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In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How to stop yourself from making bad choices — especially ones that seem innocent (7:43)
  • How your own thoughts sabotage and consume your life if left unchecked (10:34)
  • Why being overly focused on one problem causes more dangerous problems to happen (14:39)
  • The real reason Joe Exotic wrecked his life (16:03)
  • 3 ways to prevent yourself from falling back into your worst habits (19:03)

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Welcome to the win at home first podcast. I'm your host, Corey Carlson. This podcast is where we talk about how successful business leaders win, not only at work, but also at home. On this podcast, we will go behind the scenes with great leaders to hear stories of how they win. Thank you for listening and on to today's episode.

Hello, My name is Corey Carlson and you are listening to the win at home first podcast. First of all, before we dive into the episode, I want to say, thank you. Thank you for listening to the podcast. Thank you for providing feedback. I receive a variety of texts and emails saying thanks or how this episode helped them, or just random pushes of encouragement. And I want to say thank you for that. I also want to ask you to push it forward, share it, pay it forward, share with other people who you think would benefit from this podcast or this particular episode, so that we can get the word out. I'm not monetizing this podcast. This is maybe in time, I'll have advertisers and things like that, but the, my heart behind this and making this not only financial investment, but this time investment is to share this content to help others.

(01:16): Some of which will end up becoming clients, which will be great, but some may never become client. Matter of fact, I may never meet them or know who they are, and that is okay. My heart behind this effort is to help as I've had people help me along the way that I've never met. I want to be able to do the same. So please share this with other people in your life that you think would benefit. Awesome. So thank you very much into today's episode. I'm excited because this has been a common theme that I've seen in my own life. I've talked about with clients I've talked about with friends. It's this idea of one degree, are you moving one degree closer to your ideal self? All of us are making choices every single day that are driving us closer by one degree or further away, one degree to our ideal self, to our goals or desired outcome, whatever it may be.

(02:10): And in today's podcast want to unpack a few different areas as well as give some good next steps to help grow. The first is that we don't review our actions. And number two is we lose track of the end goal. And then finally, what would be some good next steps to help you move forward? So the first is we don't review our actions in aviation. It is known that if a plane is off of its course, by one degree that over a span of 60 miles, it will miss its target by one mile. There'll be one mile too far to the East or to the West. But that's unbelievable. Think about that just one degree. And as that plane leaves where you live and starts to hit at 60 to that next city, there'll be a one mile off. And obviously that only grows as it hits 120 miles and thousand miles.

(03:09): And beyond that, that one mile off just will continue to grow. It's crazy to think about, but the same is true in our own lives. That the choices we make say, for example, if we wake up tomorrow morning and we decide, you know, pretty tired, I'm gonna hit the snooze button. So we hit the snooze button tomorrow. Then the next day we hit the snooze button and then maybe the next day snooze button, maybe the next day, we even just adjust our alarm clock. So we don't hit the snooze button. We just sleep in 15 more minutes, but that starts to compound in 30 days, we now have not gone to the gym. We have not been doing our quiet time. We may be more irritable around the house, all because of those choices to sleep in a little bit longer, each time in that group.

(03:57): But on the other side, there's positives of some things that can happen. You can make the choice that I'm going to start getting up earlier to do my quiet time or go to the gym. And so instead you get up, you go to the gym, for sure. You're tired the first few days, it's awful when you get to start a new habit, but then 30 days after hitting that you have grown spiritually, you have grown in your solitude, your emotional balance and your self awareness. You're working out, you're feeling more fit. You're looking more fit. You have more energy throughout the day, probably making better food choices just because you know you're working out in the next day. Same is true for all areas of our lives that we need to be aware of the actions that we're taking. If you heard the beginning of a podcast series, when I talked, part of my story is that I had an affair.

(04:51): I'm not going to dive into that again. You can go listen to that podcast, but we talked about not reviewing our actions and I was around a fire pit this past fall, great conversation with some, with some men awesome time. And it was one of those good conversations that we're just not talking about. Whether in sports, you know, we're going deep. We're, we're having some great discussions and people growing. And I remember a guy asked me about the affair. How did that start? And we started talking about this idea of one degree around the fire pit. And I said, you know, I don't remember exactly how it started, but I have a general idea and it, because that's really how it starts with anybody and everybody, when you start going down a bad path, both the affair that very well could have started with, I got a compliment on my shirt, like nice shirt.

(05:43): And then the next laughed at my jokes. And then the next, I want to tell a story. I don't want to confide in them in a certain story of my life and then just continues to compound. But the interesting part is when I said, nice shirt, everyone made fun of me like, Oh, that's so funny, nicer, really? That's how it happened. And I said, yeah, I think that's how it happened. But because of the laughter, because of then that discussion, we ended up having a great discussion around that topic of how we can make bad choices, but it really starts innocent if you will. And so, as we share that fast forward a couple of weeks, I get a phone call from a buddy who was at that fire pit. And he actually said, I got to tell you something. You're not going to believe this.

(06:33): I said, tell me, I want to hear it. And he says, I've been going to this new hairstylist and she's super nice and complimentary and you know, kind of cute and all these things. And I've never had given any thought of anything, you know, mischievous or going down a bad path. And then today I sit down to get a haircut and she says, man, I like your shirt. And tan has went up. He just like, no way. I can't believe this is exactly what Cory said, but what it did is it put them on guard. And he said, the rest of that time, getting his haircut, he thought like, what am I saying? Am I being an image bearer of Jesus in this? Am I doing the right things saying the right things, not being too flirtatious, not trying to still see if I've got it, any of that.

(07:28): But he straightened up because he heard that cue, that cue that say took me down and just taken down many, many other people for him. It was that protection that armor that he needed. So for all of us, we need to be reviewing our actions to see are they headed down a bad path? Sometimes, obviously we don't know it because we don't know where it's going ahead. However, if you're reviewing your choices that you're making day in, day out, you can start to see what direction are those choices taking you? A book I've been enjoying lately is book called David by Chuck Swindell. It's about the biblical character David from the old Testament. And I've loved it, but there's some different characters in there that go through a there's one degree, whole discussion. One of which I want to bring up as Goliath for a long, long time.

(08:31): I just thought that David and Goliath battle was kind of a one day event. If you will, where Goliath is taunting, the Israelites David shows up, he gets us rocks, and Slingshot kills Goliath. And it's over well as this book, unpacks those scriptures. And it's all right there. And the scripture is just, it's just, there's so much meat in those verses that it's hard to really read all the words and see it. But Goliath taunting. The Israelites was for 40 days for 40 days, Goliath was calling the Israelites week saying who will fight me? Nobody can fight me because he was a nine foot nine inch man. He was a giant. So he is taunting them this entire time. David doesn't show up until basically about the 40th day, because he has been attending his sheep. They, as he was a shepherd. So as he shows up, which is kind of funny, he came to bring wine and cheese and crackers to his brothers.

(09:34): But as he does it, he makes this comment that he says, have you seen this man who is coming up? That's what he says, all the Israelites as he sees glide. So what has happened is Goliath 40 days ago starts across the ravine. It's a imagine, you know, river or a Creek at the bottom. And then it slopes up both sides on one side is the Philistines on the other sides, the Israelites, but in that spans a mile and a half across. So at the beginning of this, Goliath is over there on the other ravine, call it a mile and half away taunting. And with ease day, he gets closer and closer and starts walking to the point. He goes across that ravine down at the bottom of the Valley and starts to walk up. So David sees that and calls it out. Have you seen this man who is coming up?

(10:31): So he is coming up and what's interesting as Chuck swindle, the author talks about it as he says that Goliath in fact did cross the ravine. And in our own lives, if we tolerate a Goliath coming into our lives, they will take more territory. They will start to come into our camp, into our life so much that it'll take our thoughts away from what we should be thinking about through God. Instead, we're just focused completely on the Goliath. It's consuming our own lives. And so for you, what is that Goliath in your life? What is grabbing more hold of you? At first? It felt like it was a mile and a half away, but now it has grown in your life day by day by day, that now it's more consuming. I don't know if that is, maybe it's a relationship that has gone South that you just by choice your choice there, your marriage is no longer as strong as it was, or maybe it's an employee.

(11:33): It just became a little bickering here and there. And now it's, it's very divisive, a relationship with an employee or with a coworker, maybe some bad habits of maybe drinking too much, eating too much what you're watching on TV, whatever it may be. Is there something that at one time didn't feel that big of a deal, but now it's just gotten closer and closer as Goliath has now started to come up the ravine. And so for me, just reading that, thinking that through, that's been a big, big piece. I've seen it here in recent events. As I coach clients, as I talked to friends and prospects is even just this whole PPP loan and what is done to some individuals, one company that I work with, they got the PPP loan, they needed it. And what was interesting is the number two and the number three person thought that that money was theirs.

(12:28): Like almost like, Hey us three at the top, let's just divide in thirds and pay it out like a bonus. Luckily that did not happen. The owner knew that that was the wrong thing to do, but it was interesting as we reflected and reviewed and thought through things through a series of events over the years, the number two and number three almost had this like feeling of entitlement and that they deserve it. And they're part of the team. They didn't think about it in the, in any of the additional risks the owner was taking. They instead were just thinking about what was their, what was their take? And so for them, it was this pursuit of more than just almost that greed. And so maybe that's something in your life where you're at that, that may be helpful.

(13:15): Think about you're unstoppable at work at home. It's another story sound like you, good news. I'm here to help. If you're ready to win at home, then go to Corey M carlson.com and download your free copy of 10 ways to win it. Oh, the second one

(13:40): Is that we lose track of the end goal when airplanes do crash and they will go back and they will look at that black box. They will actually call it task saturation where some of the pilots have crashed a plane because they were so focused on the broken gauge that they didn't pay attention to any other gauges. So imagine playing, going across a gauge of may altitude or some other instrument in the cockpit is not working. So both pilots are just zoomed in, focus on that, not paying attention, anything else. And then they will end up crashing the plane. As the altitude just starts to change closer to the ground or neither one of them are paying attention. And then unfortunately crashes because they lose track of the end goal. The end goal is to land the plane, but instead they got so focused on one thing that everything else fell apart.

(14:35): I see this all the time, whether it's do clients, friends, or may my own life is I'm so focused on growing one part of my life may say, it's my business that I allow other things to fall decide, or maybe it's a season where I'm all in on family, but then I do a poor job of serving my clients. It's this give and take. But sometimes if we're not careful, if we don't recalibrate quick enough, then we can end up doing that task saturation our own life. And so it's to review what that end goal is back to that book of David. Another character that they talk about is Saul. Saul was the King before David. He had it all going for him. He was the people's choice. He was elected by them and had it all going for him for a while. But then he started to get jealous of David, who is this new individual that's rising up.

(15:32): He beats Goliath and everyone loves David. He starts getting jealous to the point that he went on his wild goose chase, trying to kill David. He was so focused on that, that he allowed all other areas of his life to fall apart from his ruling to every other piece of it too. Eventually he ends up committing suicide and it didn't have to end that way. He had it all going form, but he got distracted thinking over new current world example, many of you listening will have watched the tiger game. And what I found fascinating about Joe exotic is he had a business that was thriving. He was doing well, but he got so focused on Carol Baskin that it basically ruined his life. He could have just put the competition to the side, not worried about it. And instead grew the business had the best zoo ever, but instead he was so focused on Carol, that it caused him to make poor decision after poor decision and take his eye off the prize because he wasn't thinking about the end goal of growing a zoo and the impact that it could have, but stead making those different choices.

(16:46): All right. So what do we do about this? We know we need to review our actions. We know we need to keep that end goal in mind. And so I want to just give you some thoughts as you go from here to be thinking about the first Paul talks about this idea of one degree in second Corinthians three verses 16 through 18. But when one turns the Lord, the veil is removed. Now, the Lord is a spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. And we all with unveiled face beholding, the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the spirit. And so this idea that Paul talks about is from one degree of glory to another, as we get to be in this image of God, but how does it all start?

(17:33): We've got to participate, but when one turns to the Lord, we actually have to take action. We've got to step into it. We just can't sit on the couch and hope to get restored that way or hope these one degrees all just kind of, even out in the end, we got to take action. And so for you, what does that participation look like? I know for many of us over these last few months, there's been a lot of good one degree moves. We're spending more times with our family. We're having more family dinners. I know a lot of people's solitude has been up. There's been a slowdown in schedule. I know there's good conversations happening with neighbors, maybe good conversations happening across different colors and races and socioeconomics, just with everything going on. There's been a lot of good that's happened a lot of our lives, but as we start to ramp back up to this new normal, I know I'm already having work launches.

(18:28): I'm having work coffees. It's already ramping up. We've got to make sure that we don't fall back into old habits. And Jesus knew this would be difficult. Jesus talks about do not put new wine into old wineskins because the old wine skins have already been stretched. They've already been molded in due to the fermentation. And so if you put new wine into new wineskins they'll burst, and then from there, you're back to your old ways. Now you've got new wines. So be putting into new rhythms, whatever those may look like for you. And so three things to leave you with. This is number one, review your daily choices. Are they taking you one degree closer or further away from your, from God? And from your ideal self number two, what are the new habits? The new routines and new mindsets that you need to keep as we ramp back up. And lastly is what are the old habits, the old routines, the old wineskins that you just want to get rid of, do not bring them back and keep them buried. Give them dead. Well, thank you very much for listening to podcasts. I hope this is helpful to you. I'm excited to share this information as it has been a common theme in my life and with clients and friends. And so hopefully it's a value to you. So until next time, continue to win at home and at work. Thank you very much.

(19:59): You're unstoppable at work at home. It's another story sound like you. Good news. I'm here to help. If you're ready to win at home, then go to Corey M carlson.com and download your free copy of 10 ways to win.

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