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Here’s a newsflash: The world owes you nothing.

If you want something, you have to get out there and work for it.

This is one of the most important episodes I’ve ever put out.

Take 15 minutes out of your day to listen to this episode – maybe even re-listen to it so you can really understand and internalize this life-changing lesson.

Show Highlights Include:

  • Live Up to Your True Potential: A self-development audio program I highly recommend you check out (3:40)
  • A Reality Check: The two most important things to prioritize if you want to be successful (9:00)
  • Are you confusing expectation with entitlement? Here’s the subtle yet significant difference between the two (11:15)

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No don't go in there, Daddy's working.

Jonathan: I'm about to surprise you. I'm about to give you a piece of information that most people, even if you've known me for years, even if you've heard me talking for years, you might not know. I've got a brother, a younger brother. Don’t feel bad if you didn't know this. I have, my in-laws, I've been with Rachel for a decade and a half and my in-laws have never even met him. He's a black sheep, prodigal son. My dad's always waiting for him to return with open arms, and my dad is a good fellow and I know that's what he's supposed to do. Me? Not so much. Not so much. [0:01:05.8]

I was just thinking about him. Yeah, I'm in the car again. I'm in the truck, riding down the highway and rapping with you, but as I'm driving, I'm thinking about when we got started in real estate and dad and I were investing. We were buying houses, fixing them up. Originally, we turned them into rentals and then we started to fix and flip. And I was a dummy back then because I used to… I would find deals. I would get the financing for the deals and then I'd strap on the tools and go work inside the deals because I didn't know any better. If your doing investing, I highly recommend that you do not do that, but that's a story for another day, of course. But anyways, dad, myself, my buddy Jason who was like a brother to me, we were all working in these properties, fixing them up, doing all different things - dry wall, electrical, sometimes we'd get into plumbing, flooring, all kinds of things. [0:02:11.3]

My actual brother, my biological brother, saw what dad and I were doing. He came around because he's always doing a disappearing act. He disappears and then he comes around. It's a cycle that's been going on for many, many, many years. But he saw what we were doing and decided that he wanted to get involved, so to speak. And when I say "involved," it's very limited - more like a silent partnership where he said he wanted to help us, but he never showed up. He never came when he said he was going to come to help us. He never really stayed as long as he said he would when he showed up and never really contributed anything other than saying "Yeah, I want a piece of this," with his giant, fat hand out waiting for us to fill it with money because he saw what we were doing and decided that he deserved some of that for some reason, even if he didn't put anything into it. [0:03:16.4]

If you can't tell, that bothers me just a little bit. Now, I really, I have this deep, dark pit in my soul for people who are entitled, who think they deserve things without putting anything out there and I'll say something that I heard from Earl Nightingale. If you guys have not studied Earl Nightingale's work, The Strangest Secret, it was an excellent, excellent program. You should go out there and get it. I believe it was The Strangest Secret. There was another program too. I don't know - I bounce back and forth between the two of them, but look - look for his programs. They are some of the best I've ever heard in my life and they will change the way you think and feel about yourself and the world that you are in and what you're capable of. [0:04:10.4]

Anyway, so he talks about, in one of those programs, he talks about the entitlement mentality and he says it's like a person who is sitting in front of a fireplace, they haven’t put any wood into the fireplace and they're rubbing their hands together, leaning forward and saying, give me heat, and then I'll give you wood. It doesn’t work that way. You got to go out and you got to find the wood. You got to chop the wood. You got to break it up, bring it into the house. You got to get some kindling. You got to put some work into start the fire. You got to stoke the fire. You got to put small logs and bigger logs and then finally, when all that is done, when you've put work in, when you've made an investment, that's when you get heat. The world right now, as I see it, is full of people who are entitled - "give me heat and then I'll give you wood." [0:05:08.8]

They think they deserve things and I'm not sure where this all came from, these special little snowflakes, but I know that it is screwed up and I feel bad for them that they don’t realize that it's necessary for them to put in work, to make an effort, to sow before they reap. And I don't know - is it TV? Is it commercials? Is it the media? I tend to think it is. I tend to think that people are getting warped by the media so they become more dependent on the state so that they can say take care of me, take care of me - I'll a little peon and I can't take care of myself - I need the state to take care of me, and that's how socialism is going to take over the United States. It's what I'm really afraid of. I don’t want to get down that rabbit hole, but I see it, those Bernie Sanders fans wanting to be taken care of because they are alive, because they are breathing, they're sucking air, they deserve to be taken care of? No. No. NO. [0:06:12.9]

That's not the way nature works. You adapt and survive or you die. If you're sitting there in the freezing cold in front of a fireplace and waiting for it to give you heat when you haven't put any wood into it, you deserve to die. That's no joke. A little extreme? Maybe, but you get the idea. People who do not contribute to this world do not deserve anything. Now of course there's people that can't take care of themselves. I'm talking about able-bodied people who do not make an impact, do not contribute to this world, do not create - then they don’t deserve to get anything. Yet, they're walking around entitled and that's … I've struggled with this and it's really screwed up my programming because obviously you can tell how I feel about that, that whole entitlement thing and so it's kind of screwed up my programming up until recently. [0:07:18.4]

And where it really hit me - I've told you guys about this where I'm taking, I'm doing 75 Hard and I still owe you a show on 75 Hard - anyways, I'm doing my morning walks and I'm listening to audio programs, personal development, business. Recently I have found another program - I don't know if I talked to you about this, but this is a must have. If you're into personal development, if you're into getting better, if you know that you're not living up to your potential, you must get this program. It's Bob Proctor and it's called You Were Born Rich. You can get it on Amazon Audible for about $15 I believe. Best $15 you will ever invest in your life, and the book is good. I like the audio program. Obviously, I'm walking and I'm not going to walk with a book in my hand, but I can walk with book in my ears. [0:08:08.4]

This program is amazing. I was walking around Lake Oela the other day and he was talking about that old giving and receiving being two sides of the same coin. You can't have one without the other. You got to be open to that. And I'm with that. I like that. I love that idea. Yes, I want to give and hell yeah, I want to receive. Of course. Why else would I be alive? But I struggled with this identity crisis where I don’t like entitled people. I can't stand entitlement and so, it messed with my ability to receive. It screwed up my head. And I think that's also in some programming out there - whether it's your church, your schools, people you hang around with, those people that have told you time and time again, it's better to give than receive. [0:09:08.3]

And somehow that was engrained in my head. I believed that and I took it hook, line and sinker. It's not true. It is not true. It is so false. The truth is it's better to receive, then give because once your cup is full, you'll have an overflow so that you can share, so that you can take care of yourself and those close to you and you can take care of more people. So, yeah - reality check. I had one. And now you might be having one with this thought. But I struggled with that and I struggled with entitlement and I struggled with the whole idea of receiving and it's taken .. I'm still, like right now, I'm much better than I used to be but sometimes I fall into that and really, the first thing you to be is aware that you're struggling with that. [0:10:12.3]

Because if you're aware that you're struggling with that, you can do something about it and so I noticed when I don’t accept a gift, I'm like "that's not right - I have to allow myself to receive" and I used to be like that. I used to be weird when people gave me a gift, but it's okay. Accept the gift. That's part of receiving. In order to give, you receive. In order to receive, you give. That's a circle of life. That's a circle of happiness. You have to be open to both sides of it or you will be incomplete. You will die. So I struggled with that, and that's why I am …I’m a slow mover. I'm not as successful as I want to be or maybe as I should be at my ripe old age of 41, now going on 42. I know that I could be more successful and it's because of that struggle with the idea of being entitled and I didn't want to always be receiving and things like that. [0:11:10.1]

It held me back and obviously I'm working through it and I'm sharing it with you so that you have the awareness. But there's this thing - when I listened to Bob Proctor, walking around the lake, he talked about expectancy. And really, I didn't get it. I've heard expectancy and I've heard about expecting good things to happen but I confused that with entitlement and I thought it was a bad thing. And so maybe you grew up like I did. Maybe you come from a world of scarcity where you grew up and you didn't have enough and you were always wondering when is the other shoe going to drop. You ever hear of that? Like the other shoe is going to drop. Something good happened, now where is the bad thing that comes with it? Man, when I started in business, I'll get a $50,000 check and be waiting to lose my ass on the next deal because I'm like, oh this deal went too well. I'm really, I'm in trouble. [0:12:05.6]

Why couldn't I just celebrate it? Why couldn't I expect to get that $50,000 check because we did a rehab. We bought right. We sold right. Because my programming was screwed up. Because I didn't know any better. Because I had nobody to teach me what the difference was between entitlement and expectancy. When you're out there, putting good things in the world, when you're out there giving, helping, making an impact, you should expect good things to happen for you because that's the way it works. You're putting good energy out into the world. Expect good energy to come back to you because you deserve it. You created that motion and that motion is going to come back to you. So this is a struggle that I'm still dealing with, but I'm getting better at it. I see, as I improve with this idea of expectancy, expecting good things to happen, expecting the best, expecting the best for myself, the world becomes a better place, a happier place. [0:13:09.1]

I'm in a better place right just thinking about this and sharing it with you. Expectancy is a good thing. Entitlement is a bad thing. Know the difference between the two. Entitlement is you not putting anything out into the world or putting bad vibes in the world or just expecting to get things out of the world when you have not put anything out there. You're bankrupt. Your account is empty. Expectancy is the other side. You fill up that piggy bank and you need to make a withdrawal? Well, hell yeah, there's going to be something in there for you because you have been filling it up. I want you to think about that, those two sides - expectancy versus entitlement. Live a life with expectancy. Be happier. Give more. Be more. Do more. Have more. [0:14:01.4]

That's it. I just wanted to share that with you today. Just - this is a life changing lesson. Listen to it five or six times until you really get it. And when you get it, when you understand that you are doing the right thing, if you're doing the right thing - if you're not, fix it. I just told you how to fix it. If you're doing the right thing, putting the right thing into the world, you will have more. You will be more. You will do more. Listen to this five or six times until it's drilled down into your head and start living a life of expectancy and you have the people around you right now that you can improve their lives by sharing this audio message with them, letting them understand that there is a better world for them. Share this message with them, right now. Do not wait. I'll be back in your ear buds next time, and I expect you to come back and be here with me. Daddy's out.

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