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Show highlights include:

  • *How watching Food Network and the Cooking Channel lets you pick high performing stocks (3:24)
  • Why being poor shows you to finding restaurant and retail stocks that overperform in crises (4:28)
  • How trading sideways stocks increases your cash daily (even if it feels like gambling) (6:57)
  • Why buying “evil” nuclear energy and fossil fuel stocks grows your portfolio (even if you have an electric car) (8:46)
  • How investing in medical device stocks urges you to make money off of never using their product (13:14)

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Do you hate the thought of working past 55 or 60? Do you hate not being able to live the life you deserve today? Do you hate not knowing what your financial future looks like? It's time to stop doing what you hate, here's your host, Mr. Harold Green.

(00:20): Oh, my Harold Green. I'm Brian free financial group and it is time to stop doing what you hate. And I hope you are having a fantastic day today. It's a it's a Monday for me and we're just coming off the Easter holiday. And hopefully everyone had a good time with their family and their friends and just getting together and understanding the, the whole meaning behind the, the Easter season. I believe it's the time to reconnect with faith, also family and friends and, and just celebrate. And for me, it was good because I, I had a chance to just sit down and reflect on where I was and my own spiritual life. And as you guys all know why I'm a Christian and I do believe in the Lord, and it just gave me a, an opportunity just to sit down and read and just kind of read through my Bible and read through the events and different things like that.

(01:08): And then just to kind of put it into the proper perspective. And one of the things I I've realized is that I am a human. I am not perfect. I am prone to era. I am prone to mistakes and I need forgiveness. And that's just part of what the whole Easter season is about is just being accepted, being forgiven, and then learning from there and, and moving on and learning what the Lord can help you do in your life and the direction that he has for you. And again, this is not for everybody. I'm just sharing with you my personal life and how I, how I live life. And so with that being said, I want to get into today's show and the time is gonna be HGS, top picks. And I decided to do this show because I have a lot of clients and I've talked to a lot of people and people always ask me like, okay, so what stock should I be buying right now?

(02:00): Is this is a good stock to buy. What, what should I be buy right now? Or where should my money be? And I get these questions a lot, and I do my best to, to answer them carefully because investments do carry the risk of loss. And before I buys anybody, I do tell 'em to go and do your own due diligence and talk to your, talk to an advisor because past performance is no results and investments do carry risk of loss. Right? It's very important to understand that. So I want to get into some of my top picks today. And so are you ready? 1, 2, 3, let's get it. So I want to get into some of my top picks and just to kind of give you an guys an idea of where my mind is, and then how do I pick some of the stuff that I pick for my client's portfolio?

(02:44): Because it ain't easy. It takes a lot of research to find stocks that make sense for your portfolios. And so we have the long term portfolio, the short term portfolio, and we have the intermediate portfolio. And the other day I was just watching a, a, a show and they were doing commentary. I love watching financial commentary. I listen to a lot of stuff, but then I go in and look at, you know, what the numbers tell me. So it's okay to hear things on TV and, and then do research. But you gotta look at what the numbers tell you about what people say. You just can't believe what people say without looking at the numbers to back this up. All right. So are you guys ready? I don't know if I said it. Are you ready? 1, 2, 3. Let's get it. And if I said it already, let's get it again.

(03:25): So HGS, top picks, and I'm gonna start with one that man, this doc has been under the radar and not too many people are talking about it. You'll hear people say off about it here and there, here and there, but you just won't hear a lot because it's not one of the sexy high flyers, unless you're an investment advisor or, or a trader professional trader, you probably won't know about the stock. And this stock is Archer Daniels, Midland. And basically they are the number one producer of food and beverage ingredients. And, and then as, as well as goods made from agricultural products, they process oil seeds, corn, wheat, OA, and other food stuffs. More of it engages in the manufacturing cell and distribution of products like natural flavor, ingredients, flavor systems, natural colors, proteins Amul fires, soluble, fiber polyols, hydro colos, all kinds of stuff.

(04:29): And from day one, the beginning of the year, even until last year, you know, they were talking about a PO, a possible recession, a possible stock market crash, a possible, you know, huge down to turn. And I thought about it. And I said, well, you know, if we do go into a recession, what is everybody gonna eat? People are gonna need something to eat. People don't need food. You know, they may not travel as much. They may not, you know, do as much other stuff, but people gonna need to eat. And, and I've said this to myself many times, and I've always thought this every time there's economic hard shit in our country, what are the first sectors that normally lead us out of these types of things? What are the first things that you see, you know, turn around and it, and it gives us signs of recovering the economy.

(05:14): To me, it's eating out and retail shopping. Those are the things that I feel that will lead us out of economic recovery. They're they're gonna be the strong sectors. And sure enough, if I go in and look at this Archer Daniel Midland company, this month alone, they're up 14.9%. The last three months, they're up 35%. The last six months, they're up 51% and year to date, year to date, there are 42.7, 6% year to date, but we're just in April, mind you. And this is just proof that this theory that I have in my head is correct. And so, you know, a lot of times when I'm buying stocks and I'm making trades and different things like that, these are the kinds of things that I'm looking at. You know, it's it's correlation or causation or whatnot, what is gonna cause a stock to go up?

(06:00): What is gonna cause a stock to go down? Where are we now, where we be in three or four months, and we're gonna be in like six months. Now, mind you, this is a rotation stock, because I don't think it's gonna perform like this forever. This is just a space and time that the stock is performing well and performing well for a number of different reasons. I talked in my last show about PE ratios, right? Whether you have high PE ratios or low PE ratios, you know, these are some of the things that people look at when they're buying stocks. One of the other things they also look at is expected earnings per share. And so when you, when you analyze a stock like Archer Daniels, Midland, it has an ex earnings per share over the next 35 years of 1.7, 7%. Like that's how much earnings are expected to grow.

(06:42): And like, when you look at that, that's, that's probably not a, a good number, but man, the performance over the last year to date is 42%. So sometimes the numbers, you gotta look at everything in totality. Otherwise you're probably gonna miss the boat on some of these traits. Another one I want to get into is a C AMC is down pretty big. And the only reason why I like AMC is it's a good trading stock. Basically when it bottoms out, you buy it and you wait for it to run up. Then you sell it. You wait for it to crash. And then you, you know, before it crash, just hopefully you get some, some positive returns, then you sell it, wait for it to bottom out again, because that's, what's been happening with the AMC stock. For some reason, they have not been able to gain any kind of positive momentum or traction.

(07:30): As a matter of fact, year to date, they're down 35%. But in that 35% period of time, if we go back and we look maybe three months or even a a month. So from March, I would say March the 21st, they went up from March 21st till March the 28th, within a six week period of time, they went up 85%. I'm sorry. In a one week period of time, that's like six days, they went up 85%. So if you were in that stop, which I was, and now I'm out, I made, I think it was like 45% because I got in part way through. And I was like, man, this is crazy. This thing's gonna take off. So I bought it, bought it for myself and some other clients that, you know, they, we have, they, I understand that they're okay taking certain risk at certain times and it went up and then I sold it.

(08:17): And then as soon as we sold, it started going down and now it's down over the last three months and 7%, the last six months is down 59%. So there are periods and times where you can trade AMC. But again, it's just a trade play to me buying AMCs like buying crypto, but AMC, I do feel good about their story coming out of the pandemic, going into summer months, going into when the, the summer movies come out. I feel good about it. So I'm probably gonna get in on it again. One of my other top picks is constellation energy group. That's another one. They're up about 21 to, I think it's 25% as of today over the last, I think over the last month, this is over the last month. That's, that's pretty good. I might wanna double check that real quick CEG constellation energy group.

(09:06): Over the last month, there are 29.2, 8% over the last month. And so that's a, that's a pretty good number. So I like them because they, they provide alternative energy. They provide electricity and they also nuclear, I believe is one of the, the types of energy that they provide. Now, to me, this is a little bit of a contrary and pick due to the fact that it's contrary to what a lot of people want in terms of they don't want nuclear energy. They want cleaning energy. They want renewable energy. Well, nuclear energy is one of the most efficient form of energy to produce mind you. We gotta figure out the other side, you know, the side effects of it, but it's pretty cheap to produce. It doesn't hurt the environment per se, unless you dump the waste somewhere. And that's the whole thing about it, right?

(09:53): We're gonna need this type of if we're ever gonna graduate fossil fuels. And honestly, I don't ever think we're gonna get rid of fossil fuels because too many countries need fossil fuels. They, they export fossil fuels as their main source of income. So try getting rid of that in those countries and you gonna have a problem. I don't think they're gonna let you just willing nilly come and walk away from fossil fuels. So there's a lot of behind that. And to that point I bought BTU, which is a coal coal producer, right? So BTU, they produce coal and that's, that's another big one. So, and this month are up 46% over the last six months, BTU is up 63% year to date B is a up 218%. And some, you know, one time someone said to me, they said, I don't, I don't want any fossil fuels in my portfolio.

(10:44): I don't, I just, I want clean energy. I want things that are like ESG, you know, things that are social socially good for the world. I'm like, okay. And my response was, do you wanna feel good? Are they wanna make money? That's the bottom line? Do you wanna feel good? Or do you wanna make money? Now we can do some of that. But if you're, you know, ESG to me, I'm not even gonna get into that because say, for example, if you said, I wanna make money versus feeling good. So clean energy, electric charging stations, different things like that. I'm gonna at BTU against blink charging station. Now this is the company that puts out the charging stations to charge electric cars and different things like that. Well, year to date, blink is down 13.2, 8%. And BTU is up 218%. That is a huge difference.

(11:36): And so I tell people when you're looking that investing, you know, you can have some moral things in there. There's some things that I won't put into my client's portfolios for, for, you know, and they, most of my clients feel the same way for morality reasons and different things like that. But other times we're looking at, okay, how do we beat inflation? You know, how do we keep up with the cost of living? How do we make sure that we're never gonna run outta money? And one way to never run outta money in your portfolio is to make sure you're buying stuff that makes money. I mean, if you're investing, the objective of investing is to make money. You know, if you wanna feel good, go join a cause or donate money to a cause, right? And then to, to make money off of feeling good investing, that's, that's kinda hard, you know?

(12:14): So you have to look at how to put those companies in there. Now, if you, if you really want to feel good and make money, then Tesla's a good one, but Tesla's extremely volatile. So you can again, find companies that will do that, but it just has to be something that's gonna make money and something that everybody wants, not just have a feel good story. So there, lot of different factors that kind of go into this and then speaking of electric cars one of the things we need for electric cars is we need lithium. And so I picked up live end corporation LT, H M they produce what we need to make batteries. And so they're down 1.9, 3%, but I don't think they're gonna be down for long, but you know, I do like them. They just, they just took a hit the other day.

(12:56): So that's why they're down. But before then they were up 15.8, 9% the other day. So they, their trading kind of ball. So another one that I like is, I wanna say dollar general. That's another one that I like. I also like Hilton vacations. I like them. You can do your due diligence on those. And last one I want to talk about is shockwave medical. And they're up about 36% this month. Now, what is, what is shockwave? Medical shockwave? Medical is a company that created devices to treat cardiovascular disease. And you probably, you probably know this, but heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world. Heart disease eight is the number one cause of death followed by cancer, followed by things like unintentional injuries like accidents. And, and you, you would be surprised. Accidents are unintentional injuries are the fourth leading cause of death and the us overall and the leading cause of death for those age, one through 44 acts, unintentional injuries is number three.

(14:02): That is a lot. And then it goes into a lot of different things, chronic and lower respiratory disease. And I think the last one, number 10 that made the list was like suicide. And that's that's number 10. And the I think it's in the United States, but, but shockwave they're, they're a, they're a decent company. You wanna look at their numbers. And they, they treat heart disease. And I think that if you're, you're gonna have stocks in your portfolio that are, I would say value stocks and different things like that, then you may want to take a look at a company like shockwave. And I think they'll be a, a pretty good addition to a portfolio. But again, you gotta do your own due diligence because investments, again, they do carry the risk of loss and it's pretty neat. So when you go in there and you start doing your research and start looking at these different companies and what they do and what they produce, that's the most important thing to understand is what do they do, right?

(14:55): Are they really relevant? And if they're relevant now, are they gonna be relevant three or four years down the road? The only thing about shockwave is they have a pretty high PE which is a Ford Ford looking type of thing, price to earnings. And it's 142. So basically when you, when you see that it, it, the company's gonna have to keep up, they're gonna have to produce earnings. The problem is, is the expected earnings growth three to five years is not available. And so they don't, they don't really know what this company's gonna do as far as earnings go, but I think it's gonna be pretty good. I think it's gonna be pretty big it's technology, it's medical. And that's gonna be another one on the leading fields that I believe that also pulls us out of the situation that we're in right now.

(15:36): So that's pretty much it for today. I wanted to kind of just give you a peek into my head. Like, what are some of my top picks? And these, these picks kind of round out some of the other holdings that I have that I won't get into. These are good ones to have. I think I forgot chip. I don't know, Chipotle Mexican grill. I think they're a good one because they can pass on cost to their consumers. And then they know how to keep their costs down as well. So again, eating out, you may want to take a look at McDonald's Yu brands, they own KFC and pizza hut. Take a look at some of these things, dominoes, pizza, look at where these guys are and then figure out if they're gonna be good picks for you to hold as well. These are kind like my satellite, my satellite holdings.

(16:13): They're not my core holdings and they kind of round out some of my portfolios. And so, thanks for letting me share with you. If you figure you don't have time to do this yourself, and you want somebody to do it for you, click in the show notes, get on my schedule, and then we'll talk about how we can create a portfolio for you to number one, help get you from where you are today, to where you want be. And then number two, have some money professionally doing this so you can get on and do the things that you really care about. All right. So until next time, everybody, 1, 2, 3, let's get it.

(16:44): This is the podcast factory.com.

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