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As your fearless leader I am obligated to do everything I can to help you and people like you.

That's why last year I decided to get the word out about all the cool stuff we're doing over here at The Podcast Factory.

A lot of the guys I work with have been (and still are) my mentors. They have helped me improve my business in leaps and bounds.

For example:

Ben Settle taught me more than anyone about eMail marketing and salesmanship, Doberman Dan set me straight on direct mail, and Darin Persinger helped me turn my real estate business around and start thinking bigger.

I felt like I owed it to these guys to get more ears on them because I knew first hand, what these guys could do. If you listen and apply what they say, theres no doubt in my mind that you will profit.

No doubt.

My first instinct was to start doing interviews so I could spread the word to people who already listen to podcasts.

The only problem was — time. I didn't have any.

I was too busy with client work.

So I decided to hook up with one of those interview booking services.

You know, the kind that connects you with podcasters who want to interview you.

The interviews started coming in and they were shows that didn't seem to match my criteria.

I talked to my booking service several times about their choice of shows and they said they'd get it fixed. Then they'd hook me up with a “bonus” interview to make up for it.

I knew there was a problem when one of my friends and mentors reached out to me and said, “Why are your people asking me to have you on my show? You know I don't do interviews.”

I was so embarrassed I fired the company that day.

But don't you fret, because this story has a happy ending.

Even though Sean D'Souza doesn't do interviews on his “3 month Vacation” show (one of my favorite podcasts in the world), he asked me to talk about podcasting to the members of his 5000 BC group.

So it all worked out.

When Sean and I got together we talked about How to Start and Grow your podcast.

I gave away all my best strategies on that interview – so I don't usually share it.

If you want to check it out email me back and I'll hook you up with the link when I get back to my office.

That's all for today,
Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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