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Kids grow up thinking they can be anything when they grow up. A doctor, an astronaut… a YouTuber…

Maybe you believed it too. 

But somewhere along the line, life smacks us in the face and trains us to be “realistic”. 

We lose faith in ourselves and give up on our dreams. 

If you’re surrounded by negative influences, you might think you’ve got it harder than others. Maybe it’s true.

But in the 21st century, you can choose your influences and turn your disadvantage into the strength to take on any challenge. 

In this episode you’ll discover how to shape your influences with the help of the internet. After listening to this episode, you’ll feel equipped to take on any goal – no matter how “impossible” it seems today. 

Listen now! 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why obsessively copying successful entrepreneurs lets you pave your unique path to wealth (9:55) 
  • How to get a $200,000 keynote speaker to mentor you for free online (even if he doesn’t know you) (10:50) 
  • Turn YouTube’s “distraction algorithm” into your personal mindset coach who helps you become successful (12:27)
  • How to breeze through your to-do list by accessing “motivation on tap” (even if you feel like lazing on the couch all day) (13:47) 
  • Why getting out of bed when your alarm rings is the first step to becoming a millionaire (16:24) 
  • How to identify “negative coaches” in your life so you can replace them with mentors who help you win (17:58) 

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Do you ever feel stuck in the rat race? Life doesn't have to be that way. If you're willing to put in the work, in “bigger vision”, Chris Garrison helps you discover the keys to abundance, freedom, and personal growth, that let you live the life of your dreams. And now here's your host, Chris Garrison.

(00:32): Welcome everybody. It's Chris Garrison with the bigger vision podcast where we talked about the mindset, the business, and the investing. I'm glad you're tuning in the day. And we're gonna talk about the topic of, you know, even Michael Jordan had a coach and it really makes you think one of the greatest players in the NBA had a coach, even at the height of his career. Well, was it the coach that got him there or it just the natural ability? And I'm gonna tell you, I believe it was a combination of both. I I've seen it happen in my life. I've seen it happen in others life, and we have all seen it happen in what we would consider celebrities lives, great athletes, especially. So, you know, in your early years, we all aspire to be great in life. And in our early years, we have great big dreams and aspirations as kids.

(01:30): And then as we're moving through life into adulthood, life begins to train us how to think our experiences begin to dictate our thought pro processes. So if you're in a, in an atmosphere where it's very optimistic, you are led to believe that you can do anything that you want to do. And you're given the support. You're given the tools so that you're able to go out and you feel like you're able to achieve those things. Then that environment at that culture will cultivate a greater experience for you in life. On the flip side, if you are in an environment where there's a bunch of strife, a bunch of stress is not a place of safety, and you're always left without, from the point of food, all the, to education and schooling and friendship. And just anything those might dictate your thought processes into thinking that you can't achieve as much as other individuals that you might see in life.

(02:39): Now, I'm not saying this is a crutch. I'm saying that this right here might put a hurdle in your life that is going to make you have to push harder, but there's something very special in the push that you find when you're coming from a circumstance like that. I've also often heard Jim Rome talk about how the process to becoming a millionaire, that development process is necessary. And it's the person you become that the money follows. It's not the person following the money. Let me say that it again, the person that you become, the money follows that person, not the person following the money. That's why you see so many lottery winners go bankrupt. You also see so many athletes go bankrupt as well. It's because that developmental process in finance financial literacy was not acquired. They got instant fame, instant money per se, off of a skillset that had nothing to do with financial literacy and they were unable to manage it.

(03:53): So as we're moving through life, we find our experiences in the culture, cultivating our mindset and our belief of what we can do. There's something called leverage and to offset our experiences in life. We are able to leverage other people's experiences that have gone before us. So how Chris, what the heck are you talking about, man? You was talking about Michael Jordan coaches. I thought you was about to talk about sports is probably what you're thinking. No, listen to me. So if you can reach into the future and grab someone's experience and pull it back and stand on the shoulders of that experience, would you not do that to bypass, ask the losses to bypass the hours? This is how you Rob time, right here. You can seriously Rob time by reaching in to someone else's experience, leveraging that experience so that you are able to stand on top of their shoulders, their experience, and avoid the failures and avoid the losses and avoid the confusion that someone that didn't have that experience leverage would have to go through.

(05:11): So I found this in my life when I was in my twenties, I had got married at an early age at 20 thought. I knew who I was, what I wanted. I was matured. I had all of those thoughts. And if I had leveraged someone else's experience that had gone before me now, I was the typical 20 year old that thought I knew it all in that area anyway. And if I had taken a step back and listened to some of the older generation that said, Hey, why you in such a rush? Why don't you just wait? Then I might not have had a, a divorce at 30 because I might have skipped that experience because I would have, I would've realized that that wasn't the person that I needed to live my entire life with because I would've realized that neither one of us were developed to the point that we even knew what we wanted in life.

(06:06): So I didn't leverage experience in that situation. But now, as I got towards the end of my twenties and I hit that 30 mark, some things started changing in my life, cuz I got so tired of the current life that I was living. I got extremely hungry and desperate and I was just whatever it took, something was about to change in my life. So I began to make changes so that I could see some changes. And in the process while I was making those changes, I began to enter into a coaching situation, to a coaching atmosphere, to a mentorship atmosphere. And I never met these mentors. Before that I started putting in my life as mentors. You know, I hopped on YouTube and I started following grant Cardone because the words that he was speaking started resonating with me and they began to influence my mood.

(06:56): They began to influence my desire and passion to be great in business, to have money because money would allow me to have options. They began, his words began to influence me in marketing myself and my business and creating a brand because now that people knew who I was they would, I would have more as well. You know, life is just about opportunity. That's what I chase. I chase opportunity because opportunity is going to give me a quality of life that is worth living. Opportunity is going to allow me to feel the sense of freedom. Opportunity is going to allow me to have any dream that I want. Think about that. When there is ample opportunity, salespeople will call it when your pipeline's full, you know, get your sales leads, pack that pipeline full and then you'll live life and react out of abundance.

(07:52): And there will be confidence in your communication with your consumer because there's not a lack of scarcity. But when there there's not a lot of opportunity when there's not a lot of leads over here. Then at that point, you begin to come across as needy. You begin to come across as not as confident and therefore they feel like you're being more selfless, selfish in the process. And it's all about you in the process. Well, that is the same way in life. When you are sitting there without opportunities, then you began to act more selfishly when you don't have an, a mindset of abundance because you're not living in abundance because you have it made those choices to allow abundance, to surround you and don't get me wrong. Sometimes you fake it till you make it in the, in the beginning when you're just broke as a joke, like I was in my twenties, living off the government because of my poor choices.

(08:48): Yeah, you do have to start faking it till you make it in the sense of your mind. In the sense of your mind, you have to tell your mind as though it already is because then your body will begin to respond in that manner. And you consciously make those decisions that will respond in a manner of abundance. That is why we push for bettering ourself because we need to live in date of abundance. We've gotta have a mindset abundance. And when there is options around, you can have that mindset. So how can we help ourselves have that mindset? We reach out and we find someone that's already gone before us, that path we reach out and we try our best to bring value to someone else that is before us doing what we want to do, identify the person that is doing something that you want to do successfully, not the one that sits there and speaks a bunch of junk, but has no proof that they're successful.

(09:48): If they're unsuccessful, do not listen to their words because if you wanna be unsuccessful, go ahead. But if you want to be successful, then study the successful. Whatever success is to you. At that point, you identify what your success is and you find someone else that is living that life. And then you start to study what they do, how they act, how they speak, how they spend their time, what their lifestyle looks like. And you begin to mimic that lifestyle until you can allow origination originality to start taking place. It's okay to mimic. That is why we want coaches and mentors in our life because it gives us an example so that we can mimic. And then after you get that routine in your own life, then at that point can start getting creative. Then at that point you can start allowing originality to spring forth.

(10:42): And now it's Chris. Garrison's way of doing life, not grant Cardones. So what I did is I started watching grant Cardone and taking in his message and taking in his courage that he was speaking, saying, anybody can do this. You can get financially literate. It's the financially illiterate that are trying to hold you back. Financial literacy is here and it boils down to massive action. It boils down to believing that you can do it. It boils down to getting in the right vehicle. That is going take you down the path of financial success, the so that you can have those opportunities and you can begin to bless others around you. And I, I just grabbed a hold of that message of hope because I, I had came out of a place of such negativity in my twenties. Seriously, I just lived in a place of negativity.

(11:37): I had to completely rechange the, my thought processes. I had to completely reframe the way I thought. And I had to restructure my actions to help reframe the way I thought. And one of those actions was absorbing content from mentors, coaches that I've never met in my entire life. I've never met grant Cardone. I've never been in the same building with him. He holds these big ass conferences and I've never attended one, but his free content that he stuck on YouTube literally changed my life. And didn't begin to listen to other and, and, and adopt other mentors and coaches that had the same message like Jim, Ron, like Les miles, like ed Mylet. And there's a couple of more that would pop up because once here's the cool thing about algorithms, especially when you're on these platforms, once you start, they see that you like certain video and you're clicking and you're watching this certain type of content.

(12:36): And this content's labeled in the background with hashtags and all this other stuff, you, they start feeding you more of that content and you get more exposure to that style of content that you're watching in individually. After I started absorbing this free content and implementing this mentorship, these coaches into my life that were also free because they offered this for free on these platforms. I began to develop and grow and my skillset started getting better. My chest and shoulder started pulling back and I was getting more confident. And I was beginning to see small wins in my, like waking up in the morning when my alarm went off and showing up at work and, and moving through my task, that was going to propel me further in my business and grow my business and then putting, implementing a workout regimen so that I physically started looking and feeling better and felt stronger.

(13:36): And my endorphins were pumping and my heart rate had gotten up and my blood was flowing and all of these things began to just grow my life. And it wasn't all at once. It was one step of, I feel so shitty this morning, I'm going to listen to a motivational video until I feel better. And then I, after I listened to the motivational video, then I, I had a little more pep. Now it might have been like 10 videos in a row some days. And some days I had to get all the way through lunch. And I had to just decide that I was not gonna spend my entire day living in an attitude of negativity and an attitude of lack. But these videos, this content that I had playing in my ear was changing my thought processes. My coaches were telling me, you can do it.

(14:25): My coaches were telling me that it's achievable, that it's not out of reach. That all it takes is to take action. That it's small steps that Mount up to big leaps, that it is the longevity of the run that equals the massive success that it is when you feel resistant, she push and lean into it because that resistance will grow. You. Diamonds are made under pressure muscles grow when they're pushed under pressure. And when you have the resistance that you just keep pushing against and pushing against, because it is the physicality is the anatomy makeup that things will grow when they're constantly being pushed against re and they constantly have resistance. And I just began to see my life develop. And then my days started getting better. And then I started seeing my bank account grow and I started seeing my notoriety grow. And I started seeing my network increase in caliber.

(15:27): I started seeing more positivity in my network, more positivity in my life. I began to enjoy life and love life and would wake up in the morning. And I would be like, man, life is so good to live. This was a complete contrast from my twenties where I woke up and I thought, oh, let's just make it through today. But now my coaches and mentors have trained me. They were there by my side when I didn't want to do it. When I didn't wanna push through the day they were in my ear telling me, Hey, you're not gonna get anywhere without making action. You're not gonna get anywhere without confronting the resistance without confronting your, your fears. It, it is that resistance. That's building you. This is a part of the process. The resistance is there to make you greater. See it's all apart. Life happens for you, not to you.

(16:23): And without that resistance in those walls, the development that is required for us on the next level is not gonna be developed. You know, once you taste success, you're addicted and the more you taste it, the more you're addicted. That's why it's so important that you do those small wins. Make your bed up in the morning. Wake up. When you said you was gonna wake up, go to the gym. If you said you were gonna go to the gym, skip the beer at night. If you said you was gonna skip the beer at night, whatever those promises you're making to yourself, those right there, your small wins. Those right there are giving you your confidence and your coaches. If you have 'em in your life again, they don't have to be physically in your realm. Some of the best coaches do one doin conversations. They stand on a Facebook and make a post.

(17:12): They stand on YouTube. They make a post. They stand on LinkedIn and they make a post. Whatever their platform is, they're making a post because they understand that their impact will be much greater and higher through the multitude speaking one to many, compared to a one on one coaching. Plus when you're broke, you can't afford a high level coach. So as you're developing in your early age stages, you leverage their platforms that they've built for free for you to sit there and absorb one of the greatest things that achievements that they have in life. I guarantee you is the opportunity that they can affect another life positively. So make sure you're getting the right influences. Make sure you've got the coaches in your life because without a coach, now you've got coaches in your life. Let me take a step back. You do have coaches in your life, but now are they the coaches you want in your life?

(18:07): We've got a ton of them that teach just negativity. We've got a ton of 'em that tell us is too risky. We have a ton of coaches in our life. If you've not already developed positive coaches in the correct coaches that are sitting there holding you back, because now you've got the weight of their word, the weight of their lack, the weight of, of their inability to be able to achieve because of their lack of self development that you're trying to pull along with. You cut those straps, cut those ropes. Let go of those things that are in your life that are constantly telling you, it's gonna be hard to do this. I know it's hard to do it. Life's freaking hard, but I tell you what, it's better when you get into routine of small wins, because those small wins equal up to one battles.

(18:58): Okay? I want you to live in success. Make sure you get a coach in your life. If you don't have a coach in your life, then you can plug in to one area. You can find a coach. You can plug in to the Facebook, bigger, a vision group. It's free. We drop content there. I release my podcast episodes. There we have weekly lives with individuals that are doing massive things in the world that are living in success, building their success. We never stop building. We never stop achieving success. The only way you stop is if you decide to stop, then your potential self is gonna look at you at the end of your life and is gonna wish that you had grown yourself because there was so much talent that was wasted. If you are not constantly pushing past your comfort zone, constantly growing and constantly making your way to the perfect.

(19:51): She, you, that is standing there waiting for you to find yourself. Let's limit success today. If you like this content, then please hop on the platform that you're listening to give me a five star review. Write me something in the comments. This helps me on the algorithms so that other people can get exposed to this content. And hopefully we will make an impact through the message that's being delivered on this and people that really need the encouragement, people that need the exposure to those positive coaching moments. It will help them hit get past their hurdle. It will help them push past and have the positivity to jump out and start their business to brand themselves on social media, to have a better mentality and have self development. I just wanna see people win. I love you guys. I appreciate you tuning in and until next time live in success,

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