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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • How “checking the boxes” of being a good Christian like going to church every Sunday strains your relationship with God (8:21) 
  • Why your relationship with God protects you from getting angry at life’s biggest punches in the gut like being cut from an NFL team or not getting a promotion you deserve (10:28) 
  • How God uses even the biggest Christian screw ups in amazing and mighty ways (21:01) 
  • The “Wis-dumb Approach” that transforms your biggest and dumbest mistakes into age-old wisdom (21:44) 
  • The insidious way achieving your wildest childhood dreams leaves you with an empty void (and the only way to permanently fill your void) (21:54) 
  • Think a multi-million dollar contract will fix everything wrong in your life? Here’s why 70% (or more) of NFL players are broke and divorced within their first two years of retirement (28:54) 
  • The “Training Camp Method” that keeps your life balanced (especially during seasons where you have to work hard) (34:17) 

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Welcome to the win at home first podcast. I'm your host, Cory Carlson. This podcast is where we talk about how successful business leaders win, not only at work, but also at home. On this podcast, we will go behind the scenes with great leaders to hear stories of how they win. Thank you for listening and on to today's episode.

Hello, this is Corey today's episode with Chase Coffman, a form of zoo tiger football player. So that's a fun one since that is where I went to college. And you also played in the NFL. The conversation was great where we talked about servant leadership. We talked about his fate in locker room and how that can apply to you and I and our day jobs. But I also loved our discussion. I asked him, did he get fulfillment out of the NFL? His answer. Our discussion was just great. And I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed the conversation on to today's episode.

(01:00): Hello, this is Corey Carlston. You're listening to win at home first podcast, and today's a fun guest. And the standpoint of I've been a fan of his, when I, you know, from Mizzou football, chase Kaufman played at Mizzou shortly after I graduated. So it was fun to watch him. And then he was in the NFL for eight years for some different teams and to have the chance to actually sit and talk with him and then seeing that he's strong in his faith and a strong family man, I was like, I've got to figure out how to get him on this podcast. And so I reached out to him and and here he is. So Jason, thank you for being on the podcast.

(01:37): Yeah, Corey, I appreciate you having me and and reaching out and, and I don't know if this part was recorded, but being a man of faith, you know, I, I really appreciate the pray, the praying before we even got onto this, that's something that I've been trying to do daily in the things that I go into in my meetings and my calls and my podcasts, whatever I'm doing, trying to pray before it, and even after it, because God goes before he goes behind and he's always with us,

(02:08): Oh man, that's cool. And that the prayer is not recorded, but you know, I partly why I do the prayer is for this podcast and with the guests. And I do it for everyone is a couple of reasons. One, I mean, to invite God into the conversation and add them in the conversation that the things that you and I are talking about can be helpful. And quite honestly, chase. It's a reminder to me that it's all about bringing God glory and not about myself or the guests, because most of the guests, I talked to have their own platforms and building their own brand. And so it's just a level set of this is it's about God's glory, not my glory. And so that helps do cause if I don't Imam, if I'm not careful, I'm probably falling in some bad drafts.

(02:55): There's there's those traps for all of us, man. So Jay's, what is that key trait that you see that leaders need to have in order to win on first?

(03:05): Gosh, that's such a good question and something that, so on one of my buddies, his name's Mark Ellis, he was a national championship wrestler at Mizzou, and we've been friends since fifth grade. He works at the fellowship of Christian athletes here in Kansas city right now. And he gave me this book called wisdom walks by Dan Britons. And it's 52 little devotionals for about four pages pages each. And one of them the other day was, you know, the kind of leaders that there are in the world. And I think in society today, we talk about, you know, we all, we all want, we want to be leaders, right? Leaders are looked up to, they know they have titles. They have, you know, they kind of get praised and there's, there's a couple of different kinds, you know, a leader leader, a servant leader, and a servant servant.

(03:54): And, you know, I think that I've always heard, it said, you know, being a servant leader is one of the best things you can do, you know, serving others, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. You know, he's a servant to everybody and, and, and this kind of brought up a little bit different concept of, you know, the servant servant of like, it doesn't even matter if you have a title, it doesn't matter if you ever, if you ever even get recognized for your accomplishments, right. And on this world, in this world, because, you know, if you are just serving to, you know, like we just talked about to honor God, then it shouldn't matter. Your rewards should always, you know, you should want to store up your rewards in heaven and not on this earth. So kind of that question, like that's, that's something that's really been on my mind since reading that is just, just having, having a heart to serve without the intent of ever getting back and yet like, yeah, yeah. I want to get back. You know, I made it to the NFL and my goal was to work hard and to practice well and you know, score touchdowns and make blocks on special teams tackles or, you know, whatever and have the reward of winning the game or being recognized as, as a, a great athlete at my position and the awards that come with that. Right. And that's something that I continue to try to pray about and really ask for wisdom and discernment through.

(05:28): Well, what a small world, because today earlier I talked to Dan Britton at FCA on the podcast. So he recorded and what makes it back to the small world? Again, I won't go the whole story, but I saw him at the Kansas city airport when I came back in October to see my family. He I saw him there. I didn't know who he was. He was leading his team. I thought that was, you know, his team of employees. That that was pretty cool. I put my head down and doing some work. I looked back up, he is over here by himself on the phone, praying to somebody I'm like, I don't know who this guy is going to go talk to him. You know, he's a leader he's praying in public, you know, to somebody on the other end of that phone, I'm going over there talking to him, handed him my book.

(06:14): And it was just great. And it led to the conversation today. So it's cool that, you know, how you and I connected via LinkedIn, but I just, you know, due to mutual firms due to all that social media, I, your profile was coming up and saw that well, yeah, obviously remembered you from being a football player, but then saw in your posts and even in your bio, I mean, you're strong in your faith, strong and family. And I just, I was like, that's awesome as bold. And so thus reached out and for you chase, what does that look like? Has that been, you know, being a stronger faith all your life, did you, did you pick it up at a, at another level come out out of college or, you know, what what's that journey been like for you?

(07:02): Oh yeah. It's been a steady climb and I, and I hope to continue that climb. So my, my parents they made the decision before I was born to, to accept Christ into their hearts. And so I grew up going to church, learn about God, learn about our relationship with God, learn about accepting God in my heart and kind of all the Bible stories that, you know, anybody familiar with the Bible. And some people maybe even not familiar with the Bible have heard about. And, you know, as I, as I got older and, you know, you kind of get that first taste of getting to make that decision on your own. And in college still knew, you know, knew the right things to do. But you know, probably didn't go to church as much, especially, especially during the, during the football season, you know, you have a Saturday game, there's all kinds of stuff going on after the game.

(07:57): If it's not, even if it's a late game, there's there's stuff going on after the game. And then the next day you're tired and sore and you got lifting and you got, you know, filmed a recap and rehash the game and you know, all these things, but you still got to say like, all right, these are my priorities. And so I think that was kind of the first time when I had to start making that decision. And it wasn't great off the bat, but I remember, you know, trying to, you know, all right, like I, I have, have to get back to church and it wasn't always, you know, understanding at that point. It was, you know, even up to that point, it was kind of like checking the boxes of being a Christian instead of having a relationship with God and like hearing I'm in discerning, you know, the Holy spirit in my life. And so,

(08:46): Well you, well, your excuses for not going to church in college cause the football a lot better than mine, because I didn't go because of football, but I wasn't on the field. I was to the games and going to Harpo's. Yeah. I mean, Yeah, there was a lot of nights that I did the same [inaudible], But I there's, there's like a major, you know, some people have like a big, big turnaround from, you know, darkness to light or, you know, whatever you have, but my kind of major, major point of like the relationship and taking a step out in faith was in my fourth year in the NFL. So I'd been cut a couple of times at this point and I was with the Atlanta Falcons on their practice squad. And I remember you know, practice practicing hard. This was a team that the first year there that I was with him in Atlanta and I really like fit into this offense being you know, more of a receiving tied in and had a coach that I really jelled with and helped me learn how to, how to technique wise, get my blocking down to another level that I can, you know, sustain and, and do well and be serviceable in that area.

(10:01): His name was Chris [inaudible] and the coaches had kept telling me, you know, keep working hard, keep doing the things you're doing. You're going to get an opportunity. It's not if, but when, and there's a lot of injury, you know, a hundred percent injury rate and football and you know, not that we ever want people ahead of us to get injured, but it happens and you have to be ready for that when it does the inevitable happen. One of the guys in front of me got injured and two other, I remember sitting at home with my wife watching the game. That was a an away game against the new Orleans saints. And I was in Atlanta with my wife and sitting there. I was like, all right, like you're, you know, I dang that stinks for him that he got hurt, but like, here's my opportunity that looked really bad.

(10:44): And he's out for the rest of the game. Like pads are off everything. Like I think I may be getting a shot. And then the next day heard from two, two friends that I had played with one, one in Cincinnati, one in Tampa Bay that said, Hey, we're coming in to Atlanta for a tryout, you know, come up to the facility and say, hi. And both of these guys weren't eligible for practice squad. And so I knew that if they, if, if they're coming in for a tryout and that if they signed them, you know, that would, that would mean that takes the spot that I was kinda like, yeah. You know, you're next in line for. And so, you know, I thought I deserve this spot and this is, you know, this is my you know, this is my big chance. And that kind of upset me.

(11:31): And I didn't want to be upset at those guys, but like, man, like what the heck? This is, you know, this is what I've been waiting for. And I remember being really, really upset about that. And, and then that night just laying in bed with my wife and praying to God like, God, if practice squad is all you have for me, or if you know, this is the last week that I ever get to play football, you it's, it's for you. I know you have a plan for me and kind of taking that forward and really taking some big leaps in my faith, my growth in my relationship with God, since that, since that point in time. And I got cut quite a bit after that too. And luckily, you know, with getting cut, I had the opportunity to continue getting cut by being resigned and, and having an opportunity.

(12:18): But each time after that, it wasn't as much as a dagger as, as those first few times getting cut, because I knew like, you know, I'm gonna, I'm gonna put in my work, I'm gonna do what I feel God has put on my heart to do and try to do it in a way that is pleasing to God. And, you know, if it doesn't work out the way that I think it should work out, then you know, that's fine. I I'm gonna let, I'm gonna let God, God lead me. And God guide me to wherever he wants me to be in and hold onto the things that I, that I think are success a little bit looser.

(12:57): So what happened that night? And you made a comment about that night in Atlanta doing prayer what happened? Was there just a peace that came over you and audible, you heard? I mean, what, what, what kinda took place that shifted your mindset? Yeah.

(13:12): Yeah. Good. That's a good question. So it was, it was peace, the peace, the peace of, you know, like I'm going to do it. I can control regardless of the circumstances around me and, and, you know, that's something that I think everybody can take away from, as you know, like there's, especially with this last year COVID and, you know, racial tensions and presidential election and, and decisiveness, and a lack of truth in, you know, in different media outlets. There's so many different things that you can say, but when it comes down to it, you know, are you being the person that, that you expect others BD BTU, right? Or are you, are you just adding to it?

(14:02): Yup. No, it's so good. I had a conversation with a friend mentor the other night, just talking about at the end of the day, you know, Jesus' greatest command. Like when the, when the lawyer says what's the greatest command and he says the love God with your mind, body and soul. Well then, well, what's the second one. Well, to love others to want to love yourself, it's just like, it's all about love. You know, it's so much 2020, and really all areas of all years is if there was more love and less, you know, just judgment. And, and my, my opinion versus your opinion is all those things, man, be making so much more progress, be incredible. Your NFL story about that, that piece. And I love how you said he had the opportunity to get cut, but I know lots of people listen to here don't have NFL experience, but they have been in the company thought they were slotted for that next promotion, but someone else got

(14:52): It. Whether they came in from another company that came from another division. So, and I think you're exactly right for people to just have a piece that, you know, God God's at work in us and it may not be for this next promotion is preparing us for something that we don't even know down the road.

(15:06): Something. Yeah. And, and I mean, that's, that's something that like you, you just have to be, be fine with. Then another thing that I was hearing the other day was that exact thing that you said, you know, for, for somebody in a PR like this world is just not fair. Let's face it. And you know, if, if you're continuing to put in the hard, the hard work, like people around, you know, they know that you may have got screwed for your promotion or that that guy got a contract when really you should be the guy getting the contract. And I mean, that's, that's what really is valuable in this. I mean, I think any, any eternity is, you know, those, those values, that character, that the morals that you continue to uphold, regardless of people, you know, give you the short end of the stick time and time again.

(15:55): All right. Thank you very much for listening to today's episode. I hope you are enjoying it so far before we go back to the rest of this episode. I want to share with you my book when at home first, some of you have read it. So thank you very much for others of you. You have not. And I encourage if you're looking for a resource to help you with these times of your work is now in your home and your home is now in your work and what this looks like. This book is being helpful to many leaders like you whores magazine said it was one of seven books. Everyone on your team should read in the book is broken up into four different sections to help you versus about you understand who you are. The second is marriage in ideas and tips to help with your marriage. Third is parenting and the last is work. So these four different sections to help you recalibrate during this time and to help move forward. So if you are needing additional resource, I encourage you to check out my book went home first. It is available on Amazon, as well as audible and so on to the rest of the episode. Thank you very much.

(17:04): How was it living out your faith when you're in the NFL? Did you find it? I mean, it seems like they would be a, be challenging with a lot of the pressures of just kind of a, all about image, things like that, the competitiveness, but you know, did you end up having some, some brothers in the locker room that you were actually able to, to grow in faith with?

(17:24): Yeah. Each, each stop that I had out of the six, I get, get involved with the teen chaplain. And usually there's probably anywhere from like six to 10 other guys on the team, that would be a part of like the regular, you know, meeting weekly and be in that, in that little, like 30 minute slot of time when either people would be napping or, you know, you'd get your lunch and go into another room instead of just hanging out in the cafeteria or whatever it was. And, or even after practice when everybody's leaving or doing whatever, like setting that time aside to connect with those guys and continue growing in my faith, you know, every Saturday, Saturday night, or if it was a different, different day of the week game, you have your, your chapel service chapel service that night before and, and kind of get a good word in there.

(18:17): And usually quite a bit more people would, would attend that. And my dad actually played 11 years in the NFL. And one of the things that he saw early in his walk walk with Christ or leading up to it was, you know, God was kind of like a Santa clause, right? You'd go to the chapel service because you pray that God's gonna be for your team and the next day. And, and there, you know, there's some seeing that, you know, on, on each team and, you know, looking back on it, you know, there's so much, so much more in such a, you know, such a better example of a Christian that I could have been that I probably wasn't at that time, but, and professional sports is tough. You're a young, you're a young man. You don't have much life experience, much money experience, much relationship experience or business experience.

(19:16): And you're kind of thrown into the wolves of the temptations of this world, you know, on a pretty high level. And if you don't have that support group around you leading you in the right direction and you know, the right direction is kind of based on what your baseline of values, as, so as a Christian, it's, it's easy to kind of see that, you know, w what we believe in, you know, some people that believe in other things kind of have a different baseline, which is where I was talking to my buddy Mark, that I mentioned the other day, I was reading the fruits of the spirit. And, you know, after it mentions all the fruits of the spirit says against these things, there is no law. And I think that's a pretty good baseline for all of us that, that we all agree on.

(20:02): Yeah. Yeah. I love your honesty about, Oh, maybe I could have been, you know, a little bit better, a Christian going forward in the NFL, and I love the honesty and obviously all good. I was talking to an actual client today in regard to something about kind of wish I would have, you know, which I would have been leading better PR you know, like Grice here over this last year or two. And I was like, what I was telling him. And I remind myself as like, release that, you know, I mean, you know, forgive yourself for that. A maybe, maybe you could've done things differently in the, in the locker room, but Hey, release that. And it's a new day and it's going forward. I mean, I love and limitations three 22, where it says that God gives us new mercies every day. So take us where we're at. We doesn't to stay in there. So I find maybe you could've done some better things in the NFL. I could have done some better things in corporate world now to go forward. So let's figure out how to be the light in all car seats.

(20:58): Yeah, yeah. Every day. One of the things that, you know, you talk a lot in sports and it's easy to see in sports of, you know, does your, does your actions match your, your words, right? Because you're graded on such a minute, minute to minute play to play level. But when you look at like the stories and the heroes of the Bible, right? Like some of them were some of the biggest screw ups, and God's still use them in amazing, like amazing mighty ways, you know, 80 plus years old. So so that's that's a good, you know, God's mercies are new every day and he can still use me, even if I'm, I've been imperfect up to today.

(21:42): Yeah, that's right. Until today, yeah. Oh, we talked about wisdom earlier and the, in that Proverbs book is I had a mentor. Tell me, you know, wisdom is spelled w I S D when B, I got all my wisdom because all the dumb mistakes I made chase, what was most surprising to you about your time in the NFL?

(22:01): That's, that's a really good one. And I would say the fulfillment that I thought that it would bring, that's amazing. That is incredible.

(22:13): You know, like that's a, that's a childhood dream, this, so like, it gives me, it gives me goosebumps saying that because like a, it is a childhood dream, right? Like, and so many people. And I, I had an eight year career. My last year. I only played a couple games. So, you know, it's arguable that you can say seven or eight, but, but you know, like I got to play five years past, you know, what is the average right now is three average is three. And I got to play, you know, be a part of it for five more years past that. And, you know, you think like there's a point in your life that if I do this, I made it right. But like a bigger, a bigger picture of sports is always going to end in, like, you always, you always hear even growing up that, you know, there's life after sports that most, almost everybody doesn't get to choose when they leave.

(23:10): They don't go to get to go out on their terms. You don't get to retire, you know, riding off in the sunset, have the contract that you want with the team that you want, you know, win championships. And even then, you know, people saw Tom Brady, you know, recently after, you know, he won this last super bowl that, that very next week getting out and working out again, because he wants the next one. Like when, you know, like, it's, it's a lifelong body of work, it doesn't end, it doesn't end with professional football. It doesn't end with, you know, whatever, whatever that thing is for you. And so my outlook has changed a little bit to that. Long-Term vision of like, yeah, until the day until the day that I, you know, the second that I pass away on this earth and go up to be in front of God, you know, I, I need to be using the life that he has given me the time, the time that he's given me, you know, in a way that is honoring to him. And that's not always, you know, hard work and grinding it out and this and that, but for each person in each season of life, that's, that's, it's going to be different. And that's why it's so hard because no two people are the same. Right.

(24:29): Nancy, I mean, that's incredible. You said fulfillment. Like you thought that you would get that fulfillment, right. Childhood dream. I mean, maybe in a guy and loving sports and to think, Oh man, you know, played eight. You know, he played eight years in the NFL. I mean, you know, he's got to feel he made it and all those different things. And I've read enough, heard enough to know that. No, I mean, I had a conversation with a, with a Navy seal and he thought when he made it to the top, he was one of the top in the group. We talked about my book before we hit record, but that's the introduction or part of the introduction in the book is, you know, telling this story of Chad Williams, where he made to the top being a Navy seal. But yet it wasn't enough. And so for you to say that as well, it's just like, and there's so many listeners who are like, Hey, when I get that corner office, when I get that particular job title, when I get, Oh, when I make six figures or when I make seven figures or whatever the numbers are or whatever titles it is at the end of the day, every single one of those things are temporary.

(25:31): And when we get them, they don't fill that void that only God can fill. And so it's, it's where are we taking our questions of what our identity is? And it's such a good reminder, even just hearing you and being honest and vulnerable to say that the NFL did not give us the fulfillment. And so thanks for sharing that.

(25:50): Yeah. And look, I mean, looking, you know, not that it, wasn't a really cool experience, right. And it's taught me. So I mean so much because it did. And I mean, it's provided an amazing headstart to life for, for myself and my wife and my family. And, and like, I mean, you never would have probably reached out to me if I hadn't, hadn't hadn't, you know, played the way that I played at college and played the way that, you know, had the opportunities that I had in the NFL. And so, you know, now I'm able to use that, you know, going forward with my life, as, you know, as that platform and to speak life, to speak, encouragement into people and tell them that, you know, in that exact thing that this, you know, things in life are not, not what is going to fulfill you.

(26:33): and learning more about money management. And that's something that, you know, had I been on track and got the things that I wanted to out of the NFL, as far as like, you know, the 30 million, whatever, you know, whatever million dollar, you know, second deal, right. Play played out. My rookie contract made pro bowls, you know, won the Superbowl, had, you know, had the next big deal and all that stuff. You know, I may not be in this position now where, you know, money is such a, such a thing that, you know, people idolize and, you know, myself included sometimes. And I try not to, but you know, it, we're called to steward it wisely. And how many of us, you know, even, even do that.

(27:21): And so for me to continue learning that for myself and my family and the people close to me and the people that are now reaching out to me and, and a lot of still me reaching out to them to see if there's an opportunity to, to help in that area. Right. Yeah. You know, I, I'm going to be honest. I probably wouldn't be here if I had got that, that opportunity that I, that I wanted to chase in the NFL, but it's opened another door for me that, you know, I am passionate about now. And, and it will, you know, provide a lot of, a lot of good things to a lot of people. Yeah.

(27:56): You're also solving a problem that's out there and it helps with your why of NFL players. You said it earlier, but not knowing what to do with money. You know, I'd seen a post you did earlier where Travis, Kelsey comes out and says I blew my rookie contract is all gone. And I'm sure you've heard that story a million times. You're like no more, I'm putting a stop to it. Just like with me. I mean, my, my passion is I, you know, I made some stupid mistakes in my own home and I don't want that ever to happen again. So my passion is to help business leaders win at work and went home. Cause I know what happens when you don't want to own. And so for me, that's a problem trying to solve it for you. Same thing you saw the money issue, and you're like, I'm going to serve the NFL. And I know you also service other families as well, but you know, no matter how much money you have, if you don't pay attention to it, it's gone

(28:50): Quick. Go quick. I think, I think the number is in professional football. I think the number is between 70 and 80% within a couple years of being out of, out of the league or broke and divorced 70%, 70 to 80%, it was like low 80% when I started in the NFL. That's the number that they would say. I think 82%. And I mean, there's with technology and the opportunity to reach people and get more stats out to guys and just, and just educate them. Another thing that I'm trying to do is, you know, educating people on finances, but the stats are, you know, it's crazy. And you know, the more people can see that and understand that and understand like the why of how you get to that point. Right. Everybody says, you know, I find if I were to get that contract, there's no way I would have blown that money. What are you, what is, what is your financial picture look like now? Are you blowing the, the amount of money that you have now? You know, are you wise, are you wise with that money? Well, then what makes you think you would be wise with more than that? Yeah,

(30:04): Well it's, how are we stewards of small things, right? The larger things what's God talking about right now. Kinda, kinda that question that we talked about earlier, but the, just, just being a servant of, you know, climb that ladder of success. And like I said, not the success that I, that I thought it would be in dreamed it would be, but getting to the NFL and being able to be there for eight, eight seasons parts of eight seasons and, you know, walking the walk and talking the talk. And, and now as I, as I've transitioned to make sure that I, that I do that same thing as far as, you know, still talking the talk, but also backing it up. So, you know, I don't want to be, I don't ever want to be the person that says, you know, I'm a leader. You know, I'm, I'm a great husband. I'm a great father. I'm, you know, a great financial advisor.

(31:02): You know, I know, I know this, I know that like, I don't want to ever be the person that says that I want to, I want to work and serve others so that, you know, hopefully they, you know, at some point say like, man, I see the way that he acts, I see the way that he treats people. I see the way that he treats his wife. I see the way that he treats his kids, see the way that he acts in his office or help helps people manage their money and their finances in their life goals. And, you know, that's the kind of person that I want to be around. And, and I'm, I'm far from it, but striving to get there. Right. Prospects and that's, and that's where also kind of going back to earlier where like, I mean, it's never, it's never going to be a point to where I made it. And luckily I've come to that conclusion now instead of chasing, chasing that, that point in life where I feel like it can end where my, where my work can end. Cause, cause I mean, it's, it, it never will. If I, if I retire from this job, it'll be, you know, another, another area in my life that I'm called to serve. So

(32:15): No, you got to have that mindset cause otherwise, I mean the, the chase always happened. We talked about the NFL, that chase, well, what wealth advisement, it's how many assets under management, how many families am I serving? And you know, is my name part of the firm? And it's just like, bang, boom, boom, boom. And our great, you're serving 300 families. All right. Now it's 600 families and it just the climb. And so what's the

(32:40): Yeah, yeah, yeah. So much. And then, you know, again, back to that, you know, I want my rewards to be in heaven and yes, you know, earthly rewards are sweet and amazing and they feel good and you know, all this other stuff, but you know, what if, what if, what if all that falls out? Because it can, you know, there, there is one thing that is, that is certain, that is stable, that is not changing and that's Jesus Christ. And so that's, that's where, what I want to be, to be my base and my rock. And that's what I'm striving for now, as I take on all those things that I mentioned. Yeah.

(33:24): New life now where it's a lot of sales development, it's, it's calling it's, it's, it's getting people to come and put their money with you and there's ups, there's downs. How are you just Jay's from a mindset standpoint, you're kind of getting in the game every day. I mean, what's that look like? I mean, there's some days you buy roll out of bed, you're ready to go. There's other days you're feeling, you know, kind of knocked down. Like what, what are those routines that you have that are helping you kind of pursue excellence?

(33:50): Like I said, one of the biggest things for me has been, you know, my time management and my scheduling, I have a wife and three, three kids that are seven, five and one. And yeah, I got, I got my hands full and you know, it's all, it's all a blessing, but you know, trying and trying to find the times when to go, trying to find the times to be slow in those perspective areas, because, you know, I don't want to just, you know, go fast, you know, all family and no work or all work and no family, you know, I want there to be a healthy balance and I know every, I mean, everybody wants that. Right.

(34:31): Just do they recalibrate to, to get it right. Because we're all going to work a little hard is at a particular season. And we just got to recalibrate that there's always going to be your training camp, right. When you're gone for three weeks in the hood, in the hotel in a way. And you know, going from, you know, meetings six, six in the morning to nine, 10 at night, and then there's going to be the off seasons. So, you know, it's a lot easier to see that in football then regular, regular life and regular jobs. So, so still learning that while also doing the, the small daily tasks so that when the opportunities come, whether that's a professional athlete or a business owner or somebody that's just starting out, what are you most excited about the next month, the next month? Well, tomorrow I celebrate my wife and I celebrate 10 years or 10 year anniversary. So yeah. Thank you. Getting into double digits. So excited about that. And also working on working on an opportunity to just, just present some educational pieces to some students.

(35:42): So work at working on that. And it's also a good, a good thing to where, you know, like I said to, to talk on their level and give them action steps that college college students that they can, they can be thinking about right now that they can take, take steps to do to do right now. And then, and then maybe just throwing a few high level things of, you know, here's, here's something that like the next step, here's your big goal that you can, you can look forward to that this is this, these action steps are going to get you to,

(36:19): What is the best way for listeners to get ahold of you if they want to work with you, reach out, learn from you or have you managed your money. Yeah. So, so like you, like you did, LinkedIn is a good one. Find me on LinkedIn also. As, as you see on the screen behind me, BNG advisors, you can go to BNG advisors.com. You can find our information of where I, where I work and reach out my email. My work email is cKaufman@bmgadvisors.com. So shoot me an email if you've got any questions or, or anything like that. I also have a Twitter account, a picture of me and my family at the hospital after we had our third, third, and got depending on what God's plans are last, last baby. So those are always in, and the people listening, if you want to reach out, don't feel like I'm not pressed, pressed you to be a client and the press you to find those ways. You know, don't, don't feel like you can't reach out just to say, Hey, what's up. Because something that I've had through my NFL experiences, lots of advisors reaching out and, you know, pushing, pushing, pushing to be that person. And, and that's something that I've told myself that I, I do not want to be. I want to be as far away from that and be respectful of people and their priorities, their goals, their time. So feel free to be shot. Wow.

(37:49): Awesome. Well, Jason, thank you very much for your time today. I greatly appreciate it. Glad our paths have crossed. Yeah. Thanks for having me on Corey. And it's been a pleasure getting to know you, man.

(38:04): I want to thank you for listening to my podcast. When at home first, I am so grateful to hear from listeners like you, that this content has been helpful. So now I would love for you to pay it forward. I want to get this message in the hands of more listeners. We need leaders to be winning both at home and at work, especially during this time. So please take a minute to share this episode with somebody you think would find value in it, as well as rate and subscribe as a thank you, please visit my website at corium Carlson com to download a free resource that people are finding value in. Thank you very much.

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