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In this episode, Cherylanne discusses the secrets of achieving true prosperity with financial entrepreneur Mackey McNeill. You’ll discover how being clear about what money means to you can help you develop financial strategies that bring you peace and freedom. You'll also learn why having someone guide you on your path to financial growth isn't just smart – it can be crucial for navigating the journey to wealth with confidence.

Don't miss Mackey's personal stories and the chance to claim your free copy of her insightful book. It's time to take control and shape your financial future!

Show Highlights:

  • The secrets of achieving prosperity. [00:43]
  • Discover the pathway of becoming an entrepreneur. [04:59]
  • Learn about the three types of freedom crucial in achieving your goals. [09:41]
  • Do you dream of enjoying your life without financial constraints? [11:50]
  • How does financial stress impact decision-making? [13:49]
  • Empower yourself through personalized financial planning. [19:49]
  • How can we find clarity in our financial goals? [25:48]
  • Discover how financial child identity impacts your business plans. [30:02]
  • Can professional financial coaching bring peace of mind? [34:18]
  • Acquiring knowledge is the first step towards prosperity. [37:21]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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