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Nothing is as painful as heartbreak. It makes you physically ill, fills your head with negative self-talk, and makes getting out of bed each morning harder than climbing a mountain. 

We all have to deal with heartbreak at some point. Whether it’s someone you love not loving you back or someone in your family stabs you in the back. 

But here’s the thing… 

You can’t control other people. Trying to do so only adds to your misery. 

The solution? 

In this episode, you’ll discover the steps you must take to keep moving forward in your life when everything feels like it’s burning around you. 

Listen to this episode now and use your pain to power you to your best life. 

Show highlights include:

  • How asking yourself one simple question can help you feel alive and happy again after a crushing heartbreak (1:38) 
  • The insidious “Mirror Trap” you fall into during the grieving process that prolongs you suffering (3:59) 
  • Why longing for happiness makes you miserable (and how looking for peace unlocks true joy) (5:34) 
  • How waiting for somebody else to save you throws you deeper into a pit of depression (6:36) 
  • The weird way ruthless selfishness helps you overcome heartbreak (7:46) 
  • The powerful “Control the Controllable” method for taking back control of your life (especially when you feel defeated, sad, and helpless) (12:41) 

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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