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Every once in a while my wife and I get sucked into silly T.V. shows. A while back there was a show on MTV where they turned a group of nerds into suave ladies men.

They'd teach the guys some “pickup lines”, then send them into a bar, and make them talk to girls. By the time these nerdy boys were done with bootcamp they could go into any bar in L.A. and leave with a girl in each arm. It was called “The Pickup Artist” and we got a kick out of watching it.

The main instructor was a guy named Mystery. His system was aptly named “The Mystery Method.” The funny part is, his system isn't just for nerdy boys looking for love. Most of what he teaches can be used to seduce your clients. Let's look at how you can apply The Mystery Method to your business to pickup clients.

In today's article we'll cover:

The Peacock Technique
Tactical T.M.I.
Speed Influence


Most people think of a bird with beautiful dark blue and green tail feathers. But, did you know the males are the only ones with all the pretty feathers? It's true, male peacocks have beautiful feathers to grab the attention of potential female mates. The pickup artist use their clothes and accessories to peacock.

Take Mystery for instance. His peacocking gear consists of a top hat, aviator goggles, Black eyeliner, and black fingernail polish. When he walks into a room, all eyes are on him. That's the point of peacocking.
But how do you use The Peacock Technique to pickup up clients? It's simple. Everything you do must be designed to get your clients attention. Your cover art, music, and intro script need to call out to them, so they can't look away.

Now that you know how to get your clients attention, let's find out how to make them like you.


When I first started listening to podcast I remember a guy talking about how bad his allergies were. I could relate, because I struggled with terrible allergies myself. In one episode he talked about this thing called a Neti pot. He mentioned how much it helped him. I never heard of a Neti Pot, so I googled it, and ordered one right away. If you've never used one, be warned, some people compare them to water boarding.

When I got my Neti Pot, I used it and had immediate relief from my lifelong allergies. I'll never forget this tip. To this day I'm grateful to that podcast host for teaching me about the Neti Pot. I learned a valuable lesson that day.

Even if you think you're sharing too much information. No story is boring if you're talking to the right person. You have to be tactical about what you share. The hosts story, and my immediate relief bonded me with him. I trusted him so much I went on to invest thousand of dollars into his products and services.

Now that you know what to say to get your clients attention let's keep going. In the next section you'll learn how to move from podcast host to trusted advisor.


One of the PUA tricks to make girls like you is genius. When you meet a girl at a bar your goal is to extract her from that location as quickly as possible. The purpose of extraction is to warp her sense of time.

First you meet her at the bar, then invite her to a party. You spend some time at the party and then suggest to go grab a bite at a nearby diner. After the Diner you decide to grab a coffee. It's like you've been on four dates in a single night. This builds a bond and trust.

Podcasting is exactly like this. Ask people where they listen and they'll tell you: At the gym, in my car, on my bike, washing dishes. This location jumping while listening to you makes your listeners feel like they've known you longer. This creates a phenomenon we call “Speed Influence.”

When your listener feels like they've known you longer, they begin to trust you. In mere minutes you'll go from podcast host to trusted advisor because they feel like they've know you longer. Before we wrap up, let’s have a quick review.


Everything you do is designed to get potential clients attention
Be tactical about the stories you tell to build a bond with potential clients
Speed Influence makes potential clients feel like they’ve known you longer, sop they trust you sooner. You can accomplish this with podcasting.

Next Steps:

Tired of wasting time trying to convince potential clients why you're the best choice for them, call after call, over and over again? It’s not exactly fun when you have to sell yourself so hard.

It doesn’t have to be this way when you learn how to leverage the power of Speed Influence. I recorded a short podcast episode showing you how it works, you can listen to it at https://thepodcastfactory.com/dwp010/

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Have a podcast in 30 days

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