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Everyone says they want riches, freedom, to travel wherever they want…

But most people never get there because they lack the discipline.

If you’ve got the discipline, there’s still one thing that could hold you back – a strong why.

Without a strong why, you’ll give up before you ever see the first sign of success.

Having that “why” gives you the guts to “lean into resistance” and exercise the kind of discipline that almost guarantees success.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to find your why, so you stop spinning your wheels and start taking action. And then you’ll find out how to shape your environment so no distraction or difficult task can get between you and your goals.

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • Why growing up broke and unmotivated practically doubles your chances of becoming rich and disciplined (4:10)
  • The easy way to make bad habits impossible (even if you’ve held onto them for years)(6:20)
  • The “full spiderweb” model that helps propel you into abundance (7:16)
  • The only two reasons you haven’t reached your goals yet (8:44)

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Do you ever feel stuck in the rat race? Life doesn't have to be that way. If you're willing to put in the work in “bigger vision”, Chris Garrison helps you discover the keys to abundance, freedom and personal growth that let you live the life of your dreams. And now here's your host, Chris Garrison.

Chris: Welcome everybody. It's Chris Garrison and you've made it to “the bigger vision” podcast where we talk about mindset, business and investing. And I appreciate you taking your time out of your day, whether you're standing at the gym, trying to better yourself, driving down the road, getting some windshield time, sitting in the break room at work, whatever the case may be. Maybe you're just sitting on a Sunday afternoon and you're trying to increase your self-development. And this is your first time listening.

I just appreciate the fact that you decided to tune in. So today we're going to talk about the “why” not the who, not the how, but the why. So there's a why behind everything that we do, every choice that we make, every action that we take, there's a why there's something that pushes us to do that. And when you begin to move out of your comfort zone and you begin to find growth, you’re going to have pressure. (01:34)

You're going to have resistance, and it's going to shake you. It's going to make you wonder why you're doing what you're doing and is it worth it? That's what I'm talking about. When I say the why, your why needs to be great enough so that you are willing to push past the resistance, so that you are willing to get past the hardship. Let's take the gym. This is an example that gets used quite often, and it's because it's a good example.

Your “why”, is you want to have a good physique? You want to have a healthier life when you go to the gym, but it is crappy the first week or two. It sucks getting up super early in the morning and having to sweat and get your body active and pushing. And then you're sore the next day. And if you're an afternoon worker, maybe you're getting off work and you're just tired. (02:32)

And you really just want to go home and have a good meal and chill out and enjoy not pushing past or pushing your limits with your body. So when you go to the gym, you've got a resistance that you're having to push past so that you can find growth, because you've heard the old saying “that diamonds are made with pressure”. And that just simply means that to find growth. There is going to be a level of resistance that you have to lean into. And that's why so many people quit the gym because their why wasn't great enough and their discipline wasn't strong enough. So how do we make sure a why is great enough?

We need to be hungry for it. Let me tell you my why, the reason that I get up and go to work. And I discipline myself and I implement things like the gym, saying my affirmations, listening to content to help me in my mindset, to help me in my understanding of financial literacy. (03:36)

Instead of listening to the radio, the reason that I put structure into my life, and anytime that I find insufficiency, I'm trying to make it better is because I want to be extremely successful financially, because I feel that if I have a ton of money, I have a ton of choices. And at that point I have lifestyle freedom.

My why, is lifestyle freedom. Because in my twenties, I was broke as a joke in my twenties, I made bad decisions, lacked discipline, structure and consistency. And I never had money. I was in a position one time where I was about to run out of gas and I closed into the gas station and I had to ask for $5 worth of gas, just so that I could get to my mother-in-law's house. And those are feelings and emotions that I never want to experience again. (04:38)

Those feelings and emotions made me stronger and extremely hungry for success financially. And when I see others living in financial success, it makes me desire it even more. So I put myself around individuals in their influence, whether it's physically in front them, or just visually in front of them, if it's a YouTube or audibly in front of them, if it's a podcast, whatever the case is, I put myself in front of the influence of those that are doing and achieving the things that I want to do and achieve.

And that allows me to keep pushing when it's tough. That allows me to remember the vision that I had painted and the why that has me pushing, discipline, consistency and structure is the why. (05:39)

Here's what I want to say about the why. The why is not enough by itself, your why is needed, but without the culture, the environment to grow and sustain the why. you are going to fail. Self discipline is not enough for you to achieve your ambitious goals.

You have to structure your environment and the culture that you live in to push you into success, so that you can reach your goals. Let me give you an example. Let's say that you wake up in the morning and you immediately pull your phone off the nightstand and you start listening or tuning in and scrolling through Facebook. And before, you know, it's 30 to 45 minutes spent maybe even longer, how do you stop that habit? Well, maybe you take that phone and you stick it in another room or you stick it where you have to get out of bed. (06:40)

So you stick it on the opposite end of the room so that when the alarm goes off, you don't roll over, hit snooze, hit stop, and then you open it up to Facebook and scroll mindlessly through Facebook. Instead you have to get up and get moving. So you're going to hit the stop on the phone, because you're out of bed. You're not going to go lay back in bed. You go hop in the shower. You go to the gym, whatever your routine is, you build the environment to allow you to reach where you're trying to go. And it supports your why.

Everything is connected, just like a spider web that allows you to walk in the manner that you want to walk. That allows you to move in whatever direction that you want to go. And if you start cutting portions of that web out like your discipline, your consistency, your structure, and routine, then you're not going to be able to focus on your why. (07:42)

Your why is going to be too weak to propel you into your future self. So let's make sure that you understand what your why is, and that it's a strong enough why for you to push past the resistance. And then let's build the environment. Let's build that culture that allows you to flourish. You can't plant a flower and not feed it water and expect it to grow. You can't set goals and not put the action and the environment around it and expect yourself to achieve them. You've got to build that environment that allows your why to grow. That allows you to sustain the momentum so that you can achieve the goals that you want to achieve. Why is super important, but without the support system behind it, you'll fail every single time. (08:41)

Why do people fail at the gym? Because they didn't build the environment that they needed to sustain themselves in that discipline and most of the time it's just they didn't have a big enough why. They saw a Jenny Craig and said, “I'm going to lose a little bit of weight”, but they didn't think far enough into the future and say, what am I going to feel like 20 years down the road.

If I stay in this path of action that I currently do, this action of lacking discipline. Discipline is tough in the beginning, but after you have taken the journey, the path down discipline, it gets easier because now it becomes a habit and this habit becomes a part of your life. It's just, this is what I do. But in the beginning it is a hundred percent discipline and it doesn't feel good because discipline requires you to lean into resistance so that you can find growth. (09:46)

Let's make sure our why is strong enough. Let's make sure we build the environment around our why that will support it and let's put the action in place with consistent discipline. I want you to live in success. If you enjoyed this episode, then please smash the like button, the subscribe button, give me a five star review. Let me know what you thought about it. Let me know if you had something to add to it that might allow the audience to benefit from what you're having to say.

Let me know if you didn't like it and then maybe I can make some changes so that I can make this better. We're always learning. I'm constantly bettering myself and trying to perform at a higher level and check us out on Facebook. We do have a free Facebook group, “bigger vision” Facebook group. It's a free community. A lot of great content gets dropped there. (10:41)

The larger this community grows and the more contributors that are in that community, the more value it's going to give and the better we are going to be from that value. Also, you can find me on the web at www.mybiggervision.com. You'll be able to get some real estate content there. I've got a plugin that also has all of my podcasts that you're able to play. And you could share that for whatever reason, if you didn't wamt to share the platform that you're listening on, but more importantly, when you do the like, the subscribe and the five star review, it helps the algorithm on the platform that you're listening to. And it allows me to get in front of other individuals that could be affected in a positive way from this content. I appreciate it so much for you taking time out of your day, live in success. And until next time. (11:31)

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