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But while it feels good in the moment, going overboard for the holidays can have lasting financial and emotional consequences.

In this episode, I discuss common areas of holiday excess and strategies you can use right away to overcome the guilt of overindulgence while still enjoying yourself.

Show highlights include:

  • 4 words that give you guidance and perspective on all your holiday decisions (2:35)
  • Three areas where overindulgence can ruin your holidays (3:34)
  • The low-tech “Circle Method” for managing your time during the holiday season so you don’t burn out and start resenting your family (5:37)
  • The secret to eliminating meaningless traditions that stress you out (and no one really cares about) (7:48)
  • The “2 and 2 Framework” for avoiding the morning after effect of overconsumption during holiday events (11:57)
  • 4 thoughtful ways to avoid debt and clutter from overgifting (12:23)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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