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Everyone says you can't pick the right time to buy or sell stocks.

But what if they're wrong?

You can actually make a lot more money with the right timing, if you know what mistakes to avoid.

Yes, some people mess up and lose money. But guess what?

They're often breaking simple rules they didn't even know about.

Others do really well.

What's their secret? They know the basics of timing the market, and the good news is, you can learn them too.

In this episode, I uncover the must-know tips for timing the market and also share real stories to help you see what to avoid and how to succeed.

Want to keep your money safe and enjoy a fun, worry-free retirement? This episode's for you.

Tune in!

Show Highlights Include:

  • The primary reason you find it challenging to successfully retire (and the game-changing steps to flip the script). (1:36)
  • 6 non-negotiables you MUST do before investing your money if you don't want to lose it all in the blink of an eye. (3:14)
  • How to invest confidently in stocks and minimize losses with the “One Stop Theory”. (7:11)
  • 3 reasons why people miserably fail at timing the market, and the proven method for beating the odds. (10:19)
  • 5 simple market timing tips that protect—and grow—your hard-earned income and [enter visual retirement benefit here] (12:31)
  • Struggling with trading anxiety or PTSD? Here’s how the “Coiled Spring Theory” will help you overcome it to become a profitable trader.(14:40)
  • The EXACT time to buy a stock to get the most profit and supercharge your financial growth. (23:54)
  • How to outperform the conventional HOLD trading method with the RCRC approach without missing out on high returns..(25:49)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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