyes, maybe I should get like blonde highlights to just like dark and the blonde highlights. And then before too long, your identity changes. So the way that you look then is not the way you look now. So whatever seed was sown at a very tiny age or whatever that word was spoken at a very tiny age. When you come into agreement with that word, you're coming into agreement with a curse that was spoken over. You see what I'm like? So let's go back. What is the fruit? What is the

(21:23): Root of the fruit in which it, you know, that's foul fruit, that's a rock

(21:28): Piece of fruit. That is nothing that is juicy. It doesn't have seeds. That will be that if you replant, it are going to be better. It's a rotting piece of fruit that you want to cut off. And so we have to go back and be like, okay, Lord help me. And even if it's the smallest thing, like if you're sitting last week, we talked about journaling. If you sit in, you think, okay, let me journal today. Let me write today. Today is called the presses. I'm about to go into a teaching anyway, today is August 12th. Okay. Eighth is the number of new beginning. So let's just decree and declare in the heavens right now. Today is your new beginning in the words that you think in your mind, some decreeing and declaring that. And today is also the 12th and 12th is a number of government in government.

(22:15): You can do a complete flip and the way that you think let's go to God's governmental thought process on this. So let's have a new beginning and God's governmental thought process. And we already know that the thought process is in Philippians four eight. So let's just praise the Lord right now for that. Today is intentional. Today is intentional in the Lord. God. So as you're journaling today, you're going to sit and journal the things that you have always spoken over yourself that do not align with whatever is like pure, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is lovely. Whatever is praise where the excellent admirable, if it does not line up with that, let's, let's

(22:55): Learn how to flip that, speak the opposite of that

(22:59): Ever you've spoken. And where did it come from and pray to the Lord,

(23:03): Say, Lord, I ask for the healing of that,

(23:07): You know, to come out of alignment with that thought process out of alignment. With that part that I've agreed with that inadvertently has become my identity because that's the false identity in the words that were spoken. So sorry. So activity. Sorry. That was so good. Well, and I wrote, okay, so new beginnings, everyone knowing that today, today you are claiming that this is a new beginning, an absolute new beginning and let the word of God govern your thoughts and your mind. Woo. And pulling back to last week about, you know, your identity and I mean, Shannon, you are so thinking, thinking of like what, what we've been told, what we've adopted, what, what has hurt us? You know, going back to old hurts, going back to the things that have hurt us and like acknowledging them, not just like, I think what we do is we like just put them in, we buried them and we forget about it.

(24:17): And we're just like, Hmm. I mean, you know, it's a lie, but it's something that is still there. And we have to go back and acknowledge it and ask for healing. And even I'm going there, forgiveness, I know I need to forgive that person. I need to forgive them for whatever they did, even if they're wrong. Y'all like, even if, even if it's when you forgive someone, it's not that you're seeing what they did was okay. It's not saying, I mean, cause it could be a horrible, horrible thing that you went through. Forgiveness is letting go and giving it to God and letting him take that. And you know, so I think that has so much to do with it because our words, the things we speak, they come from, they come deep down in it. It resonates because of what, what you've had happened in your life.

(25:18): You know, the things that you've had happened to you. And if we don't give those things to God and say, you know what? This is too heavy for me to bear. I've believed a lot of things that are not true. And I'm going to let you govern your word, governed my heart and governed my words and govern my thoughts because that's our identity. And if we're not going there, then what we're doing is we are, we are playing right into the enemy's hand. We are taking the bait. Right. We talked about the book, Jill, come on the chapter of forgiveness right now. But what's crazy is when the things that you guys are saying, you know, sometimes we just try to, you know, pull the fruit off

(26:03): And just throw it away or mask the problem.

(26:07): Right? Both of you I think have used the word root and we do need to get down to the root of it. And the strong holds of what it is that, you know, has such a

(26:19): Hard pool on that.

(26:21): And I don't even know, you guys are so good at

(26:24): Bring it up scripture, but all I know,

(26:28): How many times do you forgive seven times. No. Right. You know, and it's what, 70 times seven it's you keep forgiving, no matter what, and that's the forgiveness of yourself, the forgiveness of what has been spoken to, and we don't need to continue to eat that same fruit or clay that same record. Amen, amen. Power in crabbing that journal and getting to that place of just, what are the lies that have been spoken over me? What are the lies? What are the lies that have been spoken over me? What are the things that I have actually adopted? And what is it that I need to forgive? Or, you know, I think so many things will come up and those of you that are listening, like anybody that wants to share, you know, there's so much power, there's so much power in that and just acknowledging it, you know, and realizing it that's the first step, not burying it and putting it away and acting like it's forgotten because God is really good at bringing up hurts.

(27:39): That you'll be like, I thought I was over that. I thought, I thought I got past that. And you haven't. And if, if it's coming to your mind, it's for a reason and not dismissing that and realizing that that is going to be a, you know, one step closer to, you know, having rest and, you know, being able to speak the things that we need to speak each and every day, I do know forgiveness needs to be a whole entire topic. Yeah. So if the script, but something I want to like address the fruits may not always come the time that we want it. And I think that, I think that needs to be addressed because we can speak all this good stuff. And there's this little tiny thing there's little other little voice that tries to create back in says, well, all your little positivity isn't working, you know?

(28:39): And because we don't get to see it at the time that we want to see it. So I think we need to, you know, even just go one step further, we, you keep doing it. It's the same thing with forgiveness. We keep speaking, we keep walking on this journey. We keep with the faith. It doesn't matter how, whether you see the fruits or not, you will some point in time. Yeah. In his timing, isn't our timing, you know? And I think, you know, just to like Edify, you know, what you're saying is that God works, God works on his own timing. You know, the Messiah was prophesied from the beginning of time and it didn't come to pass. So like, when you think about that, like from the beginning, if we, like, if you look at the meat and potatoes of the Bible, it's like, you know, in the beginning, Jesus was prophesied right from the beginning of time.

(29:35): And it wasn't until 4,000 years later that Jesus showed up. So it's one of those and understanding the character of God is to understand that, you know, his, what we would think we want that microwave quick, fix everything I'm in girls. We, you know, we were still in a profession that, you know, you, you're in this thing and there's a process that you have to go to, you know, you're here, you want to change. It's got to be a continuous process. It's something that you, you don't just do for 90 days. And then you're done with it or do for 30 days and you're done with it. You have to continue to do it and for it to become your life. And that's the same with God. Like when we come to Jesus, we came to Jesus broken and we came to Jesus in a way that we have always known. And Jesus is like, listen, I'm asking you to not know anything that you've known before, because I want your mind to completely transform into the way that me and my father think and feel about you. And so that patients in that process has to come in. So the other one, like the Waymaker song with the other song that came to my mind too, was tore waltz by the tour waltz. And it was prophesied, prophesied your promise. So if God has said something to you, that's the truth.

(31:00): And so you prophesied that promise over

(31:03): And over and over and over again. And watch God as you come into agreement with the promise of the Lord, watch, as it walks like this and at the perfect timing, it connects

(31:16): At that perfect moment. God will connect.

(31:19): And then you're going to be like, Whoa, God, you are so good. You are so good. Even when I was down, even when I didn't believe it, even when I was in my closet, crying out to you. Even when this era was thrown in this era was zone. This era was thrown. I was still prophesying. What you said in God, it's here. It is right here. And so those like that little voice that comes in, if God said you are, you are beautiful to me. And he's like, are you, are you really beautiful? Do you really think you're beautiful? What about this? What about that? What about bye, boy, bye.

(31:58): We don't have time for that. That's why

(32:00): The scripture says resist the devil. And he will flee because when you come into alignment with the truth, the devil can't stand. He can't be there. It's so good. When you can recognize this familiar arrows and you can just shoot. No,

(32:14): I used to think that I don't think that anymore.

(32:17): And it will go one after the other, after the other. Yeah. Well we need ultimately then we need to talk about the promises of God, the power of her tone. We need to talk about the promises of God and declare that he is working no matter what and expect those breakthroughs, expect them on his time exactly on

(32:40): His time. And it could be anything like they're journaling. And there's just this beautiful thought that comes in. And you write down that beautiful thought. That is the Lord. If it lines up with Philippians four, eight, it's from God. And then you can, you can partner with that word with the Lord. You're co laboring with him. And you speak that over yourself every day, every day. And that's the other thing, intersession for yourself. Sometimes, you know, as women we're so giving for everybody else, like we would drop for any of our friends, but then we forget to pray for ourselves. We forget to intercede. We forget to say, Lord, you promised me this. You promised me this and partner with the Lord on that. And so, you know, whatever God writes down with you, you know, if you're having a bad day, flip that baby back, open, flip it back open and sit and pray with him and meditate on his word.

(33:37): Don't just meditate on anything, meditate on what God speaks to you meditate on his word, the Holy Bible, or you meditate on the promises in which he has spoken over you and times of prayer and thoughts that have come into your head that you've written down. Because if they line up again, if they line up with Philippians four, eight is from the Lord, it's from the Lord. And so you can, you can partner with that. That's a promise. So what are the biggest takeaways for today, for today? What are your thoughts and how do you flip them? Right? What are your thoughts and how do you flip them and take you?

(34:13): And if you're flipping those, how do your act, how can your actions come into alignment to walk with that Galatians chapter five 22, 23, the fruits of the spirit. Cause that that's the Lord, those that's action. Do you have thoughts to action in that way? I believe the scriptures have power life and death is what your speaking life or is it speaking death? And I have a really funny thing as you were speaking that I don't know the Lord give me ladies, but the Lord speaks to me in cartoons and this is like, we don't watch this cartoon anymore. But back in the day we used to watch SpongeBob and there was a time where you had like really bad breath and he was like knocking everybody out around him. Cause he was like, I don't even know what he said, but it was like floating out with like this green gunk. And then people were like, Aw, and falling out that's death. You don't want people to fall out because of that. You know what I mean? Like what you're speaking at or yourself, you don't want yourself to fall out in that, you know, in your bed because it made you sad. So, yeah. Sorry. That was my funny for the day and the impact it has the impact it has. Yeah. I think recognizing it is probably one of the most important things to do and asking your family and your loved ones, you,

(35:38): That you come into agreement with each other and saying, you know, if I say something that does not line up with God's promises over my life, tell me, say, don't speak that don't speak that. Like, what are you or, or even what are you speaking right now? What are you coming into agreement with? Like, because I mean, I've had many times recently, you know, when things are spoken over me in front of me and I will literally say to that person, I do not come into agreement with that because that is exactly what is wanted for you to start coming into agreement. And you know, when someone's saying something that's false, that's not, that's not God's word that doesn't fall into, you know, Philippians four eight, like doesn't, isn't, God's promise over you and it's, and I don't care what it looks like, you know, suffering from, you know, recovering and being healed from having a stroke.

(36:36): I had a lot of things spoken over me and I had, I even said to the physician, I do not come into agreement with what you just spoke over me because that was what was one in my word, his words in what he was speaking over me was not good. Lady is like, it is not where I wanted my life to go. And if I would have submitted to he's a doctor and been like, Oh, okay, guess what? I just came into agreement with that. So I think recognizing when you hear things that are like, just asking for that discernment of give me discernment of what is a lie and what is not your truth. Lord, give me that discernment that when I hear something that I might know and recognizing it, and whether, you know, you, you tell your family member or they tell you, you know, what are you speaking or even saying, I do not come into agreement with what you just spoke over me.

(37:37): It's okay to do that. That is not rude. It's actually, you know, protecting yourself. And it's giving that person a little food for thought of what they're actually speaking over you. It wasn't like, no, no, that was just heavy on me. I'm like, Oh, I remember that. You know, and went through a lot of that. And you just, I think we just have to be very aware. This is good. We were talking about wanting to do a prayers of the followup of flip the script. So for those who are wanting to join, we can put that out there. We, I know who said tomorrow, we have not set a time yet. We'll let you guys know. But I think that would be amazing. Get to work here of what's been placed on your heart and then meet for those that want to come together and pray and worship tomorrow.

(38:41): Yeah. And that would be on Facebook would be in a private setting. So that can feel like, I mean, know that you are in a safe place and that we would be on the zoom with you, you know, all together. It's not something that's broadcasted, you know, on, on Facebook live, you know, it's us together. So definitely. Yeah. I think it's good to get out there a great tomorrow. I love it. I love it place. Yeah. Just to reiterate just a safe place, you know, God is a God of reconciliation and he is such a loving God of grace and mercy that you have a safe place to go. When all of us walk in Jesus, we know what is right. And we know what is pure and noble and lovely. And so therefore our actions would never be outside of the world. All of he who sends us.

(39:33): And so this will be a safe place of prayer. And what you speak here is what you speak here and that's it, that's it. I enjoy this so much. And I hope that everyone watching, whether it's right now or I'm in the future, like please comment, we'll, we'll go through and we'll look at your comments. And I'm looking forward to seeing who helps on the zoom to pray with us and wants to talk further, you know? Yes. Agreed prayer. Absolutely. Anybody. First of all, you want to go first? You want me to go? You know, I, you know, I love the brain power, power, there's power in prayer. Okay, father, I just thank you. I thank you for this time, coming together with Jill and Shannon and every person listening, whether it's live or on the replay. I just thank you, Lord. I just thank you for this time that we can come together and just share our hearts as women and wives and moms and just learning, learning, learning your ways and just recognizing how the enemy likes to trip us up and coming together so that we can work together and and being in victory and be in victory through Christ.

(40:47): And I just thank you. I thank you for this time. And I just asked you, bless, bless every person listening and that they just there's just an opening to you father, just like a greater desire to know you more. And I just, I just thank you for that. It is. Thank you for what you're doing, Lord. I just pray as you and thank you for a moment to teach us how to flip the script that runs in our head. Lord God, that broken record father. We just want to thank you that the things that we had come into agreement with as young children and growing up into adulthood, father, I just thank you that you're saying no. I want to make a whole new thought process. I want to renew your mind. I want bless you beyond measure. So where you felt like blessings never flowed.

(41:38): Let me show you rivers of living water. And so father, I praise you and thank you for rivers of living water over each and every woman who's watching now and who will watch the replay. Lord God, father, I speak life over them. Lord God. I speak father a brand new day that your mercies are new every morning and that their joy will come in the morning. And so father, if there's anybody on this broadcast or on the replay, Lord God, that is broken hearted, broken in spirit, Lord God, I speak life. And I speak a return to the original intent in their life. Lord God, father, I speak their identity. I speak their thoughts that change that whatever they thought of themselves is flipped right now in the name of Jesus. I just prophesied that right now in the name of Jesus. The thoughts that were are no longer, they are no longer and father.

(42:33): I thank you for teaching step-by-step Lord God, you will teach. You will love, you will Edify and you will exhort through your grace and your mercy. Lord God. So father, we want to thank you for that in this opportunity to be able to do this for you and your kingdom for the edification of the name of Jesus Christ Lord. So we give that to you in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. We will see you guys next week. Well, for those of you who join us tomorrow for the prayer, we'll put that on there, but the next flip, the script will be on Wednesday next week. So look for that link and the we'll put that out there and hope to see many of you tomorrow.

(43:19): I hope you enjoyed today's flip the script and was able to take away some powerful thoughts and apply them to your everyday. It's certainly eye opening. I know it was for me or when we become intentional and self aware of what we are speaking and realize the power of our word. So thanks for joining us. And I tell you, if you want to join a sisterhood dedicated to growing your faith, join our just brief Facebook group. I know we also host private prayer calls so that we can come together for prayer requests or whatever is stirring in your hearts from our previous flip, the script series and topics. Also, if you are looking to take your fitness level up a notch and you have zero energy to focus on yourself and need extra support and accountability from women who know what it's like to juggle a crazy busy life, then go over to beef and fierce.com and become unstoppable with us heads up on the next episode, the flip the script series will continue. So thanks for joining me today. Please subscribe, share this episode, link on your social media. As we all know, someone that can benefit and I would love it. If you would give some feedback and a review as well, talk with you next time. The fit theory, the unstoppable

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