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Show highlights include:

  • How putting your story into a child's perspective lets you overcome any fear (2:08)
  • Why singing Gospel music encourages and lifts others up (even if you have no desire to sing) (12:11)
  • The divine “Borrowed Gift” method that blesses people by giving it away (15:05)
  • How monetizing your hobby reconnects you with old friends in Hawaii (even if you can't afford the flight there) (22:51)

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Do you hate the thought of working past 55 or 60? Do you hate not being able to live the life you deserve today? Do you hate not knowing what your financial future looks like? It's time to stop doing what you hate, here's your host, Mr. Harold Green.

(00:20): A little. Hi everybody. This is Carol Green of Brightree financial group, and it is time to stop doing what you hate. You know, I hope you're having a fantastic day today, man. I tell you, boy, I am super excited because today we're going to be recording part of our successful professional series titled. Well my successful professional series doesn't have a title. I simply have guests on the show and we talk about their life and we talk about their gift and we talk about the things that are going on in their life. And so I'm going to welcome our guests here in a second, but I just want to just say, you know, I am so excited to be here in this position. And so I'd like to welcome to the show. Kevin B. Edwards. Kevin. Welcome. Thank you, sir. So glad to be here.

(01:08): Yep. So here in Honolulu, so extremely glad and happy to have you on the show. And so, you know, we're going to be talking a little bit about what you do for a living and what you've been doing and then, and just like what it all means. And just, I mean, it's a lot for me to even just kind of think about it right now. Cause I'm, you guys may not know this. Kevin and I grew up together were actually childhood friends. And I guess we're partially related as the old people would say, you know, like a cousin of a cousin of a cousin of a cousin of a cousin makes you relate it.

(01:45): So when you come from a small town, you gotta be careful who you go out with. You gotta be careful who you date because pretty much everybody is related. Correct. So you know, it was very interesting. We grew up in a very small rural area and I think at the time it was only like what, 80 something black people in the whole high school. It wasn't real small crowd of us. And you know, but we all kind of left and went away and we began doing different things, but Kevin has an amazing story. And so we're going to talk a little bit about Kevin Edwards, Kevin beat Edwards, the recording artist, the author of the new book had old Kevin parents fear and two feet. Kevin turns, fear into feed. So Kevin, again, welcome to the show. Let's talk about your book real quick. Kevin turned spirit to feet. Like what was your motivation about that? That's a write that book. Kevin turned spirits of feet. Well,

(02:44): I get the inspiration from this two and a guidance counselor at my school. Everybody at school knows that I'm a saver. And so we had a new student with come to school to enroll. And so she brought a new student to me because through the face that she wanted to sing one day, she wanted to write songs. And so she wanted her to meet me. And I was honored that, you know, battalion go to her classroom first. She brought her to me first. And so so that was talking to the student. I could tell that she may have been bullied. She never told me that when I picked it up, I failed it, that she may have been bullied. And I could tell that her confidence and self-esteem was low. All right. So after she left, we talked and I told him, people told us what those, why are you songwriting?

(03:33): If you want to get together to if so, write down your thoughts and we'll get together and we'll work on a song together. And so she said, okay. And so after she left is when I failed the lead to write this book, it was almost like I heard the voice of God saying, okay, now I need you to take your story. Something that happened to you when you were a child. And it happened to me in the 10th grade, in high school. And I didn't call my teacher. Saber shows that she shows me you there. Oh man, when she got married, she Nancy chores. I had to call her to find out, you know, what grade was I in chorus when you asked me to sing in front of everybody at school. And so she said it was the 10th grade. So I went back and I got said, put your story in a child's perspective.

(04:20): And so I went in and I immediately, and I'm one of those kind of people that when God speaks and he tells me to do something, I get on it quickly. You know, you don't always speak, you know, he's speaking his word that the Bible is speaking, but a lot of times you don't feel that you need to do something. But what I hear you telling me to do a certain thing, I'd get on it. So I immediately wrote the whole main script and the reason why I could write it so quickly, I was going to put the manuscript, a paragraph or two in my memoir, but I'm also working on a memoir. So I would dilute the story and I knew how to start and do the ending. So it's easy for me to put it in a child's book. So I did that.

(04:59): And when I finished a book when I finished writing the book, I got to edit bad. A couple of teachers, I hated the person. Then of course you want the medicine take your work. And then Alex, really cold read. And she, when she read it, she was like, wait a minute, Mr. Edwards, you have some sheep there. And I need for you to read this. I want you to read this when you get it finished, the [inaudible] story, you know, about bullying. And I needed to hear about how you turn your period into feed and how you overcome fear and they need to know all this. And so and so, okay. So I went and adapt the illustrator [inaudible] yeah, well, not only did I read it to fourth and fifth grade, the principal, the media specialist, and we can read it to every grade level.

(05:47): So kindergarten to fifth grade in every class. And even we have a few classes that autism classes, they even got the book read to them. And I remember one day I was sitting in doing a book reading and a child walked in. And so I called her up and I said, oh, you didn't know all this is going on behind the scenes. But when I met you that day, you inspire me to write this book. And she looked at me like she had this look on her face. Like you will use it really, that one moment that you've talked to me. Yes. And you know that, you know, your self care of the moment and he use it, no matter what you've been through in your life, he uses it. He wants you. He allows you to go through that moment because you don't use it.

(06:35): You know, because I remember when I was in school, I was like, I was a reject. I was the bullied. You wouldn't take that. Now, all that rent that's right. You know, he has a way of like right now having a guidance, tell me, Kevin, I'm gonna give the people to you now. Like, I'm like, I don't really have, we came from a small town. I have no anybody that know someone that could get us out there to do that. We didn't even have to go to work. Even though I trusted, I knew God is the big he had. He makes the plan. Did he orchestrate? And he knows exactly who to put you in contact with, but still I'm looking at, okay, I'm coming from a small town. I don't know all these people and how am I going to get, and God gossip, but I'm going to give the people to, you know, what he meant. And I, I have been ill be, I have friends of Switzerland. I had friends all over Hawaii. Okay. Kevin has been all over the world. That song I've been around the world. And I,

(07:33): And I'm excited to be sitting here talking to Kevin because, you know, as, as kids and growing up, we never, in our wildest dreams would imagine going from a little small town in Vernon, Florida with, I don't know, flashing stoplights that going all over the world, working with some of the most famous people in the world. And just, just kind of doing some amazing things and dreams do come true. Right. And I don't know if you know this, but I was bullied in elementary school. I lived in the inner city, my mom, she moved to the inner city and we lived in project housing. And not only was I bullied by boys, we were bullied by girls that were bigger than us. So we had a fight girls. Right. And I don't think I was bullied in high school, but I was made fun of a lot in high school.

(08:23): I was called the black nerd, you know, here's Harold, the black nerd, you know, and I was made fun of a lot. So I appreciate you writing that book just to kind of share your experiences. And then, you know, and if folks want to get a copy of the book, we'll put the link to the book in the show notes. But it's Kevin B edwards.com. And you guys can go on there and see some of Kevin's music. And talk to me a little bit about some of the places you've performed at that would just like magnificent

(08:55): And spectacular too. You were on two or right before the pandemic. I went on a three week tour in Italy. And well, 2017 was the first time that I was supposed to though 17. And I'm going to cancel it because I think the money situation, and I think they didn't get the grants or whatever. Then you go, there'll be a decent number in Italy. They get a grant to bring Dr. Signals over, to stay in because they do nothing but God community that whole month of Christmas. And so I was asked to go in 2007 Africa, I was riding and I was going grocery shopping at one of my favorite grocery stores all day. And I got a phone call and the young lady say, what are you doing in holiday? And it was like in November, then after nothing at the problem, go explore, go home.

(09:45): And she said, what do you want to go to Italy for three weeks? I said, yeah. And get paid. Yeah. I need to change my plans at the American, do a chair. You've got plans ahead. I stopped. I didn't go in the car. And I went back home. I had get clothes. I had been settled. We had photo shoot that day. They needed somebody, the person that was supposed to go and back down. And so so I went down. That was the first in 2017. I went through all that. I got excited about it. And then they canceled it because of the money, the grant, they didn't get the grant and natively or something happened with the minus two really, really picked up. But in 2019 around April, the promoter called me and she says, you know, I'm a woman of my word. She's been, I want to get you there because I love your voice. And she's one of, she's always from the first time I met her, when she heard me saying she, that you, your boss, she says, look, I mean, anytime I talk to, she's always saying something about my voice when you're talking about I'm is looking at oh, okay. Right.

(10:51): Oh, okay. Let's go move on. And so when she says, I'm going to get you to, you know, and so, and these number, I think it was December 12th, we moved from Atlanta to Venus. Okay. And that's what we started the two of them, but it was several stops that were awesome in that the Switzerland was often called Switzerland. And you open a Swiss bank account when I should have probably have two pretty soon. But yeah, it was awesome. That was, that was a one, a wonderful trip. I've done a whole lot of things. Like I've been on stage with a lot of different, I used to be at new birth where we have Aaron cane, you know, a lot of people know barricades in the gospel, Kevin Bond there when I was there. [inaudible] I think William Murphy was there when I first joined. Okay. And then I think it went from him to doll and half that and Kevin bonds, and then bam came back here, left, came back. So but yeah. And now, currently I work with the [inaudible] Baptist church church and the pants is Craig, Dr. Craig Oliver. Okay.

(12:09): Man, sounds like you've been to a lot of different places and done a lot of different things. And these are the things that I want to know too, Kevin, like what do you love about singing gospel music? Like, what do you love about it? Cause my whole show is about stop doing what you hate. You know, we're going to talk about some of the things that you did that you hated. And then how did you get, go from going, you know, doing what you hated until you know, to doing what you love. But talk to me about why you love singing gospel music.

(12:37): Well, with me, I feel like I was called, I was created that created me the same. So we put something in me to love that. But now even with that, I went through a season why they want to say, oh yeah, I went through a season where I was like, I was depressed. Actually the first book I wrote, I wrote that during the time it's in 2007, 2008, 2009, I wrote that book during that time. And I'm able to turn while depressed. So, you know, like I did with speedy, he did that. I came here and then after I did, they agreed to get the support that I needed for the period after, but we didn't have social media. Then we didn't have all the outlets platforms that we have now and how they push it. And I don't know if it was, I don't know if it would be not mine [inaudible] I don't know what it was because now I'm pushing, I'm doing everything I possibly can do.

(13:34): God tells him, go, go here, do this, do it. I'll do it. But then I wasn't pushing off there and then I didn't have it before. So I went through a period of, I was depressed for God. One was the first song that he gave me, what Lord, you kept your promise, change it to finals. And some talks about, you know, keeping his promise, you know, the things that he spoken over our lives. And that's the place. I wouldn't say the [inaudible] a lot, you know, I don't, I don't, I'm not seeing any promises. I'm not saying anything happening. And so I went through a period that I didn't want to say anything. And then when it was a couple of years before the pandemic [inaudible] came back because you know, that's what I was created to do. It's like I have no dog in the back.

(14:17): I can't kill battle or I can't stay, I don't want to do something that I was created to do because I was sent here to encourage people with not because my boss encourages and ended up riffs because it is when I listen to the singers, when I'm listening to the radio, like I go to work in the morning, I turn on my music, you know, that that's my whole day. So that's what I'm doing for people. So I can't cannot say I'm not going to do it. And I don't want to do it regardless of how I feel I have to do at the scene because that's, that's who I am.

(14:48): You said a mouthful. And I do talk about mental health on my show here quite a bit because it's, it's the foundation. Everything that we do, if our mind is not right, then everything else is not going to be right in our life. And I have this thing where I say, if the mind is not right, your money's not going to be right. But depression is a very serious thing. And here you are, you know, a gospel music singer sing in some of the most uplifting music ever. Then you find yourself in this spot, you find yourself in this place that you're like, how did I get here? Why? And then you had to kind of dig your way back out. But do you think it was just something that Dawn on you where you were sitting there one day and you just like, you just got up and said, I can't sit here anymore and do this and be like this.

(15:37): It was like, okay, something needs to change. And then it was almost like, but you know, God would allow you to sit there in your, you know, he's still there. He, he never left me, you know, but he will allow you to sit there and see what's going on and see what's happening and what you're doing to yourself. He will allow that for a short period of time. And then, then there's a day that he stayed, opened up and that was enough. Okay. Did he stop talking to you, but probably one day I'm going to church. How would you tell him the couple that I met here? The week, we had a long conversation yesterday talking about, you know, church and you know how it's bringing a new with them, all that type of stuff yesterday. And I was selling them, you know, like when I came back to the fire, the reason I came back, I said, because that morning, I remember rather than driving to church and that's it. I need you to get back into church and need to go [inaudible]. And so how did you get back into choir? I need you to do some [inaudible]. Oh my God. I need for you to play his people. It's not yours.

(16:36): So here's a news flash, everybody. You're a gift is not your own. Your gift is borrowed, right? It does not belong to you. And you must exercise your gift, right? Oh, what? We will use this one. Amazing. We have a big tree, a math to have found out about it. When I first got there and I read the scripture, you know that when you picture the picture and I start reading the chapters and [inaudible] for, with pig tree, [inaudible] like, why would you do this to the fig tree? The fig tree, the scripture and say it, look it had, oh my God, it looked like he was dressed the right way. Right away. Looked at the right way, had everything, but was not, was not doing what it was supposed to do and God first. And so that's my whole thing. I don't want to look like I'm still thing. I need to be exercising. What? Cause I don't want him to curse nothing good at victory. You have the king of Kings coming to you, asking you for Pete, you got to grow feeds you better groceries. I don't care if it's not you Better, you better produce because you have been given viewability.

(17:55): That's why I can't argue with God when God tells me to do something and he says, Kevin, I need you to clean. I have to do it because I don't want him to look at me and crispy and say, okay, well you've also will be no more. No. To get back into the picture,

(18:09): You know, predominant is telling you guys are very interesting story because the same thing happened to me. When I believe God was asking me to start this business. And, and it was kind of like him saying, I need you to get on, do this. And I was kind of saying, no, I don't want to do it. I don't want to do it. I argued with them for a while about it because I know running a business is hard. I know getting new clients is hard. I know managing people's money as hard. I know all of this stuff is hard. And then one day I just heard this, this voice inside of me say, well, if you don't do it, I'm going to take it away from you and give it to somebody else. And at that point I said, all right, look, okay. I'll do whatever it takes. And here we are today, but this is exciting. So I know why you love singing, but is there anything about singing that you hate

(18:56): In gospel music, gospel music, gospel music or music? Period. I don't like the red tape. And in the hands, there are gatekeepers that watch like control the radio. If you're not in certain clique, if you're not there, they have lost the whole focus of what I just said. My boss is not mine. Okay. God created me to encourage the world with my board. Right? How dare you stop that from being why you should let allow everyone that can seem as a gift they should be able to do, because that's what he was he has to do. Why aren't you controlling that you made control in any way you want, if I'm not in a work, especially Atlanta, like if you're not in a right and I'm not a clique because I will always like, as a child by myself saying just like you, all right. So now I'm still, I'm not person that want to be in the, Without cash. Sorry, outcast. Right from Atlanta. We didn't do it. We didn't do a podcast.

(20:06): And so I just, I will not bow and kids, you know, like they want you to do certain things. You, you do this well, no, if it's a band that I believe you should give you the opportunity to play right. To do that. The part about it. I don't like, I don't like that gate keeping. And I don't like that. Politics, politics, and never good news. They won't play down there. They won't give you a reason why it's like, okay, tell me, okay. If the music was horrible or I need to pay you something, most of them about money. You don't let me know. They won't, they won't say that's the bad part about it, but God let me know. Don't worry about that. Because you've been reached back. People have to meet with the people that I have assigned to you. Right? Has your music, don't worry about the world. You might think the world on they'll know. But yes they do to basically you'll be happy within, but this song blessed me. And sometimes I'll go through the YouTube and I see the comments that people have sped. Who's this man, you know, he, this man, you know, so I see the comment people. So I know my music is being reached, you know, all over the world, you know, in Italy, I did a song with an Italian, with GAT in a variety, was it

(21:24): [Inaudible] contacted me. I want us to do a phone together. And I was like, okay. And I just thought he was talking, you know, the next couple of days he sent me the song and I love the track. He sent me the music, anything where it's and he gave you the lyrics in English. Of course. And so, but I had nothing to do with it because like, I didn't know his phrasing. I didn't know what the back. So at all guys, the guy who told me to do this song and [inaudible] were right, right, right, Right. Absolutely.

(21:58): He's sitting back there. Do you want me to bring it for you in English? [inaudible] You know exactly what you're supposed to do. And I said, yes, do there, I went in master you. I recorded the embark in a spot in it to Italy. And he made [inaudible] emit it, put together the video and they, no, cause I went to the studio, he told me to record it now back in, he just wanted to record it for the moment what I was doing in Syria. Right, right, right, right, right. He did a video in Arabic and has their debut and it was phenomenal. And we got probably about the last time I looked at, it looked like, I want to say 20 or 30,000 views in all, you know? And it might be more than that, man. It's been a while since I looked at. Right. So, so yeah,

(22:50): Man, I'm so glad you're here. And this is funny because I think one day I was like dog tired. I had worked all day and like, I don't know what it was, but I was having like a bad day or something and I'm sitting there, I'm sitting there like laying on myself, sofa, just kind of wallowing around, just tired. And I open up my Facebook thing and Kevin was like, I'm thinking about coming to and coming to Hawaii. What do you think this is? What three weeks ago? Three weeks ago. And here we are just like out of the blue. And I think the last time I saw you was about 10 years ago, something like that. And so yeah. Thank you for being here and thanks for, thank you for sharing with us, your story about, you know, gospel music. I know it's something that you, you love. Yeah. Where do you see yourself going in the future? I that's a question I want to, you know, kind of get into, but in the meantime, not everyone can be a professional senior and like make all the money they need to sustain their whole life. Talk to me a little bit about it. Singing more of a hobby for you, or is it like a career for you or tell me, tell me some of the other things you're doing now.

(23:57): Well, yes, it is a career because eventually I wanted it to be that right now, working with students. And I worked with first grade and I also work in the media, in the media, the media school. So so I'm doing those things now. That's, that's just my day job. I, the jobs, we make more money in the book and hours. And, but I love school too. I love the kids I think. But do you see how God worked it though? I was at another school I've been at for six years and I bring a couple of books or whatever, but I wasn't told about how about we want to publish another thing. And when I moved to this new school, when the [inaudible] value, so you can give this baby that you you're carrying the full.

(24:53): And so, so that, that happened. But yeah, I see myself in the future. I want to be, I want to go ahead and tackle that probably got about five more years in this school. If I stay there and then I want to just write more write book and go all the work thinking and writing in my thing is like doable, because like I can do writing I mean, book tours go from city to city, to dolls and doing the same to do one thing. I'm waiting on a singing gate and I can do the books is easy, right? Because you know, they're not, you have a lot of offers out there, but they're not competitive. Like music is the platform. Like, because people love to read a new book, you know what I'm saying? It's easy. And I don't mind like a little [inaudible] book. I love reading the story to the kids. So he must've gone, you know, cause I'm right now, 55 this year. So I always say the same thing I've done with that nine to Five,

(26:00): For whatever. So at that point, I just want to write more books. So I, right now I have in my [inaudible] I have digital books, even while I've been here, I got just looking at myself as being famous. You know, it's like, I'm here. Not everybody can jump up and come to write. And doors are just opening up for you when you come here. It's like, like they roll out the red carpet

(26:28): Friday. I was at the school yesterday, yesterday. And when I walked in and the security guard was standing there and he's there. He said, you're the author. He says, can look at your book. So he was so glad you came back to school and I'm telling myself, you know, wow. You know, repeating a C by a security guard. They, the secretary she's on the phone. Oh, you know, we know, we know she's calling around trying to get the [inaudible] because that was like,

(26:59): It doesn't happen like this in Atlanta. Beautiful. People are nice here in Hawaii. Not like in Atlanta, everybody. So I was like, I have been like before I left to come here, they talking that I told you there, when he tells me to do something, I do told me why don't you send an email to the public library? So I did after an email and saw that all the libraries were attached to the same email address. Right.

(27:29): So I sent a message to them that knew I was coming in after my book. Now the information about the book and everything. And then she responded by the director and she said, well, keep the animal, you take it to the one day near you. Right. And the one off the industry Hulu, right there. She said, you take your book there. And she said, and then they'll get it to me. And I said, okay. And so when I left there, when I went to find the library, I saw the elementary school and I heard the voice said, okay. Right. So I went back to the room, the hotel room, and I called the school. And like the day I wouldn't do the cross, but they were on the phone talking with [inaudible]. I don't know how to call them where they get him. But that thing, that thing up I'll talk to him. He talked to me on phone bear, not, he was happy that I was there. I was hearing and how to move. And then he wanted to meet me and he was like, yeah, please bring your book. We'll put it in a library and ask

(28:34): That is so, so awesome. And we're going to wrap up here in a second, and then I have two more questions that I want to ask you. And one of them is this, what is your favorite song of all time, your favorite song of all time, whether it be gospel or, you know, what's the word for not gospel? I'm Sorry. Yeah. I'm trying to think what will be my favorite song and love, but that change, I'm one of those kind of people that when something new comes out, you know, it hit me because I right now where I'm racing my house phone and went out and listened to music what's kinda more has a new song. Okay. So actually and as long as talking to me, because it's like, I'm listening to that now with it. So her lyrics are ministering to me over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. So why not? I'm loving that song. And I'm also, there's another artist I can think of Ricky dealer wire bomb. You think of the name of the song, but it is right now, those two thumbs are my favorites. I guess it's kind of like backwards. I can't say that. I have a favorite song. That flavor artists now my favorite artists in the whole world, I've always loved. Sure. To see the [inaudible] create Hammond water. Now

(30:09): He said someone needs at Fred Hammond. Yes. I was gonna ask you a question about Fred. Cause I haven't seen Fred or heard from Fred where's. Well, it is still doing, he was at my old church, new birth. He was there two weeks ago, Right. Ham and everybody look up Fred Hammond cause he is one of the most gifted gospel singers ever. You know what I like, because back in 1994, when I moved from Bryan to Atlanta and I was going through a difficult period, but this became land and she got a guy right off the bat. But when I got paid that way, Nobody wanted, nobody wanted to know

(30:53): And I wasn't going to the right. And so some of them would meet. And so a has struggled and everything and I've never given up my first job at Cod county school system serve substituted. And when I got there and then they gave me this evening to watch the gene, I'm like they had someone to watch the firemen and policemen will come in and they play [inaudible] and I used to play free to him. And at that time I didn't really have a work. You know, I don't [inaudible], you know, I didn't have an intimate relationship with him, how to get around the church. I was singing in the church and doing all the things, but I didn't know how to talk to them, but that is what that first album he came out with. The album is what caught me, how to worship that it wasn't speak those things. Was it that that's the

(31:53): One I got. And from that point on, I fell in love and I'm there with the friend was being in Atlanta. I wanna say Mabel house, maybe about four or five years. Have you ever sang for it?

(32:06): Performance forever. Never. I may have now been on the same. That was with Barron cake. Yeah. But on occasion there how you say it or whatever you wanna call that a summer. I keep that aware now. But anyway, one of those weird saying about a new bird, we have root call the parameter and the Chorale back bound, cage concepts, like freight handles on the thing [inaudible] and all that. But I would have been seen with them. You and I've always go Walter Hawkins, what to habitat range. And I've always had a monster. You know, I just want, my range is so high because you know him and James Moore

(32:55): Now here's the thing. I know a lot of people out there have dreams. And if you were sitting here and, and someone had a dream that was buried in the heart, buried somewhere deep inside of them and they were getting all kinds of resistance and they're getting all kinds of flack. What would you say to encourage that person to continue pursuing their dream? What would you say? Wow.

(33:18): Whereas regardless of what anybody says or does, first of all, you know, what a God is picking and telling you to do something you would say, you know, even though like, even when I did this book, I didn't know how to get all this attention. I didn't know that people were gonna buy it or purchase it. But I felt, you know, I felt that it was a good product. And after I would say to them, you do it anyway, you go, if you hearing the boss from God, telling you to do something, you do it anyway and watch that. Right. I think most of us, they instructing [inaudible] or whatever you're trying to do, but do it anyway. Right. You know, regardless, you know, don't give up on your dream, you know, you might go through a three them where you might do one, whatever you're doing, but God always gets you in, bring you right back to where you need to be to do it. And I've noticed with me, I believe [inaudible] right. Don't delay. Don't do like

(34:19): Don't delay while the momentum is on you, because there's someone knocking on you to do it. Right. Right. So there's a window, a window. Just like what you just said, what you said there, the window on you. If you do get what you want to hear, give it some idea Already. And for you to do that type of thing, he'll come back around and he'll allow me to do that. Planning. Veggie was positive

(34:43): And sometimes you can miss your timing. And then it's something ugly about someone trying to do something that they were supposed to do in the wrong time. It just it's non flattering. It's it just falls on deaf ears. And you're not getting any momentum, no doors open for you. A lot of times when you're going through that, it means you're trying to exercise your gift at the wrong time or in the wrong place. And you got to jump on it. Now, Kevin doesn't know this, but there's a song that he used to sing. When I was growing up in church that I used to love this song that Kevin saw. And the reason why I used to love the song is because it meant that church was over.

(35:26): Church was over. It was, it was the benediction song. And because when church is over, that's when you get to go in the back and eat the fried chicken and the collard greens and corn bread rat. And man, you could just smell the chicken, the smell of the chicken coming through the cafeteria on the side. And then when Kevin used to hit that song, we knew it was time to eat. And those are some good days. And that song Kevin was, God has mild on me. Do you mind singing a little bit of that song for us today?

(36:01): They don't allow them to have, but I can do a little [inaudible] we [inaudible]. We, There we go. Yeah, man. I love that song.

(36:34): It is a retirement celebration and they asked me to come and sing and I did some of those. You're going to start that whole song. And here's the thing when we used to do a Sunday, come hear me tell the story. Oh, that sounds low. So Every Sunday, every Sunday by that phone. Oh my God. Yeah, Zip right there. I never get expert anytime like JJ and I, we will be there every time I open my mouth to sing, they will give you that looking at me like, wow, you know, that made. And that did something to me. Cause there may be no to, okay, what I'm doing. It's being received

(37:20): As a kid, as a kid, we didn't know what we had. You know, we didn't know what we had talked about. Exactly. Oh my God, it's been a pleasure talking to you and hanging out with you the last couple of days and just enjoying the conversations that we had and just looking back on our life and then just looking forward towards the future. And you know, again, we want to stop doing the things that we hate and we really want to do the things that we love because I really believe that God has created us to do the things that we love because the things that we love we'll reach and help so many people. And I'll end with this folks. Here's the thing. A lot of times you're going through life a certain kind of way, and you don't know whether you're going the right way. You don't know whether you're going the wrong way when here's, what I want to do. This is a financial show.

(38:12): I've had Kevin on as a successful professional sharing his story. But again, we're a financial show. We want to talk about how to get you from where you are today, to where you really want to be. And my goal is to help you stop doing what you hate and not living the life that you deserve to live and that you work hard to live. So here's what I'm going to do for you. If you want to talk to me for an hour, we can do that for free. Not a problem. You can get on my schedule, clicking the show notes, get on my schedule, get on my calendar and we can talk for free. If you want me to analyze your financial situation, I can do that for you too. However, that's going to cost you 3 75 an hour and we can package still that into two hours for the price of one, but you just have to get on my schedule and then I can get you guys started.

(38:52): And what we'll do is we'll analyze everything and then figure out how to get you from where you are to where you want to be, give you an action plan and then pretty much get you on your way. You can work with anybody you want. That's absolutely fine, but I'd love for you to be able to work for me. And so thanks again, Kevin, for being on the show, he was so welcome. Right. And nor do I enjoy the conversation has been amazing. Yes, they have it. It's always good to have great friends in very high places. And I believe Kevin is a great friend and a very high place. And so I'm excited to have you here today. And with that being said, everybody until next time, 1, 2, 3, let's get it.

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