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Weird things happen when you’re sitting face to face with someone.

Baring your soul.

Sharing your deepest darkest secrets.

Check it…

Whenever we start a new client we do a throrough interview to get all the details on them, their offer, and their market.

We call this The Client Cloner™ exercise.

People come to us with all sorts of ideas of what they want to talk about,

What they want to name their show,

And what they’re going to do to get started.

I always tell them, “Throw all that away and start fresh through our process.”

This way they to come to me as an empty cup.

Ready to be filled with new ideas, angles, and energy.

Sitting with a new client last week we were talking a lot about religion.

And how most religions require you to be selfless.

They fill your head with ideas like – “It’s better to give than get.”

Then we got onto the topic of God.

And why he created the earth, animals, and humans.

There was no reason to do it.

He wanted to.

And when we worship him and thank him it makes him happy.

Out of nowhere one of us said, “God is selfish.”

And we both laughed.

Becuase if you say something like that in the wrong place people could go nuts.

Anyways, I don’t know if God is selfish or not.

But that’s the kind of crazy ideas you come up with when you’re having a deep conversation with someone cool and open minded.

And those types of conversations are how we’ve come up with the names for many of the shows we produce.

We go deep.

Get to know you.

Get to know your market.

Your goals.

What you really want to do.

And we help you find the idea that will strike a chord in your market.

If you’re ready to go deep.

If you’re ready to get noticed in your market.

If you’re coachable, smart, and open minded.

We can help you get your message crystal clear so your market can not ignore you.

First step is to book your call so we can talk about it http://ThePodcastFactory.com/DIFM/

Talk Soon,
Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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