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I'm reading over the May issue of The Podcast Mogul Newsletter and I'm feeling a little guilty.

Why? Because after reading Cialdini's “Influence” I realize I've been using most of these psychological methods of persuasion on my podcast listeners for years.

It's no wonder me and the gang at The Podcast Factory have racked up 1,476,786 downloads.

But I'm not feeling guilty for using these methods.

Not one little bit.

What I'm feeling guilty about is not sharing them with my loyal subscribers sooner.

That's OK,

Because inside the next issue of my Podcast Mogul Newsletter I'm going to show you how to weaponize the 6 principles of persuasion to blow up your authority using podcasting.

By the time you get to “Scarcity” on page 12 you'll have everything you need to be in demand, raise your prices, and pick & choose who you work with.

If you want in on this here's where you can subscribe: http://PodcastMogul.com

Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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