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Get ready to shake up your approach to time management in this episode of Brilliant Balance. Cherylanne is looking into the concept of time orientation, helping you figure out if you're more of a structured, time-rigid type or if you thrive in a go-with-the-flow, time-fluid vibe.

You'll learn how your natural time orientation affects your planning, relationships, and overall satisfaction, and Cherylanne shares some practical tips for navigating the complexities of time in our modern world.

If you're a working woman seeking to strike a balance between structure and spontaneity, this episode is a must-listen!

Show Highlights:

  • Uncover your time orientation and learn to harness it. [00:43]
  • Why do we need to understand people’s time orientation? [02:21]
  • How to know if you are time-rigid or time-fluid [06:07]
  • This is how the concept of time varies in different cultures. [08:16]
  • Are you someone who craves structure and order? [10:38]
  • How someone’s time orientation can be a source of conflict [12:27]
  • The key to conflict resolution with different time orientations. [15:58]
  • Learn about the hidden power of under planning. [17:10]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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