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Show highlights include:

  • How preparing for your upcoming financial season puts you in a winning position (even if you are scared of the market) (2:16)
  • Why predicting the market gives you “buyers remorse” (and how you can avoid that like the plague) (4:48)
  • The “Price Target Trade Method” that forces you to grow your portfolio (5:10)
  • Why complaining about living a mediocre life fills your pocketbook (6:12)

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Do you hate the thought of working past 55 or 60? Do you hate not being able to live the life you deserve today? Do you hate not knowing what your financial future looks like? It's time to stop doing what you hate, here's your host, Mr. Harold Green.

(00:19): Yo, yo, yo, yo, what's up everybody. This is Harold Green of Brightree financial group and it is time to stop doing what you hate. I hope you are having a fantastic day. I'm doing pretty good sitting here, recovering from this. COVID and I don't know if I should tell anybody that, but I don't really care. No more came down with it about two weeks ago. And it's just been like real interesting. Right? When you, you know, I've been hearing about COVID COVID, COVID like every day and then like to come down with a crap and then, you know, just to kind of see how it affects your body and how you deal with it for, you know, some people they've had in the mild conditions and some people it's been real bad, but you know, for me, for the most part, it's just kinda like having a cold and you know, I got a cough here and there and then, you know, my nose is all stuffy, but nevertheless, it was interesting, you know, the whole, whole isolation period and that kind of stuff.

(01:12): And, but it, you know, it really helped me put a lot of different things and, and perspective. And I'm gonna be talking to you about some of that perspective today and today's show titled it's your season. That's right. It is your season. It is time for you to get it. And I wanna give a shout out to my man. J R Jonathan Rivera of the podcast factory dude is in his season. Congrats. Shout out to you. I got the book and on the back, you see Jr. Sitting there smoking a cigar is just kind of looking out, smoking a cigar. You can tell that dude is in his season, he's been working hard, grinding, grinding, grinding, and hopefully everything you got going on is just giving you for the phenomenal results. And I'm quite sure they are. And so again, shout out to J R so are you ready?

(02:09): Are you ready? Are you ready? It's your season 1, 2, 3. Let's get it. So talking about your season and there's a lot of seasons life that people go through, some of them phenomenal seasons. Sometimes you find yourself, you know, a tough season, a season of loss, a season of like grief, a season of which way is up, which way is down. You know, a season of it's just me all by myself or, you know, it's, it's your season of like, it's me against the world. I mean, there's a lot of different seasons out there that, that people find themselves in. And you know, a lot of times I think that, and you know, I'm just gonna be talking with you today. I don't have a show lined up or anything like that, but this is just something that was on my mind as something that was on my heart about it being your season.

(03:06): But you know, a lot of people, when they get into these seasons, one or two things can happen. They can come out of their season victorious or they can come out of their season, a victim, a victim of what happened to them, you know, post traumatic stress syndrome or disorder because of the things that you went through was just so horrific. It takes years to come out of this stuff, but that's not the kind of season I'm talking about today. I'm talking about for the people out there that have been working hard, they've been grinding and grinding and grinding and preparing themselves and preparing themselves again. We are on this topic of ambition and we're in this ambition series and it being one of your season or it being your season is part of the ambition series because here's the deal. Once you have ambition, once you're ready to go, once you're ready to rock, once you're ready to roll.

(04:08): It is your season. Once you have equipped yourself, it is your season. It is time to make some things happen for yourself. No more sitting around waiting on, Hey, is this the right opportunity? Hey, is now the right time. Hey, is, you know, the temperature just right. It is right. It is your season. So all the things out there that you've been working on and all the things out there that you have been putting your mind to, you've been talking to people about it. You know, you're talking to your close friends and talking to your consultants and maybe talking to your financial advisor and you've just kind of been talking about it. And now it's, it's time to go. It is, it is go time because it is your season. If this is resonating with you, you know who I'm talking about and you know exactly what it is that I'm talking about.

(04:56): There are some people that I talk to, they need to make a move. They know they need to make a move, but they're concerned about the, what it's gonna look like on the other side, what it's gonna look like on the other end. And I was giving my cousin a crash course the other day on investing and how to look at the potential returns using targets price targets and different things like that. And we're talking about making trades. And I said, so what do you think about all this? And he said, well, I don't, I don't know how it's gonna work out. I said, dude, if you want what you say, you're wanting, you're gonna have to make this work out. There is no, I wanna see how it works out. You're gonna make it work out. You're gonna do everything you need to do in order to make this work.

(05:41): Because it's your season, it's your season to change. It's your season to get to a different level. It's your season to take advantage of the land of opportunity, which we talked about in our last meeting. And you know what your land of opportunity is. You see it it's been shown to you, but for some reason, you sit there and you just like, you won't make a move. I'm telling you it is your season and you have to have faith in yourself. You have to believe in yourself. And here's another thing. A lot of times, people don't, they don't recognize when their season is because of the people that, that they're rolling with. The people that they're hanging with and not everybody is gonna take advantage of their opportunities and not everybody is gonna step into their land of opportunity. Why? Because a lot of people, quite frankly, are in love with the idea of being successful, but they're not in love with the idea of doing what it takes in order to be successful.

(06:40): They're just in love with the dream of being successful and in love with the dream of having everything that they ever wanted in life. But yet when it comes time to take an action and their season of opportunity is presented to them, they sit on their hands, they make excuses and sometimes even try to persuade you that no, man, this is not your season. No, man, this is not your time. No, man, don't go out there. You're gonna get hurt, man. Don't go. Don't do that, man. You know, watch out, man, you gotta be careful, man. You know, anything can happen, man. I hear stuff like that. I hear stuff like that. And it's coming from a heart of mediocrity, right? Mediocre living. And that was one of the things I had to look at for myself in understanding the season that I'm in and understanding that it is my season, but it's my season for some different things that I need to do.

(07:36): It's it's time. It is high time time. I get these things done and put these things to work in my life. And the definition of doing the same thing. You always done expecting different results. You guys all know that that's insanity, but I just want you to hear me real quick. Just want you to hear me. It's your season. Let's get it. And so right now we're in the midst of this weird cycle in the stock market. And there's a lot of fear going on. There's a lot of talk about war. There's a lot of talk about a lot of different things and how's it gonna affect? You know, my portfolio and, and somebody was asking me about what if we go to war with rush and all of the moment, I'm like, look, if we ever go to war these days with a country like that, going to war will be the last thing you probably are thinking about, cuz you probably won't be here to even think about something like that, but this stuff is gonna work itself out.

(08:39): And the question you have to ask yourself, all right, so now we're in season of turmoil and this season of not knowing where things are gonna go, but however, how can I take advantage of what's happening right now and turn it to my benefit. Right? And a lot of times people say, well, I just wanna wait and see how it turns out. Well, if history repeats itself, I hope it turns out. Okay. And so with that being said, look at, what's beaten up right now. Look at things that are not, you know, head the way that you normally think they would go and then take advantage of that stuff. You, a lot of the, the stocks in the market are beaten up. They're beaten down. They're cheap. People have been selling 'em for no good reason. Like when I run the analysis and I look at all this stuff, people just sell out of it.

(09:25): So for me, that's the season of buying a season of buying things that people are getting rid of without even doing any type of fundamental analysis. You know, I was talking to a, a guy know, I think it was yesterday or whatnot. Then he was telling me about some of the stuff he had bought. And then he sold it too quick and he got scared and different things like that. And, and he said to me he said, you must have nerves of steel. And I said, not necessarily. I just kind of know where I am and where I'm headed and why I'm doing this. Right. I understand that this is my season to be doing this. And one of the other things you're gonna have to understand is you're gonna have to get rid of some of the distractions that are in your life.

(10:02): Some of the things that are not working out to your favor that are not in your, to your advantage, things that could hinder you in your season. When you look at NFL athletes or anybody who has to play a season, there's a season of them prepping before the season even starts. And then when they were in that season, a lot of them just shut a lot of things down and they focus on taking advantage of their opportunity in that season. So my question for you is have you sat down and recognized the fact that it is your season and it is your time. What are some of the adjustments you're going to have to make in order to come out of your season victorious and on top versus a victim of circumstance or whatever it might be. You gotta sit down and think about this stuff.

(10:54): And one of the things I do with people is in the rapid retired program, that is my flagship program is helping people get to the position to retire a lot faster than they normally would. We gotta sit down and look at where you are. Like, what season are you in? And is it your season to make adjustments to win versus sitting here like, well someday, well, someday I hope to be able to do this well someday. I hope to be able do that. Well, what if someday never comes? And as I always say, we have to take someday and make it two day, right? We're always waiting for the sweet buy and buying for the conditions to be just right, just because everybody else is scared and running for the heels don't mean you have to do the same thing, right? You gotta think different.

(11:39): You gotta have a open mind and understand when to take advantage of the opportunities that you're being presented with. When to walk into your land of opportunity and make things happen for yourself, your family, the people around you, your community, no more sitting by and going from one season to the next and not taking advantage of those. Right. Have faith have courage, be courageous, be a good cheer. We can get this done. And one of the things I always love to offer my listeners is the opportunity to sit down with me one on one and analyze your finances and to see what season you are in. I wanna do that. So click on the show notes for me, get on my calendar and let's check this thing out. All right. So thank you for allowing me to rant and rave to boost you up to cheer you up because I super excited about our opportunities moving forward. And I want to be ambitious. I want you to be ambitious, right? Cuz we gotta make some things happen. So until next time everybody 1, 2, 3, let's get it.

(12:52): This is the pot cast, factory.com.

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