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It’s almost impossible to follow your dreams without the support of others.

When those closest to us believe in our ideas and dreams, they propel us forward, give us strength, and help us overcome self-doubt and fatigue.

If you have a dream – no matter how big or small – that you believe is connected to your purpose, today’s episode is going to give you a framework for getting the green light from your spouse so you can pursue that dream knowing you have their full support – especially when they’re hesitant to help or slow to understand.

Here Are The Highlights:
– A valuable life lesson from a jet ski ride (2:00)
– The ‘real’ resistance holding you back from pursuing your dream (5:20)
– What to do before speaking with your spouse (9:00)
– How to ask for support…without sounding like you’re seeking permission (14:50)
– One vital thing you must do after you get the green light from your spouse (18:40)

If you’re not engaging in conversation with your spouse out of fear that it might not end well, today’s episode will help you summon the courage to go into that conversation with complete confidence and the clarity of what to say.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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