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Just finished up two days in an elite mastermind.

Being locked up in a room with seven figure business owners for two days you can’t help but get inspired.

While I was there I pitched one of Cupcake’s ideas.

Since she’s been involved in our operations she comes up with all sorts of crazy stuff to help our clients.

She seems to think we’re doing you a diservice by not offering this to you too.

I disagreed.

I brought it to the mastermind so they would prove me right.

Only thing is…

They told me I was crazy for not listening to her.

So I’m humbling myself and doing a little market research.

If you’re running a successful business.

You’ve got steady clients.

You’re already making a good living.

But you want more.

And you know,

If more people heard what you have to say you could help them too.

This could be your lucky day.

I’ve opened up my calendar to get on a call with you and tell you exactly how you can “get heard” by more of your ideal clients.

Sound like you?

Then book a time to talk at http://meetme.so/Jrrivera

Jonathan #DaddysWorking Rivera

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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