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Having the perfect plan can feel like a safety net. You just know it’s going to  set you up for smooth sailing, so you feel fully in control…until you don’t. 

In fact, overplanning can backfire…and when it does you're left with even more things to do, which causes unnecessary stress. Overplanning can block your intuition and keep your day from unfolding with the ease and flow you crave.

In this episode, you’ll discover why some of the most productive people have started to plan less and what you can learn from them. 

Show highlights include:

  • How having a plan enhances your relationships and makes you feel like a better mom. (5:40)
  • Finding balance between procrastinating and over-planning (while still being in control).  (10:10)
  • The ‘Top Three’ ideas for feeling successful and inspired at the end of the day (even if you didn’t do everything). (14:50)
  • The Vacation approach for tackling to-do lists (without feeling handcuffed to the clock). (19:38)
  • How to be more productive (and still make room for self-care) with a blank space. (21:48)


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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