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When you look at your practice schedule, there might be a bunch of appointments, maybe there’s just a few. Maybe you’ve got no patients scheduled.

The truth is: Even some successful practitioners feel like they could see more patients and fill their calendar to the brim with people who need their help. And it’s not just money—it’s serving a purpose. It’s their mission of being compassionate which drives them to want a full calendar where they have to squeeze people in. Leaving empty spots in the calendar might mean one more person going to sleep in pain that night.

If you want to fill your calendar with patients who trust you to transform their lives, you’ll love this episode. You’ll learn how to attract as many patients as you want to see every week without coercing people into referring their friends, chasing potential patients or going into debt to pay for advertising.

Show highlights include:

– The no. 1 key to leaving behind the constant struggle of having to put in more effort, time and money to attract patients on autopilot instead. (7:15)
– Why “being in the moment” might keep you from attracting more patients. (7:50)
– How many patients do you “need” to see to be successful? Follow this 2-step process to get the patients you want to work with while building the lifestyle you deserve. (10:00)
– Avoid these 8 common practice marketing tactics—they devalue your practice and attract the wrong people. Plus: What to do instead to draw a crowd of patients who need your help. (12:05)
– Do you think getting a doctoral degree will attract more patients to you? Think again. (14:35)
– You might think running a successful practice is complicated with tons of moving parts. The truth might shave years off of your road to your dream practice. (19:55)
– The two qualifications any system needs so it’ll get you great results without filling up your to do list with more stuff. (26:45)

Ready to fill your practice and keep it full?
To gain more patients for your holistic health practice without the stress and overwhelm, download your free copy of the Autopilot Patient Attraction Playbook today at www.highimpactpracticesystems.com.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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