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Last week I asked why you aren’t reading my prestigious paid print newsletter, The Podcast Mogul.

I got a lot of different replies and some random excuses.

But my favorite one was the guy that said, “Doood, I didn’t know you had a paid print newsletter. How can I get my hands on it?”

That was a wake up call that I haven’t been talking about it enough.

See, I’ve been writing The Podcast Mogul for nearly two years now.

It is read in 10 countries across the world.

And the people who have been around from the beginning know I share my best stuff with them.

So here’s the deal…

Over the next few days you’re gonna hear all about my Podcast Mogul Newsletter.

How it will help you grow – not just in podcasting, but in business, and life.

I’ll be emailing you twice per day (minimum)

If this scares you, then scroll down and unsubscribe.

Now, for the rest of you.

I’m running a deal I’ve never run before.

Nope, it’s not a discount.

It’s something better.

You can get the deets here: https://thepodcastfactory.com/2for1

Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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