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The magic #10th “Ben Settle Show” episode is aaawwn.

Here's what's inside:

* Why my deranged “Zombie Cop” novel will sell more copies of my “Christian Business Secrets” book

* A writing trick I use to boost my creativity, have more physical energy, be in better shape and write for longer periods of time
without fatigue

* How to “root out” all the weird stuff in your subconscious (which often translates to making more sales from your emails and ads)

* A reliable “acid test” that tells you whether you should cut something out when editing any kind of writing you do

* The Dean Koontz secret to fast pressure-free writing

* The most important part of your novel for making the maximum amount of sales

* How to pre-launch fiction (using a secret the world's greatest living copywriter discovered when he was young, about to lose his job, and HAD to write an ad that worked or he'd be canned. And, yes, this works for non-fiction, too…)

* A secret “power editing” secret for having the tightest, easiest-to-read writing (works with fiction and non-fiction)

* The one time entertaining emails won't work

* A small tweak that can turn even boring “plain vanilla” emails into fascinating and persuasive emails that nab lots of sales

And, finally…

How to write a 1-star review.

Yes, my little droogie, I am going to show you how to write a 1-star review (for amazon, itunes, etc) — whether it's to pan something I create or someone else. Most 1-star reviews sound either like trolls or just blatantly dishonest. If you want your little 1-star reviews to be taken seriously then check this episode out ASAP.

(Your review reputation depends on it…)

Anyway, enough.

Ben Settle


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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