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As children, we have no problems believing we’ll grow up to be astronauts, presidents and ninjas.

Yet as adults, we have a hard enough time believing we’ll make it to the gym 3x a week.

After years of being told “you can’t” by parents, teachers and authorities, it’s not your fault if you hold limiting beliefs. But regardless of who’s to blame, those limiting beliefs need to be dealt with if you ever want to escape the rat race.

By the end of this episode, you’ll discover how to erase the limiting beliefs that hold you back from success and live the life of your choosing.

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • How to wipe your brain free of limiting beliefs for less than $100 (2:03)
  • Two places to find people who will devote their lives to your abundance (without asking for a penny in return!) (2:34)
  • Where to invest your money to reach abundant wealth faster (don’t even think about real estate, stocks or crypto yet!) (2:59)
  • How to turn casual conversations into a “waterfall” of revenue streams that ensure you’ve always got money coming in (4:34)
  • The “problem solver law” that determines who gets all the money (and who hustles but never makes it) (9:10)
  • The two assets you can build now that would let you build back your wealth (even if you lost it all) (9:40)
  • 5 habits that let you “slack off” while your mind does all the work required for success (10:59)

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Do you ever feel stuck in the rat race? Life doesn't have to be that way. If you're willing to put in the work, in “bigger vision”, Chris Garrison helps you discover the keys to abundance, freedom, and personal growth,that let you live the life of your dreams. And now here's your host. Chris Garrison.

Chris: Welcome everybody. It’s Chris Garrison, on the “bigger vision'' podcast, where we talk about mindset, business, and investing. I’m super excited that you decided to tune in today. I definitely appreciate you taking the time out of your day to hear what I've got to say. Hopefully it will help push you into your future and your goals and help you achieve more.
And I want to talk about limiting belief today, ‘‘our limiting belief’’, we only do what we believe we can do. And many times we think we can't do it, or we think that something is preventing us from doing it. If you think about when you were a kid, or if you ever listened to kids, their dreams and our dreams when we were kids are massive. We don't have that limiting belief until we begin to go through life and realize that there's disappointment. (01:34)

And we have people tell us, you can't do that. Well, you're going to have to do this. If you're able to do that, it's going to be hard. I've never seen anybody be able to do it. Those are the types of comments that start to play on your mind and begin to give you that limiting belief that you can even achieve what you want to achieve. But as kids, we don't have that influence in our lives yet, we don't have those experiences yet.
One thing I've noticed that has really allowed me to get past the limiting belief is investing and I'm talking about investing in myself. The very first investment you should ever make in life is in yourself. If you've got a thousand dollars to spend, you need to spend it on yourself. If you've got only a hundred dollars to spend, you need to spend it on yourself. (02:25)

There’s a lot of avenues where you don't have to spend any money to invest in yourself. One way of doing that is, hopping on YouTube. Another way is hopping on podcasts like this, there's so much free content of individuals out there that are trying to make an impact in the world and leave a legacy that they're dropping all of their experiences and knowledge that they've gained so that they can help others, and leave a legacy that can help change the world.

Start there, then at that point, when you've got extra money, start investing it in yourself, pay to get in the rooms with individuals that are like-minded and growth with individuals that are doing massive things, get in those rooms you're scared to go into because you feel like you're so small and not even deserving to be in that room. (03:19)

Those are the exact rooms that you need to be placing yourself, because those are the rooms where your mindset is expanded, where your vision is enlarged. At that point, you are able to see that there is more possible than just your current daily routine. You might be really well off. You might have seven figures a year coming in. You may have less than six figures a year coming in, but there is always room to grow.

There’s always a level of more abundance that is in the hands of those that know how to be good stewards and make an impact on this earth. That is why it's so important to have abundance. Now, the flip side, you're going to be able to create the lifestyle that you want to create, but at some point money stops buying and you get a little bored. (04:15)

At that point you realize giving is where it's really at, “giving’’ is where you truly will be fulfilled in life because you're able to impact someone else's life. I was having a conversation with a lady today, we were at the “bigger vision” meet up.

We do that twice a month here at Tupelo, Mississippi. And we've got a facebook group called “bigger vision.” Hop on in there.

It's free membership, a lot of good content, a good crowd, we got several hundred. I’d like to see us have several thousand. The more you get, the more impact the group will have because we've got that much more in individuals that are contributing to the group. You can also look us up on the website, ( www.mybiggervision.com ) and there's some real estate content on the website. (05:11)

Please check us out on the Facebook group. Then if you find this content relevant and helpful, leave us a five star review, a comment, like and Share it. If you've got future subjects you want to hear about, then please mention those. I would love to hear that so I can try to speak on those. I don't know a whole lot, but I do know some, and I'm here to share my experiences.

I was talking to the lady at lunch today at the meet up. And we were talking about mindset and being in the right rooms. I mentioned how, because I was in the right rooms. This last year has just been an exponential growth for me. And I'm really looking forward to 2022 and what it has in store and how I was able to get on a webinar about forex trading. (06:01)

I'd not looked into that before, but I had some people that I knew and trusted out of my real estate group that were in a crypto chat. And in that crypto chat, it mentioned forex and then that took me to the webinar so that I could understand. And now I'm going to open up an account and start investing at really great returns.

And what that's doing is just creating new revenue streams, drip over here and a drip over there. Eventually it feels like a waterfall when you get enough droplets. And that's what it's about. And these droplets are passive, I’m not trading my time for this money. (06:41)

I am able to allow my money to work for me, just like the wealthy do. And in the beginning, you are going to trade your time. In the beginning, you're trading a lot of time and you're being very disciplined. And then over a period of time, you start taking that money and you start putting it into areas that you're not trading time for and you partner up. So I'm partnering up with the software and operator for the forex trading. I partnered up with an operator on my ecommerce store.

I partnered up with investors for my real estate. Private investors come in and I give them a great return, a double digit return on their money while I have it. And it's in a safe asset class, one of the safest asset classes that you could invest in and blow in the bank's returns out of the water and blowing the stock market out of the water for them, because it's a lot safer. We don't have a market crash. (07:35)

The real estate is still going to be there. And I'm buying at such good values that I will always have an exit strategy to be able to get my investors back, even if all hell breaks loose. I was talking to this lady and I was telling her about how I was looking into that.

And she said, I just get very scared and nervous to venture off into things like that Forex or crypto that you were talking about. She said, I’m a single mom, I’ve got my catering business. And I just know I've got nobody to fall back on, or to be dependent upon. And I said, what you're telling me right now is you don't have enough confidence in yourself, because if you had enough confidence in yourself, then you would know that you would be able to regenerate what you might possibly lose. (08:28)

That would give you a lot more confidence to push forward and lean into the fear so that you could accomplish new achievements. And I said, the very first thing that you should be investing in is yourself. And I told her, I could lose it all today. Yes, it's going to sting and I'll probably whine for a day about it.

And then I'm going to get up and say I know what I've got to do. I know that I've got to hit the streets and communicate with people and then go solve a problem. And then at that point, I'm going to be able to create money because money will follow problem solvers because there's a ton of problems out there. Plenty of people are going to bring a problem to you.

Very few people will bring a solution. If you're one of those that brings the solution because you're resourceful and you say, no matter what, I'm going to figure this out, then money is going to follow you. You’re going to get it. Money is out there to be given to those that solve problems. That's what you need to do, you need to start investing in yourself. (09:38)

You need to start building your mindset up, that you are dominant, that you can do whatever you want to do, that you could lose it all and you could regain it. It may take a year. It may take five years. It may take 10 years, but you're going to regain it. And you're going to gain more than what you lost. First of all, you got your experience, you’ve got your connections, those relationships that already know you.

Those two things will allow you to gain the ground that you've lost much quicker than what it took you to get to where you were before. Because now you've got those resources that are your works. Nobody else can take those from you. (10:20)

That’s why it's so important to make sure that you've got relationship capital, you're networking and meeting new people, getting in the room, bringing value to those people and building those relationships. Because ultimately you can go wherever you want to go with relationship capital. You don't need any money to make large humongous achievements.

As long as you have relationship capital and to have relationship capital, you have to get past your limiting beliefs and put yourselves in proximity to those individuals. Our mind is an extremely powerful thing. And many of us let it work against us instead of working for us. I want you to let your mind work for you. I want you to understand that it's only a few elements for you to live in success. Those elements are educate yourself, networking, getting around the right people, discipline yourself, take action, and be consistent with that action. (11:27)

Get your morning routine, get a routine that gets your day started off right. And don't break that routine. Feel like it's life or death for you to do that. Take one step at a time. Don’t sit there and say, I'm cutting everything out. I'm only eating vegetables and I'm cutting everything else out. I'm going to get up and work two hours a day at the gym. You won't sustain it, if you wake up at seven, say I'm going to get up at six and then get up at six every day.

Then maybe you can do some jumping jacks. If you're not used to doing any physical activity, you can start going to the gym and say, I'm going to spend 30 minutes at the gym, 15 on the treadmill, 15 doing some weights. And then you just start building this. You stack the brick on top of the brick of these positive actions and this routine. (12:24)

It begins to build confidence in you because you are making a commitment to yourself that you are following through on. And that's what it's about. You got to build yourself, you got to get your confidence level built so that you know that you can do it and you don't have to get somebody to lean on. You shouldn't have to get anybody that you fall back on because ultimately it's all about you.

It's about what you can do. It’s about what you are able to do. It’s about what you're going to do. You hold full responsibility, you've got the keys to your life. Nobody else does, taking full responsibility for everything that happens in your life, gives you the access to control your life. (13:10)

Set up the morning routine, start listening to motivational speeches on YouTube. Start listening to or getting in the room with individuals that are doing big things. Don’t hang out with the folks that are Netflixing and chilling every single day, that's hitting the bars up and just chilling at the bars in the restaurants, on the weekends and doing their party, don’t hang out with the individuals that are saying (I can't wait until Friday). Your week should never stop there.

Your life should have it built in so that you're constantly investing in yourself. And then in that process, you're going to get hungry for other things, because you're going to get around people that are doing big things. You can either be in the room with those that are growing, or you can be in the room with those that are stagnant and it's going to rub off on you. (14:00)

Whichever influence you allow into your atmosphere, that culture will influence you no matter what anybody else tells you. So make sure you're getting in the right rooms, make sure that you're letting the right influences happen. Make sure that you're doing the right routine. And you're keeping the commitments to yourself. Make sure that you're being consistent with those actions and your mindset will stop being limited and it will become a dreamer.

You will become a believer in yourself and the ability that you can do whatever you want to do. I want you to live in success. I appreciate the time that you tuned in today. Remember don't have the limiting belief, have the belief system that you can do whatever you want to do and take the risk because with great risk, there is great reward. I want you to live in success! Thank you.(14:55)

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