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Chicks’re gonna loooove today’s Ben Settle Show episode.


Because of our guest:

The esteemed Jim Clair.

Jim is the head copywriter (i.e. the “personality”) of Tao Of Badass—the #1 company on Clickbank which sells products to men who want to get more dates.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • A “magic email message” that gets 9 out of 10 women to respond from online dating sites.
  • The single best way ever invented to put a rude woman in her place on a date. (Works even better for putting rude clients and customers in their place, too…)
  • How to get chicks to do what you say without having to whack them over the head with a club like a caveman.
  • The only 2 things a woman has to do to keep a man. (Ladies, y’awl can throw out all the idiotic relationship advice on Oprah or Cosmo Magazine—just do these two things and he ain’t goin’ nowhere.)
  • The world’s “most feared negotiator’s” secret for attracting (and keeping) women.
  • Why women who mindlessly call guys “misogynist”, “sexist” and “chauvinist” are often either just sluts or bitter man haters. (Or both…)
  • The “for real” mark of a strong, independent woman. (Nothing to do with having a fat masters degree or a 50+ hour per week job working for another man… just see if she does this, and if she does, she’s a keeper.)
  • Why super hot chicks are often not worth the effort. (Sorry hotties, but y’awl got nobody to blame but yourselves—and happily married producer Jonathan reveals why.)
  • What a “shit test” is… why chicks are always doing this to guys… and how to turn those tests into red hot attraction for you. (Assuming you want to put up with their nonsense and not just find a better and hotter woman with class who won’t try to test you all the time.)
  • A “jedi mind trick” for causing pain in a woman’s brain… without saying a single word. (Works great for repelling dangerous psycho chicks and diffusing the shit testing women.)
  • And a ho’ bunch mo’…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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